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Turn Your WordPress Website Into a Marketing Machine


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In this Doctor Who inspired talk we take you through ways you can leverage your WordPress site with plugins that make it an awesome inbound marketing hub for social media, content marketing, landing pages, behavioural calls-to-action and lead tracking. You’ll never look at your dashboard quite the same way again…

Presented by Mohamed Hamad and Liesl Barrell, July 5 2015 at WordCamp Montreal

Published in: Marketing
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Turn Your WordPress Website Into a Marketing Machine

  1. 1. TURN YOUR WORDPRESS SITE INTO A MARKETING MACHINE Presented by Mohamed Hamad & Liesl Barrell WordCamp MTL (July 5, 2015)
  2. 2. Introduction Inbound Strategy Building Your Marketing Machine Tools/Assets • CTAs • Landing Pages • Leads • Blog Distribution/Channels • Measurement • Social Media • Email • Seeding • SEO Conclusion Table of Contents
  4. 4. BIO Co-Founder & President @ThirdWunder #UserExperience & #Development CONTACT Tweet to @MohamedHamad Write to Connect Mohamed Hamad @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  5. 5. BIO Co-Founder & CEO @ThirdWunder #Marketing, #Content & #SocialMedia #MTLGG Organizer CONTACT Tweet to @LieslBarrell Write to Connect Liesl Barrell @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  6. 6. “Instead of the old outbound marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists, and praying for leads, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your [offering], where they naturally want to be.” Brian Halligan CEO Hubspot WHAT IS INBOUND MARKETING & WHY SHOULD I CARE?
  8. 8. Content Marketing • Videos • Blog posts • Articles • White Papers • eBooks • Webinars • Infographics • Presentations • …and more!! Content Distribution • Social Media • Email Marketing • Influencer Outreach • Partnerships • Guesting • Public Speaking • …and more!! A Tale of Two Contents @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  9. 9. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE BETWEEN CREATING & PROMOTING CONTENT? To prioritize, schedule your pipeline, allocate resources & budget…
  10. 10. Marketing Objectives Audience Digital Ecosystem • Properties/Assets • Distribution/Channels Resources • Team • Budget Editorial Plan What to Include in Your Strategy @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  11. 11. What Are Your Marketing Objectives? @ThirdWunder #WCMTL What to Measure Marketing Objectives Example 1. Protect market share to ensure brand remains top-of-mind for target audience Share of voice Blog/social mentions & media coverage 2. Develop industry thought leadership to become key resource for related content SEO rankings and referral traffic for dynamic content Average time on site, pageviews 3. Develop a new revenue stream by launching e- commerce platform Online sales and Average Order Value • How do content marketing and content distribution help you achieve your goals? • What will you be measuring to keep track of your goals?
  12. 12. WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE & WHAT DO THEY WANT? Research what your different personas are looking for or want to know and craft your strategy around it. We can use personalization, customization and copy variations to speak to different types of fans and localize content throughout your WordPress site.
  13. 13. What is Your Digital Ecosystem? @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  14. 14. What Resources Do You Have? @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  15. 15. What is Your Editorial Plan? @ThirdWunder #WCMTL • What type of content do you produce and at what frequency? • What is your tone, manner, and style? • Which types of content will you produce for others (guesting) and who’ll write it? • What is your workflow for edits/approvals/images?
  18. 18. Inbound Setup @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  19. 19. Inbound Tools @ThirdWunder #WCMTL WordPress Inbound Now Suite • CTAs • Leads • Landing Pages CoSchedule Buffer MailChimp SEO Yoast
  20. 20. Inbound Tools @ThirdWunder #WCMTL WordPress Inbound Now Suite • CTAs • Leads • Landing Pages CoSchedule Buffer MailChimp SEO Yoast
  21. 21. TOOLS/ASSETS
  22. 22. The Flow @ThirdWunder #WCMTL CTA Landing Page LEAD
  23. 23. CALLS TO ACTION (CTAs)
  24. 24. CTAs @ThirdWunder #WCMTL With the Inbound Now CTAs plugin you can create custom responsive calls to action for blog posts, pages, landing pages and track their performance across instances.
  25. 25. A/B Tests @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Because CTAs are tracked sitewide, it makes it easier to run meaningful A/B Tests. Inbound Now has a marketplace for CTA templates which you can customize and style, or you can develop your own like we’ve done to the left. VS
  26. 26. Lead Generation @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Using CTAs, you can develop customized templates to gather users’ info or redirect to another URL (e.g. campaign Landing Page or Contact Us page).
  27. 27. CTAs @ThirdWunder #WCMTL You can couple Inbound Now’s CTAs together with their Leads plugin to customize what CTAs people see across your site based on where they converted or what they’re in. Like Psychic Paper!
  29. 29. Inbound Now’s Landing Page plug-in helps you create repurposeable landing pages that also work with the CTA plugin so you can send visitors to a landing page and track originating CTA variation. Landing Pages @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  30. 30. Landing Pages @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Using the Inbound Now Suite makes it easy to see a landing page performance statistics right in the edit view, including the conversion rates on any CTAs associated with it.. The CTA plugin lets you associated any CTAs you’ve created to a landing page, allowing you to customize messaging according to your content.
  31. 31. Not only for Landing Pages… We’ve even used the plug-in to custom code multi-step experiences like quizzes and experiential forms to help users customize the experiences they want. Landing Pages @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  32. 32. LEADS
  33. 33. Leads @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Capturing Leads using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution or Email Marketing System (EMS) is a crucial part of inbound strategy. It allows us to build relationships and personalize content like newsletters for specific groups or segments.
