6 Steps Process For Blog Marketing


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6 steps process blog marketing is a comprehensive and detailed presentation of the main process how succesfully work with bloggers, including some specifics for Russian market. March 2010.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgQkKogqHDQ
  • 46%des blogs les plus influents en Europe parlent de politique, 33 % parlent de high tech. Social Media make bloggers even more influent Popular bloggers are generally over 30 y.o. and with high incomes
  • According toYandexBlog Search as of spring 2009, the Russian-speaking blogosphere has 7.4m blogs: 6.9m personal blogs and more than half a million communities. The majority of blogs have few subscribers. Only 2 % bloggers have more than a hundred readers, and only 0,2 % bloggers can boast a fan base of more than 500. The most popular blogs (more than 5,000 friends) with more than 558,000 subscribers, make up 8 % of the Russian blogosphere.
  • in communication, media (singular medium) are the channels used to store and deliver information or data.Thanks to fast technologies evolution, Bloggers have more and more means to create content and plateforms to diffuse it in order to provide their audience with informations. The strength of this the medium is the rapidity of content propagation, and the possibility to collect the audience’s reactions.
  • The medium has matured more quickly over the past two years, fueled by mainstream consumer adoption. Web surfers have embraced blogs as trusted sources of information on everything from travel and technology to entertainment and sports. While some of these visits may be casual or entertainment-oriented, 50 percent of all readers report that blogs influence their purchase decisions, and the majority report that online reviews are often more helpful than speaking with a sales associate.
  • Social media can't substitute for marketing strategy: Blog marketing campaign should be integrated in your marketing mix. Blog marketing is about quality not quantity: It is more about reaching the right people with the right message.
  • Partnering with a blogger that's a good fit with your brand is crucial to a successful outcome. For a blog to be worth sponsoring, it "has to have a very large and engaged audience." Engagement can be determined by checking how active the commenting is, both on the blog itself and in the blogosphere, as well as the quality of the comments.
  • Définirl'influence? Reputation = nb de liens qui pointentverstoi  xl'audience (le reach)...Les 2 sontnécessaires : avec des nanas nuestupeux faire bcp de reach mais pas avoird 'autorité...Trust professional agencies’ recommendations.
  • You need bloggers more than they need you.Not all blogger you are interested in / will be fitting or be willing to work with your brand.
  • Don’t overpromise or over deliver if you want your message to get credibility. Give bloggers the time to ask questions about your products and make sure to give them argumented answers.Sponsored or not, content has to be informative, interesting, and creative.
  • 150 bloggersUS Europe AsiaExbloggerNotcot = 1 M visitors / monthVerifier le contenu : suivit + reagir
  •  There is not 1 official figure to look at in order to calculate a campaign’s ROI.
  • Bloggers are becoming main stream media, getting more powerful and more independants. Brand marketers are learning what successful PR folks have known for years: there can be a natural intersection between their desires and a blogger's needs to create meaningful content for readers. Brands are increasingly respecting blogger church and state boundaries, and are slowly learning that the power of the blogosphere lies in its truth and authenticity.
