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Ecofusion Portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio sustainability. enterprise. communications.
  2. 2. Based  in  the  heart  of  Washington,  D.C.,  Ecofusion  is  a  business   communica9ons  consul9ng  and  media  company.    We  are  dedicated  to  the   world’s  leading  change  makers  in  the  fields  of  sustainability,  social   enterprise,  and  green  business.   Our  clients  need  more  than  an  ad  campaign   to  gain  support  for  products  and  services  that  build  a  sustainable  and   just  society.    They  need  a  communica9ons  partner.   We  solve  our  client’s  most  important  communica9ons  and  media   challenges.   Ecofusion  blends  green  industry  knowledge  with  the  most  modern   media,  design,  and  communica9ons  tac9cs  to  bring  innovators  to  the   global,  regional,  or  local  stage.  
  3. 3. Por4olio   About Ecofusion | Communicating Sustainability Experience  and  Knowledge  of  the     Sustainability  Sector    Our  clients  are  focused  on  being  leaders  in  delivering  products,  ideas,  and  messages  that  are  related  to  sustainability,  social  enterprise,  and  environmental  issues.      These  leaders  turn  to  us  because  we  are  equally  as  dedicated  and  involved  in  the  sectors  that  maFer  to  them.    With  an  ever  increasing  number  of  voices  talking  about  sustainability  issues  and  green  products  we  know  from  experience  how  cri9cal  it  is  for  knowledgeable,  crea9ve  and  original  thinking  to  drive  communica9ons  strategy.     More  Than  Just  Believing  In  Our  Clients   Partial client list                   American Wind Energy Association. America’s WETLAND Resource Center + Center for Environmental Communication, Louisiana Climate Solutions Cobalt Biofuels Columbia Slough Watershed Council Eco-Green Living Energy Trust of Oregon King County Parks and Recreation Marguerite Casey Foundation   Northwest SEED (Sustainable Energy for Economic Development )                     Northwest Biofuels Association NY Green Business Competition ReCharge America SkyTruth Sustainable Product Works Southwest Windpower Twenty One Acres Toney's Natural Foods Waterpenny Organic Farm The Wilderness Society  We  understand  sustainability.  Ecofusion’s  principals  have  been  ac9ve  in  the  sustainability  sectors  for  more  than  a  decade.    Our  teams  are  comprised  of  communica9ons  experts,  sustainability  tac9cians,  and  media  producers  who  have  been  engaged  in  sustainability  enterprise  and  campaigns  for  their  en9re  careers.          As  a  result  we  deliver  mature  and  sophis9cated  messaging  and  communica9ons  plans  that  go  beyond  the  messaging  clichés  of  the  day  while  cul9va9ng  and  leveraging  the  inherit  leadership  quali9es  of  our  clients.      Blending  this  sector  knowledge  with  an  understanding  of  cuJng  edge  media  technologies  produces  the  innova9ve  communica9ons  solu9ons  our  clients  deserve.  
  4. 4. Por4olio   About Ecofusion | Our Communication’s Strategy • Inception • Mission • Value Prop. Establish Business / Campaign Comm. Strategy • Research • Brand • Message • Systems Planning Business Communications Strategy Implementation • Systems Dev. • Materials Dev. Biz / Relational Development • Systems Deploy • Materials Deploy • Outreach • Est. Position Launch -  Brand -  Public & Customer Relations -  Advertising -  Marketing -  Online & New Media  Business  communicaDons  encompasses  the  key  systems  for  delivering  business  communica9ons:  Branding,  Public  &  Customer  Rela9ons,  Adver9sing,  Marke9ng,  and  Online  &  New  Media  Systems.  Business  communica9ons  systems  are  one  of  the  core  func9ons  of  a  healthy  and  successful  business,  enterprise,  organiza9on,  agency,  or  effort.        Ecofusion’s  core  offerings  help  our  clients  most  appropriately  navigate  the  en9re  communica9ons  life  cycle  as  represented  by  Our  Communica9on’s  Strategy  diagram  above.    The  first  step  in  Our  Communica9on’s  Strategy  process  is  to  assess  our  client’s  needs  and  values  associated  with  those  needs.    Once  a    clear  understanding  of  a  client’s  values  and  needs  are  determined,  we  work  with  our  client  from  the  incep9on,  the  implementa9on  to  finally,  the  management  of  the  client’s  communica9ons  strategy.      Whether  Ecofusion  works  on  the  incep9on  of  an  idea,  the  launch  of  a  new  product,  or  the  day-­‐to-­‐day  challenges  of  established  business  communica9ons,  we  help  deliver  our  client’s  messages  of  sustainability,  renewable  energy,  social  enterprise,  etc.  through  a  strategic  framework  that  organizes  and  deploys  messages  via  the  most  modern  communica9ons  systems.      