  34. 34. Leads @ThirdWunder #WCMTL The Inbound Now Leads plugin is a little different from those tools. It allows us to customize content so that visitors who’ve converted on your pages see what they need to see and your WordPress site morphs to their interests. Like Psychic Paper! (Again)
  35. 35. Leads @ThirdWunder #WCMTL You can manage leads and create lists that help display customized content (e.g. specific Calls-to-Action) to different groups based on lists or actions. Their experience is personalized so they have a better time on your website!
  36. 36. Leads @ThirdWunder #WCMTL That helps users understand how your site works with data.
  37. 37. BLOG
  38. 38. Editorial @ThirdWunder #WCMTL CoSchedule has built-in workflows that allow editors and writers to collaborate on posts together and assign tasks easily, all right within WordPress! The editorial calendar gives you a global view of all blog posts and social pushes, and you can easily drag/drop posts to move them to other dates, which moves associated social posts, too.
  39. 39. Editorial @ThirdWunder #WCMTL The post view shows you a detailed snapshot of post performance (for already published posts), plus a full list of past and future queued social messaging around an individual post. This makes it so much easier to reshare content in smart and efficient ways and use different hashtags or mentions as needed, complementing the content creation process with easy promotion.
  41. 41. UTM Tracking If you share a link in an email campaign, on social, in your email signature or anywhere else online, add UTM parameters using Google’s URL Builder other built-in tools. Measurement @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  42. 42. Reporting That way you can better track the efficacy of each medium and campaign. Over time you’ll be able to see deeper insights into how people get to your site, what they do, and which channels are performing the best for you. Measurement @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  43. 43. SOCIAL
  44. 44. It’s all relative… The size, maturity and demographics of your social communities will have a huge impact on the frequency of your content distribution and how you reach your audience. Social Media @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  45. 45. Social Media @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  46. 46. Reshare & Reshare Alike! Many only post once about their content but, especially on Twitter, the key to distribution through social media is multiple, different posts that make the most of your current posts and back catalog. Don’t be afraid to schedule and share archived content if it’s evergreen and useful. You can always edit or tweak the post as needed if small things have changed! Social Media @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  47. 47. CoSchedule We use CoSchedule for content distribution on social media. It helps us schedule multiple social posts over time to get the most out of our growing content library. We can also see social performance right in the blog post view as well as all previous social posts so it makes mixing up hashtags and mentions even easier. Social Media @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  48. 48. << These are all about the same blog post. CoSchedule automatically uses our Bitly vanity URL shortener and includes UTM parameters making it easier to track and post without creating UTM’ed links & shortening them manually EVERY TIME. Twitter @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  49. 49. Still About The Same Post… @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  50. 50. Pay (a bit) to Play on Facebook @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Boosted content generally outperforms other Facebook Ad Types For important updates, and to keep a minimal weekly investment which helps organic reach as well, putting a few dollars towards boosting key content on Facebook is worth even a small investment as Facebook traffic tends to spend time-on-site.
  51. 51. We also use Buffer… CoSchedule is for editorial, it is not a social media management tool. So don’t expect it to replace Hootsuite, Buffer or native platforms for engagement, listening, live posting and all that other fun stuff! CoSchedule Isn’t Enough @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  52. 52. EMAIL
  53. 53. First Things First: CASL @ThirdWunder #WCMTL You’ve only got two more years to make sure you’re building your lists in ways that are compliant with Canadian Anti-SPAM Legislation. We wrote a whole King of the CASL blog post about it to make it easier for you!
  54. 54. Email @ThirdWunder #WCMTL We use the MailChimp extension with our Leads Plug-in so we can create segments based on our lead data. Customized email newsletters are a great way to keep getting your content out to your audience and drive traffic to your site. Give users the option as to how they subscribe to your blog (e.g. weekly digests versus every post).
  55. 55. SEEDING
  56. 56. Seeding @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Getting partners and influencers to share your content can be an excellent way to team up for distribution and reach like-minded clients or customers. Content swaps, joint publications, guest posting or speaking, and contacting community managers are all great ways to connect and try to get content shared through their various channels. Just remember those UTMs!
  57. 57. SEO
  58. 58. On-Site SEO @ThirdWunder #WCMTL SEO Yoast makes customizing your meta info and optimizing your post really easy with its on-post editor. It guides you through SEO best practices by analyzing your post content, and giving you suggestions based on your focus keyword
  59. 59. On-Site SEO @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Even the listings view gives you a great snapshot of how your overall SEO is going, and the post view we showed in the blog section makes edits really intuitive.
  60. 60. Off-Site SEO @ThirdWunder #WCMTL If you produce great content, it’s like a gift to the universe that can make getting backlinks a lot easier, especially if you do a lot of seeding. Guest posting on other popular platforms can be a great way to build on your off-site strategy, as is repurposing great content in all sorts of different formats.
  64. 64. Mohamed Hamad Tweet to @MohamedHamad Write to Connect Liesl Barrell Tweet to @LieslBarrell Write to Connect Q & A @ThirdWunder #WCMTL
  65. 65. Tools We Mentioned @ThirdWunder #WCMTL Inbound Now Suite: • CTAs • Leads • Landing Pages CoSchedule: Buffer: MailChimp: SEO Yoast: