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Exclusive Insurance Leads Scam


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Exclusive Insurance Leads Scam

  1. 1. Exclusive Insurance Leads ScamExclusive Insurance Lead; Just so we are all on the same page, an exclusive insurance lead is alead that has been generated exclusively for you or your company and will not be resold orredistributed to another person or company.Online Insurance Leads- Most insurance leads are generated on the internet through banner adsand affiliate websites, and therein lies the problem. Since marketing on the internet has become socompetitive for the insurance industry, companies are using a network of websites to run cost-per-click campaigns like Google AdWords or post banner ads. Ive seen these ads even offering freeIpods if you participate by filling out your information. Since the websites that collect this informationare not fully owned by the lead generation company the leads are normally distributed to severaldifferent recipients. Another big problem we see with internet lead generation is that online shoppersare just more competitive by nature. If the consumer has visited one website to inquire aboutinsurance, then the chances are they have been to others looking for comparable rates. this meansby the time you get the lead and try to set an appointment, the prospect is being contacted by otherinsurance agents. The last problem with internet lead generation is that the leads are not pre-qualified and most of the time have no creditability. Internet lead generation is such a touch-and-goprocess that anyone can fill out a submission form but that doesnt mean they are qualified nor does itmean they are genuinely interested. This may be an extreme example but my 8 year old niece clickson those same banner ads and fills that stuff out all the time.Mailing List Leads for Insurance- Sending postcards and advertisements via snail mail is one ofthe oldest forms of marketing and it too, has its ups and downs. Firstly, the conversion ratios frommailing list are the lowest in the industry, with the highest ratio being.01%. Fortunately, the cost areso low that you can still see a profitable R.O.I. (return on investment). You can send out tens of thousands of mailers for just pennys each. The main problem again is exclusivity. Most mailers endup in the trash before the recipient even has the chance to look at, hence the nick name junk mail.However, there are the folks out there that actually do read these types of advertisement and if theyrespond to one, then most likely they would respond to other mailers as well. Lastly, they are not pre-qualified, as this can only be done with telemarketing and this also happens to be the only way togenerate a truly exclusive insurance lead.Exclusive Insurance Leads are generated through telemarketing. Not only dotelemarketing insurance leads give you the opportunity to pre-screen and pre-qualify each lead but itis also the only way to guarantee the lead will be an exclusive insurance lead. Some call centers thatdo insurance appointment setting add a qualifying question to make sure the prospect is not currentlyengaged in talks with other insurance agents and if written in the contract the company will not resellthe same lead to any other insurance agents. With telemarketing you catch the prospect before theyhave had the chance to shop around, remember, its not they, who are looking for you in this scenarioits you that have had the chance to make contact before they fill out any online submission forms orrespond to a mailer. Telemarketing is also an awesome way to make sure each lead is qualified.
  2. 2. With a series of questions you can filter out any unwanted prospects that you know would end upbeing a dead lead. For instance age, health status, income and other demographics. Make sure youfind the right call center and make sure they offer 100% on their set appointments. The Lead Tree,LLC offers guaranteed exclusive insurance leads and guaranteed insurance appointment setting.Click Here to Get Free Daily Bulk Email Leads List Download