  5. 5. Client Case Studies Strategic  Communica9ons  @  Work  
  6. 6. Por4olio   Cobalt  Biofuels   Introducing  a  New  Fuel  Solu9on   Cobalt Biofuels, an early stage venture-backed biofuel startup, came to Ecofusion for our renewable energy industry experience. With a revolutionary concept for a next generation fuel and an inherit sustainability value proposition, Cobalt asked Ecofusion to build an identity, a story, and a public relations platform to spread the word about biobutanol and the range of solutions the company will develop in the future. After working closely with the Cobalt Biofuels executive team to construct and deliver a new biofuel brand and message systems, Ecofusion moved forward with implementing a third phase of the communications strategy; planning and managing a press and media rollout for major milestones in the company’s early development. Services   •  Corporate Brand & Identity Development •  Information Presentation Design •  Graphic Design •  Strategic Communications Planning •  Press Relations
  7. 7. Por4olio   Cobalt  Biofuels   Brand and Identity Development Food  Not  Fuel;     Redefining  the  Future  of  Biofuel   We developed the Cobalt Biofuels logo into an identity that would speak to its multiple business audiences. Our goal was to elicit the feeling of a sustainable fuels brand and allow for the brand to grow into a commercial brand as the company evolved by introducing additional offerings. Like any brand it was crucial that we build a design that could stand on its own and for the mark to resonate with Cobalt’s core audience. In order to develop the appropriate brand characteristics in addition to the logo, Ecofusion created a 20-page brand strategy document after consultation with industry experts and the company’s executive team. This brand strategy document established the foundation for future design and messaging considerations.
  8. 8. Inside the Strategy: The One Pager  Before  Cobalt  Biofuels  had  a  web  presence  to  tell  the  story  of  it’s  new  brand,  the  company  needed  a  way  to  share  informa9on  with  investors,  policy  makers,  and  business  partners.    Ecofusion  worked  with  Cobalt  execu9ve  team  to  iden9fy  the  key  areas  of  the  company’s  value  proposi9on:  Energy  Security,  Economic  S9mula9on,  and  a  Reduced  Carbon  Footprint.    Addi9onally,  Ecofusion  created  an  informa9ve  collateral  document  to  use  for  future  communica9on  documents.      
  9. 9. Por4olio   Cobalt  Biofuels   Web Design and CMS Development A  Web  Story:   We believe in building comprehensive and unique stories on the web; we do not just websites with the latest bells and whistles. Websites are the primary place—and first introduction--for many brands to communicate with potential business partners, customers, bloggers, and reporters. Working with Cobalt, our team of strategists, writers and designers worked to produce a story unique to Cobalt. This story explored the value proposition the company offers at every stage of its value chain. Thus, we provided a clear narrative about the potential for Biobutanol as a revolutionary fuel for the future of transportation in our world. The site’s technical requirements were also an important aspect of the strategy and our team worked closely with Cobalt to develop a website that could be used as a tool, rather than just a outward facing website. The Content Management System behind the Cobalt site is as unique to the requirements of the client, as is the Cobalt story.
  10. 10. Inside the Strategy: Cobalt’s Flash Story Board  RepresenDng  the  New  Biobutanol  Value  Chain    Biobutanol  is  a  new  type  of  fuel.    Biobutanol  is  a  fuel  that  can  be  made  without  using  food  crops,  be  transported  in  exis9ng  pipelines,  increase  produc9on  efficiencies,  run  in  exis9ng  vehicles,  and  burn  cleaner  and  is  beFer  for  the  environment.    We  wanted  to  tell  the  story  of  biobutanol  and  answer  ques9ons  about  the  fuel  and  about  Cobalt  in  a  way  that  represented  the  en9re  value  chain  of  the  product.    We  did  so  in  this  flash  piece.  