  • 6 Steps Process For Blog Marketing

    1. 1. By Thierry Cellerin<br />PM.: tcellerin@vanksen.com<br />M.: +7 985 44 22 544<br />W.: www.culture-buzz.ru<br />Consumer Engagement Marketing<br /> Web 2.0, Social Media, Buzz marketing, E-reputation Monitoring<br />“Truth & Lies About Blog Marketing.<br />6 Steps Process To Work With Bloggers”<br />
    2. 2. Introduction<br />01Our agencies<br />2<br />Website| http://www.BuzzParadise.com<br />Website| http://www.culture-buzz.com<br />BuzzParadise| Buzz Platform & PR 2.0 <br />Vanksen/Culture-Buzz | Buzz Agency<br />Vanksen watch | Buzz Monitoring<br />With more than 2100 published articles, 165,000 viewed pages/months, Culture-buzz.com has become the biggest portal dedicated to word-of-mouth marketing.<br />BuzzParadise® is an international platform connecting brands and our community of 8000 influential bloggers in 12 countries. <br />We help major organizations to protect, manage, promote and monitor their brand name & reputation online, resulting in revenue increase and long-term brand awareness. <br />
    3. 3. Introduction<br />02Blogging is not necessarily what you think<br />
    4. 4. Introduction<br />03Worldwide blogosphere trends<br />Blogging is trendy<br />Arianna Huffington<br />300 millions Blogs worldwide<br />The Huffington Post<br />1 – 1,5 M visitors /day<br />28 M unique visitors<br />Blog 1# according to Technorati<br />
    5. 5. Introduction<br />04Emerging Blogosphere in Russia<br /> 7,4 M Russian-speaking blogs<br />Some public persons became popular bloggers <br />
    6. 6. Introduction<br />05Why you should work with bloggers?<br />Bloggers are media<br />Audience<br />Create Content<br />Diffuse<br />
    7. 7. Introduction<br />06Why you should work with bloggers?<br />Bloggers create recommendations<br />Source: Edelman, Trust Barometer<br />Recommendations from friends/family<br />Consumer opinions posted online<br />Requested email updates<br />Ads in newspapers<br />Ads on TV<br />Ads on radio<br />68% of consumers trust their peers<br />Ads in magazines<br />Branded Web sites<br />Search engine ads<br />Web banner ads<br />Ads on mobile phones<br />0%<br />20%<br />40%<br />60%<br />80%<br />100%<br />
    8. 8. Introduction<br />07Why you should work with bloggers?<br />Source : TalkTrack, Keller Fay Group, 2006<br /> Bloggers are speaking about you!<br />Rumors, Opinions, Recommendations, Questions, Deceptions…<br />Kryptonite’s case<br />
    9. 9. 6 stepsprocess to workwith bloggers<br />
    10. 10. 6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 1. Define Your Objectives<br /> Set up reasonable and clear objectives<br /> <br />List of main targeted objectives for blog marketing campaign:<br /><ul><li>Create recommendations
    11. 11. Generate discussions / Word of mouth
    12. 12. Brand visibility
    13. 13. SEO / Traffic to web site
    14. 14. Get users & consumers feedback
    15. 15. Creation of brand Content</li></li></ul><li>6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 2. Choose Bloggers Wisely<br /> Targeted blogger research<br />Influence research:<br /><ul><li>Authority rating </li></ul>(number of blogs linking to yours X your traffic) <br /><ul><li> Number of readers (% of unique readers)
    16. 16. Page view / month
    17. 17. Number of posts
    18. 18. Number of comments / posts</li></ul>Contextual research:<br /><ul><li>Topics: what the author is writing about
    19. 19. Quality and tone of the content
    20. 20. Quality of the audience
    21. 21. Bloggers reputation</li></li></ul><li>6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 2. Choose Bloggers Wisely<br /> Useful instruments<br />Yandex Blogi<br />Google Ad Planner<br />Blog Marketing Agency<br />
    22. 22. 6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 3. Be Transparent<br /> R.O.I. approach<br />Be honnest in the Relationship<br />Express clearly your goal.Don’t try to lie or trick.<br />Respect bloggers’ Opinion<br />You must accept critics. Don’t try to control bloggers. <br />Transparence of your Identity<br />You must present yourself as a brand. Don’t try undercover marketing.<br />Follow the WOMMA Ethics Code<br /> http://www.womma.org<br />
    23. 23. 6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 3. Be Transparent<br /> Main blog marketing approaches<br />Campaign<br />Description<br />Strengths<br />Weaknesses<br />PR 2.0<br />Invite bloggers to experience a brand or getaccess to exclusive brand content.<br /><ul><li>Stronginvolvement of the bloggerwith the brand
    24. 24. High credibility
    25. 25. No garantees for results
    26. 26. Lot depends on the quality of the product and the event.</li></ul>Widget& Video<br />Seeding<br />Seed bloggers withbranded content (video, banner, game) to beplaced on their blogs.<br /><ul><li> Good control of the brand message
    27. 27. Contrôle of timing
    28. 28. Number of viewgaranteed
    29. 29. Possible backfire if the approachis not transparent / seen as spam
