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Guerrilla Training: Information Hierarchy


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Guerrilla Training = short, fast training sessions on topics someone knows “in their bones” (easy to prepare, quick to attend). This preso is about simple rules that for clear, effective interactive design.

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Guerrilla Training: Information Hierarchy

  1. 1. Information Hierarchy A guerrilla guide to organizing your content
  2. 2. Design = Communication Visual information hierarchy is one of the most important principles behind effective websites We can’t just dump all the information on a page: Most people are visual thinkers, and not data processors
  3. 3. Visual Relationships People see things based on relationships to each other
  4. 4. Basic Hierarchy Makes a Big Difference
  5. 5. Back To Our World: Getting Feedback The typical process: - Take lots of notes Sketch, dump all thoughts onto a page No deliberate approach Rely only on creativity =
  6. 6. A Cheat Sheet to Content Hierarchy a) Overarching guiding principles We help consumers make better buying decisions Don’t make me think* or do work** * Steve Krug
  7. 7. A Cheat Sheet to Content Hierarchy b) Organizing Your Content 1 The information you want to present A list of the key pieces of information you want visitors to see 2 The priorities Assign values (A, B, C) according to their importance to the visitor 3 The segments Consider what different groups of visitors may see
  8. 8. The squint test Look at your design – do the squint test Does your information and priorities match what the design communicates? If it does not, iterate on the design. If it does, you are good to go.
  9. 9. Example: V-Day Home visually hard to process Here is everything you might find interesting – arranged in some visually appealing way (creativity) Vs. I intend to communicate these pieces of information with these priorities (purpose)
  10. 10. Appendix: Good book
  11. 11. Appendix: Tools in your toolbox Size Color Contrast Alignment Repetition Proximity Density & Whitespace Texture