  11. 11. Inside the Strategy: Picturing the Next Generation Biofuel Company  What  does  the  next  generaDon  biofuels  company  look  like?        In  working  with  Cobalt,  we  used  unique  imagery  that  captured  the  company’s  mission.    Stock  imagery  in  the  sustainability  sector  such  as  images  of  leaves  in  hands,  trees,  clouds,  etc  gets  recycled  all  the  9me.    Cobalt  is  building  a  different  company  with  a  new  product.    Biobutanol  as  an  alterna9ve  transporta9on  fuel  will  impact  people-­‐-­‐real  people  in  their  everyday  lives.    Without  being  too  preachy  or  cliché  Ecofusion  strategically  used  specific  imagery  to  tell  the  story  of  how  Cobalt  Biofuels  will  posi9vely  impact  business,  people,  and  the  environment.    The  result?    Cobalt  was  posi9oned  to  grow  into  one  of  the  leading  fuel  companies  of  the  future.  
  12. 12. Por4olio   Cobalt  Biofuels      "Hottest   amed  One  of  the  Top  20 N 8-­‐’09   nergy  Companies”  of  ’0 BioE - Biofuels Digest Strategic Communications and Press Outreach Making  Good  News  Travel  Faster   With an entire set of communications tools (brand, website, collateral, messaging) at the ready from a year long strategy development and deployment, Ecofusion implemented an aggressive North American and Europe targeted PR program to announce Cobalt Biofuels’ successful $25 Million series C financing announcement and the transition of CEO leadership. Targeted press stories in industry publications helped raise the profile of this up-and-coming Clean Tech firm with features in leading regional silicon valley outlets and global trade publications. Within two months of the release of this information, Cobalt had been publicly named as one the top 20 bioenergy companies of the year by Biofuels Digest.
  13. 13. Por4olio   American  Wind  Energy  Associa9on   Changing  the  Course  of  Wind   Can a communications strategy shape the direction of an entire industry? Absolutely. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), the Washington, D.C. based trade organization representing the global wind energy industry in the United States, was looking to implement ground breaking communications strategies for both the small wind market and the utility scale wind energy sector. Over a two year period Ecofusion delivered a portfolio of strategies and solutions that lead to industry changing results. Services   •  Market Analysis Report •  Strategic Communications Planning •  Market Research •  Report and Copy Writing •  Marketing Collateral •  Press Relations Strategy & Outreach •  Event Planning
  14. 14. Por4olio   American  Wind  Energy  Associa9on   Strategic  Communica9ons  Planning    The  Global  Wind  Value  Chain  as  CommunicaDons  Roadmap   Leadership at the highest levels of the U.S. wind industry lacked a comprehensive strategic review of the impact of the global supply chain on the wind energy industry’s value chain. Ecofusion worked with AWEA’s leadership and key decision makers at the world’s largest wind energy companies to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the American wind supply chain. After a thorough assessment of the supply chain, Ecofusion recommended a strategic roadmap of next steps for success. From these action items AWEA has implemented an aggressive communications, outreach, and policy effort based on the findings of the qualitative market study performed by Ecofusion. The
  15. 15. Por4olio   American  Wind  Energy  Associa9on   Event Strategy and Marketing Development Small  Wind,  It’s  Time  For  an  Upgrade   Small wind energy systems, small enough to power individual homes, farms, and businesses have been an integral part of the U.S. wind industry for over 20 years. A global leader in small wind manufacturing, AWEA members in the U.S. have been leaders in making small turbines more accessible to consumers. AWEA turned to Ecofusion to devise and implement a campaign to elevate the visibility of AWEA’s Small Wind efforts amongst the growing renewable energy interested homeowner while also raising small winds profile inside the global wind industry. Ecofusion established an outreach program that included the development and management of the annual Small Wind Pavilion at AWEA’s WINDPOWER, Annual Conference & Exhibition for two years. As part of the press strategy Ecofusion designed and implemented the first -ever AWEA Global Small Wind Market Study in 2005 and used the study to educate reporters about the growing market.
  16. 16. Por4olio   American  Wind  Energy  Associa9on   Interactive Outreach and Strategy The  Message  Blowing  in  the  Wind Ecofusion implemented the association’s first interactive awareness campaign amongst bloggers and online outlets. With the growth of environmental coverage happening first online and on niche blog outlets, Ecofusion developed a grass roots awareness campaign that targeted small blogs interested in distributing wind energy policy issues, rather than approaching major news outlets. Our design work around the small wind pavilion and subsequent news stories about small wind at the annual conference were used to peak the interest of bloggers related to the rapidly growing small wind turbine sector. This effort had a trickle down effect as major outlets and mainstream media began picking up stories based on blog postings and niche focused viral communications via list serves.
