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15 Social Media Strategies for CMOs by TAMBA


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New to social media? Keen on growing your brand and connecting with fans on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other channels?

Taken from our popular self-published guide, 100 Social Media Strategies for CMOs, here are 15 key strategies you can easily implement today.

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15 Social Media Strategies for CMOs by TAMBA

  2. 2. Tweet us #100strategiesliveTweet your thoughts, questions, etc.about this breakfast meeting using#100strategieslive
  3. 3. Tweet us #100strategiesliveWhy social media?Social media is no longer in its infancy.•  1m sites have integrated with Facebook.•  34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter.•  There are over 200m LinkedIn users.•  625,000 people join Google+ every day.*Sources: Nielsen, Huffington Post,
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  5. 5. Tweet us #100strategieslive#1 Use metrics that reflect business objectives.Business objectivesDepartment objectivesSocial mediametricsSocial media objectivesExampleTo grow customer base by x%.(Marketing) To increase brandawareness in the digital spaceby x%.To increase engagement withexisting followers on socialmedia by x%.Facebook Likes & Shares,Twitter Favourites & Retweets,Blog Visits, Duration, CommentsBrand mentionsSocial media platforms are essentially businesstools. What are your objectives?
  6. 6. Tweet us #100strategieslive#2 Offer social customer care.Social care is no longer a “bonus”,but a basic requirement.*Source: Nielsen1 in 3 social media usersprefer to use social mediavs. the phone forcustomer service issues.
  7. 7. Tweet us #100strategiesliveCase Study: DellLaunched their Social MediaListening Command Centre in2010.•  > 25,000 conversations aboutDell every day.•  Dedicated customer service onTwitter @DellCares•  > 5,000 employees trained insocial media.
  8. 8. Tweet us #100strategiesliveUse existing resources.Marketing /Comms / PRManage your socialmedia presence.CustomerSupportProvide response toqueries.Establish a process to serve customers throughsocial media to ensure fast, smooth delivery.
  9. 9. Tweet us #100strategieslive#3 Make responsive web design a priority.What is it?Responsive sites adapt the layout to the viewingenvironment – from computer to mobile – to provide theoptimal viewing experience.
  10. 10. Tweet us #100strategiesliveSmartphone statistics in the UKSEO benefits (a single URL vs. a separate mobile URL)51% of the UK use smartphones.59% access the Internet daily.85% look for local info à 81% take action.95% research a product / service on their device.80% visit social networks, 51% visit at least once a day!*Source: Google
  11. 11. Tweet us #100strategieslive#4 Align social media + SEO strategies.Consider SEO when developing social media efforts,and vice versa.Search engines use social signals in their rankingalgorithm e.g. Likes, shares, views.TM Lewin found that customers are2.3x more likely to purchase basedon social media recommendationsthan paid search.
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  13. 13. Tweet us #100strategieslive#5 Think of your brand as a publisher.Contentis kingFacebookContent related to yourbrand.BlogHigh-quality contentrelated to your business.White papers, ebooks,infographics.TwitterEngage with existingfollowers and getinvolved inconversations to gainnew ones.YouTubeEducate and entertaincustomers throughvideos.
  14. 14. Tweet us #100strategieslive#6 Develop a content strategy using media typesmost effective for your business.Visual content is generally moreeffective.•  Content with compelling images attract94% more total views on average.•  67% of consumers consider clear,detailed images to carry even moreweight than product information, fulldescription and customer ratings.•  37% increase in engagement whenFacebook posts include photos.*Source: MDG Advertising
  15. 15. Tweet us #100strategieslive#7 Create a branded blog.It’s a powerful business tool:•  Drives purchasing decisions.•  Everyone’s online… including your competitors!•  Chance to build authentic relationships with customers.•  Establishes credibility within the industry.•  Chance to set yourself apart as a thought leader.•  Less expensive than traditional advertising + marketing.
  16. 16. Tweet us #100strategiesliveTips•  Create high-value content that showsyour company’s expertise or brand’svalue proposition.•  Use keyword-focussed content.•  Good content always serves youraudience’s needs.•  Establish good relationships with otherbloggers.•  Free set-up: WordPress + Blogger
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  18. 18. Tweet us #100strategieslive#8 Build a community with LinkedIn Groups.•  > 200m users – 2 new every second!•  35% access the site daily.•  42% update their profile regularly.•  2.7m business pages.•  1.5m groups – 81% belong to at leastone group.*Sources: Mashable, LinkedIn,,,, creotivo,com,
