Betrayed By Love


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Betrayed By Love

  1. 1. Betrayed By LoveA beautiful woman can inspire a person to do just about anything. But it is their heart that reveals thecharacter of the person. Beware she can capture you through lies of love. She can be an instrumentof Satan who wants to deceive you and lead you down to a trap that is meant for your destruction.In the game of life one of the biggest players is our emotions. Feelings can make a person becomejealous and words of love can make a soul willing to give anything in order to have that love.When I was young I fell head over heals in love. This person made my heart jump. She made mewant to defy all things just to have her love. But after many years of being together we both went ourseparate ways.But the love never ended between us. It stayed in both of our hearts and we would talk often on thephone. She was a decorator and I was an upholster and it was only natural for us to continue ourmutual business even though she was with another person. She ran the business and paid me for myupholster services. We worked as business partners and best friends who shared a past, that was all.Over the years we shared stories about our children and we prayed together for their lives and foreach of our grandchildren as each of them were born. We always stated our love for each other. Eventhough we were going down different roads.After three and a half years everything changed she broke up with the person she was with. Itseemed only natural for me to believe that we could once again be together. But this time things werevery different.When we first departed company, finances were tight, so in an effort to help I took out a mortgage onmy home and I handed over the money to my ex, with the understanding that she would make themortgage payment every month.But she was desperate again and as a result I began making the payment. That wasnt enough, sheneeded more money in order to pay bills that she had that were outstanding so she could leave theperson she was with.I believed everything she said, trusting that she was telling me the truth when she said that she wascoming back to me. She kept assuring me that she loved me and she would use the money to getuntangled from the person she was with. Out of complete trust and love, I gave her several thousanddollars.A month passed and she continued to tell me of how bad it was to be where she was and how theperson she was with didnt love her anymore. She explained how hard it was for her to leave becauseeverything in the house was hers, but the house itself was the other persons.She complained the business they ran together was failing and the upholstery business wasnt doingwell either. She said in order for her to leave she needed to get the taxes done and lay downguidelines for her partner of how to pay each bill since she had always handled the business side.Everything she said made since and being of high moral character, I didnt want to bring harm of anykind on the person she was with. So I began doing all upholstery free of charge and I paid forsupplies, material, foam and even gas to go pick up the furniture I was doing for them.
  2. 2. I could see their relationship was strained. But I was careful not to ask how they were doingrespecting their privacy and knowing the plans that we were making after they had totally partedcompany.Two more months passed and she continued to state her love to me and that she was coming back tome. So when her partner went on a trip she invited me to her house. I went because we hadnt beentogether for several years and that way we could talk about the next step of her getting out of thehouse.I was disturbed that she was still wearing a wedding ring on her hand and that she still slept in thesame bed with her partner. She handed me a group of pictures she had kept of myself and mychildren and I asked her if she was still coming back to me?She assured me that she was coming back to me. She had had enough from the emotional ups anddowns of her partner, who was eighteen years younger than her and she felt a deep connection andlove between us. She said that she was wearing the rings out of habit. And that she was justprotecting the pictures she had of me from her partner. She denied that she was sleeping in the samebed.Then she told me she had come up with a plan to get her furniture out of the house. She would tellher partner that she was selling the furniture we had once owned together back to me. I listened towhat she said but I was unwilling to give her money at that time. I left her house and went four hoursback to my home.Everything she said to me made my heart break. I loved her and I wanted her back and if this is whatit was going to take, I was willing to give her everything I had to help. She called me telling me thather partner would break her stuff if I didnt do this. Priceless memories of our life together would bedestroyed.Plans were made, and I met them with the newly reupholstered furniture. I wrote another check forthe furniture, pictures and art pieces that were suppose to be the beginning of her leaving her partner.In two days we were to meet again with another load until we had emptied the house of everything wehad together as a couple. She said her partner was stupid and would never suspect what she wasdoing until she was out of the house for good.We made plans to rendezvous together on the in between days. So we could be together and talk outplans. It all seemed fair and reasonable to me. Or maybe I am the most gullible person in the world.She called and wanted to postpone us meeting together until the next week, I agreed.The check I wrote to her cleared the bank and suddenly she stopped calling me. I emailed her to seewhat was happening and she had cut off the email. I was stunned and shocked over her behavior andI did not understand what was going on.I left messages on the phone and my calls were not returned. She had stated over and over againthat she loved me. She assured me that she was coming back to me.I didnt know how to handle her betrayal and her utter contempt for my feelings. The pain I felt was acrushing blow when I realized she not only had stabbed me in the heart, but she had taken tens ofthousands of dollars from me without any intention of paying it back.
  3. 3. I felt ashamed and asked God to help me to survive the pain. I wasnt allowed to communicate andthe pain of heart break brought an emptiness inside of my being that was excruciating. I felt as if Iwas being punished for love.There is no justice for fools. The check could not be stopped because it already cleared. Going to anattorney to sue would just prolong my pain from the deceit and cost me more money. The agreementwe had together was verbal. Even though I confessed my plans to my children I did not tell them Iwas giving her money and all of my services, free.I was totally humiliated for having been so gullible. I couldnt believe she was doing this to me. Shewas suppose to love me. I was afraid for her soul.As a Christian I believed that she loved me. In my Spirit, I believed that her coming back to me wasonly right. I had a vision of her partner giving her back to me. I had a dream of Satan attacking herand that I was her only hope.I was truly committed to doing whatever was necessary to get her out of her mess. And even thoughshe and her family had changed, I was willing to start again and love all of them unconditionally. But Iam a fool and because I know I am not alone I write this to all the people who are as gullible as me.God is love, but Satan can even deceive a good person. Beware of love! I talk a lot of the game of lifeand how each thing we experience has a purpose. We must not be defeated no matter what happensto us.Many people who have been betrayed by love have committed suicide because of the pain. Believeme it sounds like a great option when you are in the throws of anguish, but it is not Gods will.We must face our betrayals with perseverance. We must make up our minds to lean on God and trustin the end that He will fight for our cause. Dont give up because Satan wants you to give up. Dontallow anyone to destroy your faith in God and your knowledge that He cares for you. Pray for strengthand remember above everything else that God will never let you down when you cast your cares andgive them to Him.Luke 12: 4-7, "I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot afterwarddo anything worse. I will show you whom to fear: fear God, who, after killing, has the authority tothrow into hell. Believe me, he is the one you must fear!Arent five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one sparrow is forgotten by God. Even the hairs ofyour head have all been counted. So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows!"Being betrayed by love is the hardest thing a person can endure! But God loves you and He is readyand able to defend your cause. God also loves the person who did you wrong, but unfortunately wealways face the judge whether it is in this world or in eternity that is to come.>> Click Here to see a short but unusual video showing odd foods and tips to GET A FLATSTOMACH