  17. 17. Por4olio   Eco-­‐Green  Living   Re-­‐Launching  D.C.’s  Green  Store   Washington, D.C. store owners Keith and Donna Ware launched the first green home product store in the region in 2006. Ecofusion worked with Keith and Donna to develop a comprehensive brand identity for their green products retail store. After making sophisticated updates to the company’s website, Ecofusion coordinated a website relaunch with the physical store reopening, generating media coverage for this mission-driven small business. Services   •  Brand Strategy and Logo Development •  Advertising and Marketing •  Graphic Design •  Web Development •  Media Relations
  18. 18. Por4olio   Eco-­‐Green  Living   Brand Strategy and Logo Development CreaDng  an  Eco-­‐Franchise  Brand   For Keith and Donna Ware, their family-owned store is more than a retail outlet for home and lifestyle goods. Each product they carry has been carefully selected for its compatibility with their mission. By offering a suite of practical green, organic and fair-trade products from their storefront in a busy commercial district, Eco -Green Living makes it easy and convenient for consumers in the Washington, D.C. metro area to make informed, healthy choices. Ecofusion worked with Keith and Donna to develop an updated brand identity, logo, and brand strategy that effectively communicates their vision for the green store of the future.
  19. 19. Por4olio   Eco-­‐Green  Living   Press Relations and Web Development Re-­‐launching  eco-­‐   When Eco-Green Living opened its doors, they needed to complement their retail storefront operation with an updated online presence. Ecofusion prepared Flash content for an updated website that educates consumers about Eco -Green Living’s purpose and principles and drives traffic to the store’s Washington, D.C. location. Utilizing the worlds largest green consumer product show as a platform, The Green Festival, Ecofusion developed a thorough press relations campaign tailored to Eco-Green Living’s goals and aspirations. The result was regional media exposure and a new website that brought in local and international traffic. In addition to neighborhood coverage, Eco-Green Living was featured on Fox News, The Washington Post, and NPR.
  20. 20. Por4olio   Eco-­‐Green  Living   Public Relations Eco-­‐Green  Living  in  the  Public  Eye   Eco-Green Living needed a new interactive promotional flash piece for the front page of its website. The Ecofusion team identified the five strategic sales areas for the store, wrote the copy, worked with the store’s suppliers to gather images, created a simple design, and built the flash piece for the client. The extensive work by Ecofusion highlighted Eco-Green Living’s diverse products and customer interests. The flash slide show is one of the most visible marketing elements on the Eco-Green Living website.
  21. 21. Por4olio   Northwest  SEED     Growing  Community  Energy     Northwest SEED (Sustainable Energy for Economic Development) is one of the leading organizations in the country working to build community based renewable energy projects. While their expertise is nationally renowned, their programs focus on the four northwestern United States. The policy and program organization asked us to help raise their profile as a leader in community energy. Services   •  Communications Strategy •  Strategy Implementation •  Brand Development and Logo Design •  Collateral Material Development •  Website Design •  Publication Design and Production Management •  Press & Earned Media Outreach
  22. 22. Por4olio   Northwest  SEED   Logo Design / Collateral Materials Development The  New  Look  of  Community  Energy   Northwest SEED needed help developing a suite of communications products to make their outreach more effective. With a wide portfolio of projects, including community wind project development, campus organizing, technical/educational publications, and policy advocacy, Northwest SEED needed to ensure that each product was tailored to be most accessible to a different audience. Ecofusion drew on their familiarity with the commercial, non-profit and public sectors of the industry to produce audience-appropriate outreach materials for each project.
  23. 23. Por4olio   Northwest  SEED   Publication Design and Production Management An  Expert  Guidebook  Made  Easy   Northwest SEED collected expert advice and authored a guidebook to demystify the project development process for project managers, landowners, and permitting authorities. Guidebook project managers turned to Ecofusion to deliver a print product that would use design functionality to make the information accessible and engage a wide variety of readers. The final product provides the background information on community wind development and lays out the complex components of a project, including assessing a wind resources siting, permitting, and ownership models, interconnection, financing, and sources of financial assistance. 110 page Community Wind Guide Book for National Distribution
  24. 24. Por4olio   Northwest  SEED   Press and Earned Media Outreach Launching  Community  Energy   Because of the popularity of the release of the the Community Energy guidebook, Northwest SEED launched a subsequent website to serve as the online extension of the book. NWSEED engaged Ecofusion to work on a public relations strategy session to highlight the existing programs of the organization and create a cohesive top level message the organization could move forward with in press releases and on the web. Combining mission development work and PR strategy we helped move the organization’s language development forward while also launching the guidebooks website with a PR campaign that resulted in coverage through out the Pacific Northwest and in trade publications.