  19. 19. Tweet us #100strategiesliveCase Study: HPThe ChallengeTo change SMBs’ perception of HP,raise awareness of its services, createa community of brand champions, andincrease product recommendations.The SolutionHP set up the HP Business AnswersLinkedIn group for SMBs to askquestions and get advice from others.
  20. 20. Tweet us #100strategiesliveStarting a group•  Keep it exclusive initially – only peoplerelated to your business.•  Develop a content strategy.•  Moderate for relevance and quality.
  21. 21. Tweet us #100strategieslive#9 Make it easy for your customers to buy on LinkedIn.Make full use of your companyLinkedIn profile.e.g. Products & Services page
  22. 22. Tweet us #100strategieslive#10 Turn your YouTube channel intoa customer service hub.Case Study: AvanadeBusiness tech specialists Avanaderan an online video campaign.Twitter: Attendees were encouragedto ask questions using #askavanadeYouTube: Avanade postedvideo answers, creating rich,sharable content.
  23. 23. Tweet us #100strategiesliveRemember, video can entertain whilst educating.Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?”YouTube campaign blendsdifferent products e.g. Appleproducts, golf balls, remotecontrols.Consider ideas that:•  Have huge viral potential.•  Show what your products /services can do.
  24. 24. Tweet us #100strategieslive#11 Repurpose your content.Put a fresh spin on existing content.•  Updates?•  New angle?Experiment with different media.•  One blog post can be turned into a video tutorial, aslide presentation, a podcast, visual quotes, etc.
  25. 25. Tweet us #100strategiesliveWhy refresh your content?•  SEO – attract search traffic on variations of a theme.•  Multi-channel marketing – reach audiences in differentplaces.•  Retention, perspective + impact“Delivering your message in different ways, over time, notonly increases your retention and impact, but it gives youthe chance to describe what you’re doing from severalangles.”-  Seth Godin, marketing guru•  Saves money
  26. 26. Tweet us #100strategiesliveHow-to repurpose content.Choose a core idea.•  Detail a specific product you want to push?•  Focus on a solving a specific problem?Identify 5 topic areas you can elaborate onwith authority.e.g. Pairing cheese with wine. Describe differentcheeses, different wines, how flavours work togetherand against each other, easy recipes to go with wine +cheese pairings, throwing a wine + cheese party.
  27. 27. Tweet us #100strategieslive#12 Add games to social for a touch of fun.•  Gamification gives customers a chance to engage with your brand.•  Tasks ordinarily considered boring (e.g. surveys, forms, shopping)become more interesting.•  Incentive to take action (e.g. get voucher).
  28. 28. Tweet us #100strategiesliveCase study: Virgin Active Health ClubsThe ChallengeVirgin Active wanted to make the gym experiencerelaxed and not too serious.The SolutionCreate a digital stress toy easily sharable –sofa users can destroy in 30 sec using weapons(e.g. ray guns, samurai swords). Users get a daypass voucher.The Results38 mil plays from 26 mil unique individuals, with1.05 mil plays in the launch week. Despite beinga 30 sec game, avg play lasted >4 min.
  29. 29. Tweet us #100strategieslive#13 Spill your social campaigns into “real life”.Tweet-a-BeerApp that allows people with Twitterand PayPal accounts to send beersto each other via Tweets.
  30. 30. Tweet us #100strategiesliveLet’s not forget our furry friends…GranataPet food•  Check in at their billboard on Foursquare.•  Billboard spits out dog food for your pet to sample.
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  32. 32. Tweet us #100strategieslive#14 Beyond audience size, start measuringengagement.Reach is good, but engagement is also important for knowing whatcontent appeals to your audience.Facebook InsightsEngaged users refers to the number ofpeople who have clicked on yourcontent.People talking about this are thenumber of fans who took further actionon your content to show engagementto their friends.
  33. 33. Tweet us #100strategieslive#14 Beyond audience size, start measuringengagement.Social Mention is a free tool forfollowing your brand, measuringinfluence and gauging generalsentiment.
  34. 34. Tweet us #100strategieslive#15 Monitor more than just brand mentions.Consider brand-related keywords.•  Your brand•  Your competitors•  Industry trends•  Industry events
  35. 35. Tweet us #100strategiesliveAbout TAMBAWe are an award-winning digital agency that strives to live up to ourstrapline – Brave, playful, digitalBlending strategic thinking with boundless creativity, we deliver bespokesolutions that yield real results for some of the world’s finest brands.Our core services include social, web, mobile and guerrilla with us
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