    30. 30. Content not necessarilyadapted to the audience.</li></ul>Editorial Partnerships /<br />Paid post<br />Pay bloggers to createspecific content for a brand (text, photo, video). <br /><ul><li>precize metrics
    31. 31. Control of timing
    32. 32. Number of posts garanteed</li></ul>-Nogarantee of quality of the content<br /><ul><li>littlelessgenuine</li></li></ul><li>6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 4. Create Engagement<br /> What motivates bloggers?<br /><ul><li>Curiosity</li></ul>Discover new products / live a brand experience<br /><ul><li>Being the first</li></ul> Have the opportunity to be the first to try / know<br /><ul><li>Exclusivity</li></ul>Getaccess to exclusive content<br /><ul><li>Ego</li></ul>Show your consideration to bloggers.<br /><ul><li>Sharing</li></ul>Providematerialstheycanshare<br />
    33. 33. 6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 4. Create Engagement<br /> Coco Mademoiselle Perfume Launch<br />(International)<br />Exclusive Content<br />Ego<br />Curiosity<br />
    34. 34. 6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 4. Create Engagement<br /> Absolut Vodka Brand Ambassadors<br />(Spain)<br />+<br />+<br />+<br />57 bloggers<br />(2007)<br />67 bloggers<br />(2008)<br />80 bloggers<br />(2009)<br />
    35. 35. 6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 4. Create Engagement<br /> Yves Rocher Bloggers recommendations<br />(Russia)<br />Curiosity<br />Exclusivity / Ego<br />Sharing<br />
    36. 36. 6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 5. Measurement & Analytics<br /> Measurement<br />Quantitative Measurement<br />Qualitative Measurement<br /><ul><li> Number of Views
    37. 37. Number of comments
    38. 38. Number of Click through
    39. 39.
    40. 40. Comments insights
    41. 41. Theme discussed
    42. 42. E-reputation improvement
    43. 43. …</li></li></ul><li>6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 5. Measurement & Analytics<br /> ROI analysis<br />You can take into account different indicators:<br />Advertising value: Visibility / traffic (Calculate in CPM or CPV)<br />PRvalue: Content creation + diffusion (Equivalent to offline PR)<br />Word of Mouth value: Referring posts and comments (Affinity & Awareness level)<br />Research value: Customers’ insights (Equivalent to focus groups)<br />SEO value: Ongoing links making better SEO (Equivalent to Adwords)<br />
    44. 44. 6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 6. Follow up<br /> What’s next?<br />Social Media expert Emmanuel Vivier<br />www.emmanuelvivier.com<br />What to do:<br />"Always allow the blogger to be creative and somewhat independent. Bloggers are, by nature, extremely independent; blogs are opinion pieces, when it comes right down to it. Let them express their opinions -- good, bad, or indifferent.” <br />“The post campaign period is important because bloggers can come back to you for more details or questions about your brand / product. Usually bloggers are writing from 1 to 3 weeks after the event. Always make sure to answer questions in an argumented way.”<br />“After a successful campaign with bloggers, keep in touch from time to time with these bloggers, even if you have no campaigns going on. It will allow to show bloggers that you respect them , and will permit to invite them easily to future events.”<br />
    45. 45. 6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Step 6. Follow up<br /> What’s next?<br />Social Media expert Emmanuel Vivier<br />www.emmanuelvivier.com<br />What to avoid doing:<br />“If you've gone to all the trouble to find the right bloggers, sponsor them, and manage your expectations, the quickest way to sabotage your efforts is to not let your bloggers do their thing -- the reason you aligned your brand with them in the first place. Don’t try to get control over their opinions.” <br />“Negative comments never exceed 10% of total comments, but they give credibility to the campaign. If you get bad review or bad comments, try to communicate with the blogger to ask him what he disliked. In any cases, never get angry.”<br />
    46. 46. Conclusions<br />
    47. 47. 6 steps process to work with bloggers<br />Conclusions<br /> What you should remember:<br />7,4 M Russian-speaking blogs. 23 M people are reading them.<br />Bloggers are media. They create content & recommendations.<br />Bloggers are already speaking about your brand!<br />Set up reasonable and clear objectives.<br />Choose Bloggers wisely. Trust professionals.<br />Adopt a transparent and an ethical approach.<br />Create engagement. Be creative and pertinent.<br />Measure and analyze your results.<br />Follow up and keep in touch.<br />
    48. 48. Thank you for your attention<br />For any question please contact:<br />Thierry Cellerin<br />PM.: tcellerin@vanksen.com<br />M.: +798544 22 544<br />W.: www.vanksen.com<br />W.: www.culture-buzz.ru<br />© 2009. VanksenGroup SA, all rights reserved.All the content is confidential. This document may neither be used nor disclosed to third parties without prior authorisation.<br />