  25. 25. Por4olio   Toney’s  Naturals   A  Natural  Start   Toney had exceptional word of mouth publicity at local community markets. However, if Toney wanted to take his food to the shelves of the world’s largest organic food store, the Toney’s brand needed to take a big step. Our challenge was to start Toney off with a brand and identity that would live up to his exciting taste for life and food. What resulted was a brand that has lived on, staying as fresh as the unique foods and flavors that has made Toney a household name in stores like Whole Foods. Services   •  Brand Strategy and Logo Development •  Product Design •  Web Development The  Solu9on   Toney came to Ecofusion to leverage our grass roots knowledge of the language and design vocabulary of organic, green, and natural. By fine-tuning Toney’s brand and market identity, Ecofusion worked with Toney to market his products in new and more sophisticated market spaces.
  26. 26. Por4olio   Toney’s  Naturals   Brand Strategy and Logo Development Street  Appeal  for  Natural  Foods   Toney engaged Ecofusion to develop a brand that could represent multiple products, speak elegantly about his humble company, and build a brand legacy that would withstand the test of time. The logo establishes Toney’s connection to the organic and natural flavors that sprout from his food while communicating the modern zest and quality his foods deliver.
  27. 27. Por4olio   Toney’s  Naturals   Product Design Labels   Working with Toney’s exciting range of flavors and styles of salsa, the Ecofusion creative team conceptualized a variable label style that would be lively and exciting from every angle on the shelf. The natural tones of the label along with the contemporary earth symbols are an important accent for communicating the rich flavors and spices blended into Toney’s foods. These labels served as the foundation for the food brand to be built from as Toney established other products that could end up on store shelves.
  28. 28. Por4olio   Toney’s  Naturals   Web Development Launching   Ecofusion drew inspiration from Toney’s zest for healthy living and passion for flavorful food to design a simple, engaging website to market his natural food products.
  29. 29. Case Study Briefs Quick  Snapshots  of  Other  Client  Work  
  30. 30. Por4olio   Green  Spaces  &  NYC  Green  Business  Compe99on   Launching  Green  Businesses   In 2008 Green Spaces in New York City had emerged as the most unique and cutting edge shared office space for organizations and companies in the emerging green economy. Ecofusion worked with the Green Spaces leadership to establish the new organization’s logo and branding. The logo was based on the concept that Green Spaces wanted to communicate mobility, ingenuity, and green values. The organization also wanted the brand family to be flexible for use in other instances. Once the comprehensive logo development process was complete, our team worked with the Green Spaces to develop a low cost and highly effective advertising campaign to reach green entrepreneurs and sponsors for NYC’s first ever green business competition. Ecofusion also helped the organization establish a web presence. Services   •  Brand strategy and logo development •  Creative advertisement strategy and development •  Web development •  Copy writing •  Graphic design and print layout
  31. 31. Por4olio   Wilderness  Society   BeFer  Energy  Video   Nearly 300,000 natural gas and oil wells have already been drilled in the Rockies, and hundreds of thousands more are planned. Ecofusion produced a two-minute video using cutting-edge technology like Google Earth for the Wilderness Society providing a stunning bird’s-eye view of the destructive effects of failed energy policy in the West. The video led to new creative solutions to the tough challenges of drilling in the Rockies. Services   •  Communications Strategy •  Project Management •  Video Production and Editing •  Google Earth File Development
  32. 32. Por4olio   Marguerite  Casey  Founda9on    An  Interac9ve  Report   The Marguerite Casey Foundation had a vision: augment its communications delivery strategy by incorporating new media and multimedia. Though the Foundation had already begun producing a print version of its 2004 Annual Report, they wanted to explore adding the new video and audio elements to the Report on a short timeline. Ecofusion performed an initial strategic assessment of the organization’s media assets, an important--and often overlooked--first step before moving forward with new production. Our teams produced new video and audio elements related to the existing Annual Report extending the meaningful narrative, including performing on-site interviews with Grantees and staff. Additionally we consulted with the Foundation’s creative team working on the print version to produce a user interface and sleeve design that were stylistically aligned with the print version of the Report. After the Foundation distributed hard copies of their Annual Report and accompanying Interactive CD-ROM, they began to feature it online, highlighting their year with a Flash version of the Report. Services   •  Strategic communications and pre-production planning •  Video and audio production •  Post-production editing •  Print Management •  CD-ROM Production (Interactive Development, Flash, and Video to Web)
