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Opening Speech-Mr. Monaem Ben Lellahom


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The presentation is from the Lead Discussant, Mr. Monaem Ben Lellahom
Co founder, Head of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) Consultancy,
Sustainable Square, from the just concluded African Round Table & Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (AR-CSR™), which held in Tinapa Business Resort, Calabar, Cross River State between 20 to 21 June, 2013. Organised by ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited

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Opening Speech-Mr. Monaem Ben Lellahom

  1. 1. The 2013 Africa CEO Roundtable & Conference on CSR (AR-CSR™)
  2. 2. Convener: ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited @MonaemL @Sustain_square
  3. 3. Convener: ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited Present in over 113 countries and territories and with over 860000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest Youth Leadership organization in the world. Leadership, Innovation and Sustainability
  4. 4. Convener: ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited “if you want to become a leader, grab things from the bottom then take them to the top”
  5. 5. Convener: ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited Andrew Rugasira, Founder and CEO Good African Coffee and African Trade Advocate “I like to put an African Coffee product in an African supermarket. But the fact that you’re here to invest in Africa, you have to appreciate the need for African products to be sold in African supermarkets. Value added products !” “I will bring passion, commitment and dedication. I will commit to put the best coffee in your shelves, and I will commit to do what I committed to do with farmers who grow this coffee and their community. I use 50% of the profit of this coffee to transform the farmers and their communities through innovation and sustainable practices”. We Either Grow Together OR No Need.
  6. 6. Convener: ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited It’s time for Africa
  7. 7. Convener: ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited 1. A paradigm shift changed from short term organizational planning towards a more strategic and long-term vision that should be driven by a Transformational Leadership. Three key lessons from the Global Economic Crises: 2. Innovation stood out to be a key solution in order to optimize processes, cut operational costs and sustain businesses in the future. 3. Businesses recognized that they cannot function independently and there was a greater need for inclusive behavior to create shared value with the surrounding community to ensure a sustainable growth.
  8. 8. Convener: ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited So what are the global Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) trends 2013? 1. The intersection of technology and sustainability 2. Leveraging employees to implement sustainability 3. Supply Chain Management, the new frontier of sustainability 4. Investors and Shareholders are getting into the pave 5. Managing Consumption 6. Show me the $ sign: Return on Investment (ROI)
  9. 9. Convener: ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) issues reshaping the business in Africa today? 1. A need for Higher Accountability and Social Impact Measurement 2. Sustainability Reporting and Disclosure Practices 3. CSR integration and governance 4. Governments role in advancing the Sustainability agenda
  10. 10. Convener: ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited Thank you