  33. 33. Por4olio   ReCharge  America   Na9onal  Day  of  Energy  Service  Website   Home energy savings is a critical step to getting America back on track toward a strong economy and energy independence. ReCharge America was a proud part of RENEW AMERICA TOGETHER centered around the 44th Presidential Inauguration. The campaign was national in reach, but local in focus. Ecofusion created the website, the email newsletter system, and the web based delivery platform for the organizations tool kit and celebrity video with Lisa Ling of CNN. ReCharge America’s 10 easy steps for users to cut energy costs is a growing effort to encourage energy efficiency . Services   •  Content Management System Implementation •  Strategic Communications Planning •  Email Newsletter System •  Website Design
  34. 34. Por4olio   21  Acres   Crea9ng  a  Center  for  Local  Farming   Ecofusion served as the strategic consultant lead working with partner ONENW to develop this Plone based website. Ecofusion worked with the 21 Acres founders to develop a marketing strategy to raise awareness about the new center just outside of Seattle, Washington gearing up to serve as a central link between local small farmers and consumers. The 21 Acres farm and agriculture center was also planning on a major fundraising effort to build the multi-million dollar green building. Focusing on growing awareness online first, Ecofusion delivered the design concept, information architecture, and identified the required communications functionality needed for a new website. All of 21 Acres communications tool were powered by green energy in collaboration with ONENW. Services   •  Content Management System Implementation •  Strategic Communications Planning •  Email Newsletter System •  Website Design
  35. 35. Por4olio   Northwest  Biofuels  Associa9on    A  New  Fuel  Network     With a clear mission to promote, support, represent and build this growing industry, the Northwest biofuels Association needed help conceptualizing how to effectively communicate with stakeholders about their members’ priorities. Ecofusion guided the Northwest Biofuels Association through the process of planning their communications strategy, then Ecofusion helped the new organization make its public debut with a website incorporating the beta brand and messaging conceived during the planning process. The result was a clear: Northwest Biofuels’ new position enabled them to clearly communicate what they did with potential stakeholders. Services   •  Content Management System Integration •  Beta Brand Strategy •  Strategic Communications Planning •  Message Development •  Website Design
  36. 36. Por4olio   America’s  Wetland  Resource  Center    Bringing  Wetlands  to  Life   A partnership between nationally recognized program, America’s WETLAND had a strong brand identity, but wanted to upgrade their Wetland Resource website. Ecofusion developed a site incorporating the parent campaign brand and a site managed through MACROMEDIA Contribute. The end result was 60 page revised website with a clearer promotion of the organization’s values and mission. Services   •  Content Management System Development •  Strategic Communications Planning •  Message Development •  Website Design
  37. 37. Por4olio   Climate  Solu9ons  –  Harves9ng  Clean  Energy    Established  Leader,  New  Look   Having established itself as a trusted source of information and important networking site for agricultural producers, policymakers and clean energy advocates, Harvesting Clean Energy was looking to strengthen their capacity to engage stakeholders through a more effective - and interactive - online presence. Ecofusion strategized with Harvesting Clean Energy to craft a comprehensive plan to improve their online communications portfolio. Ecofusion redeveloped the HCE website (built to be managed in MACROMEDIA CONRIBUTE, a new online News Journal, and an API driven flash web tool and database management tool for mapping clean energy projects in the Northwestern United States. Services   •  Strategic Communications Planning •  Message Development •  Website Design •  Web Based / Dynamically Driven Maps
  38. 38. Por4olio   Columbia  Slough  Watershed  Council   A  Streamlined  Watershed  Website   The Columbia Slough Watershed Council is one of the most influential watershed groups in Portland with ties to heavy industry and major corporations. The Council needed a significant overhaul on its brand to bring it up to par with its corporate partners and make it easier for users to navigate the site, making it a more proactive tool for building programs. Ecofusion re-developed the entire Columbia Slough Watershed Council website and brand. Working with Council staff, Ecofusion also created an original ASP.NET driven Content Management System (CMS) for an online event management system. Additionally, Ecofusion worked with the Council to strategically redevelop its email communication tool and email branding. Services   •  Content Management System Development •  Brand Redevelopment •  Logo Redesign •  Program Logo Design •  Website Redevelopment