Cloud client darwin information cloud browser


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Information Technology=I+T
 Cloud means pervasive T, low cost and high efficiency
 Cloud Client means pervasive I, brings personal and social user experience at the client of clouds

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Cloud client darwin information cloud browser

  1. 1. Cloud Client Darwin iCloud Browser Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform LI Ying (
  2. 2. Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform Opportunity of Information Cloud Information Technology=I+T T: Technology Cloud means pervasive T Cloud means low cost and high efficiency I: Information Cloud Client means pervasive I Cloud Client brings personal and social user experience at the client of clouds Information Cloud : iCloud Focuses on I instead of T
  3. 3. Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform iCloud UI (1) ) Function:As UI system for iCloud (Implemented) : Browser style Navigation (Superior than IE) Interactive Analysis (Like ) Template based Representation (Excel Style built in) To define and change UI template Dynamically switching UI Templates Real Know-How Access ability for iCloud
  4. 4. Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform iCloud UI (2) ) Support:Accessing iCloud : Complicated Relations Support Cross tables query without knowingly Easy statistics Interactive Analysis Synchronized master detail representation Instant pivot and chart Large Scale Database Support Server side calculating 已实现Loading: Only required data transferred to client side Lazy Implemented in InterData
  5. 5. Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform Sub-Function:Data : Navigation (IE+) Open in a new window (Like IE) Open in a synchronized new window (Unique) Open in a nested window (Unique) Coexists and Synchronizing Easy Switching
  6. 6. Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform Sub-Function:Grid (Excel+) : Data Analysis Sort Filter Group Summary Group Summary • iCloud Process Ability Nested Columns Calculated Columns
  7. 7. Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform Sub-Function:Pivot, Card and Chart(Excel+) :
  8. 8. Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform Platform: Plug in Architecture Internet Architecture Low decoupled, like browser Open Plug in Interface API to add more kinds of iCloud API to add more kinds of UI template Discretionary Combination, Dynamic Matching (5+)UI Templates x (12+) Data Sources=60+Combination
  9. 9. Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform iCloud:Expandable Data Sources : 3rd Party created iCloud RDBMS OData MS Data Outlook SQL Semantic (Built in) Service Analysis CRM/ERP ORM Azure Internet … (Built in) Service Built in most popular RDBMS MS Access,MS SQL Server,MySQL Oracle PostgreSql Firebird PervasiveSQL VistaDB SQL Anywhere Advantage DB2 and Sybase. Built in OData Service Support OData (Open Data Protocol) is provided by Microsoft Question: Why kinds of driver needed? Answner:No general interface for iCloud
  10. 10. Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform UI:Expandable Templates : Report Dash Board Schedule Tree List Property Grid API for 3rd Party
  11. 11. Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform Self: Decentralization, Social vs Centralization Fish?Fishing? Of Client Everyone has his own UI By Client End user tails and maintenance his own UI For Client End user improves their UI in using
  12. 12. Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform Evolving: At the speed of business Reason External:Ever Chaining World Internal: Continuous Improvement Workflow Traditional: End User=>Developer=>Database Admin Creative: End User (UI=>iCloud) iCloud UI End User
  13. 13. Self Evolving iCloud UI Platform Self Evolving(UI ( iCloud) ) Function: UI drives iCloud evolving Hidden Technology:: Personal and Social Information Model Tag, Comments and Annotation Extensible Information Model by end user iCloud User Operation (Script) Internet style Links 已实现 To be implemented in Cloud Client
  14. 14. iCloud Browser Product Line 1:InterData Explorer Data Browser(Implemented) Core and Preliminary Edition of iCloud Browser, focuses on iCloud UI IT:Traditional RDBMS support Market:Low End BI for End User : The big 4 players in BI: Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and IBM BI(Business Intelligence):Traditional iCloud Traditionally, BI has strategy and tactics applications Operation BI: New application era To embed BI in all business process To serve all kinds of end users
  15. 15. iCloud Browser Strength of InterData I am owner! As End Product to End User Functions: Navigation, Analysis and representations for information Features: General, suitable for all kinds of business system and data sources Easy: easy to learn and use; Interactive: improved experience; Personality: improved satisfaction Benefits To end user, easy and low cost To partner, low maintenance cost Weakness of InterData Small Company and short product line(looking for cooperation with solution providers)
  16. 16. iCloud Browser Product Line 2:Cloud Client : Darwin iCloud Browser(developing) Position:iCloud UI Platform : Focuses on client side: data analysis and representation Personal and Social Features Build in non specific business related horizontal functions Support new developing information system on it and new UI for existing systems Market: To sell to software vendors, indirectly sell to end user IT: Not limited to RDBMS, support data cloud service, support business rules, support personal and social information model. Application Development: Traditional Information systems CRM/SCM/ERP/DM/PDM
  17. 17. iCloud Browser Strength of Cloud Client Benefits for Software Vendors(as platform) Fast implementation, only development of non UI part is necessary Fast evolution, to extend information model by end user I.e. To add new columns, to link data, to attach any information Low cost, most maintenance are done by end user No clear competitors Strength: For end user: easy to use For partners: fast and low cost Weakness:: Not highly general, for no standards for iCloud The worry for locking to our platform(So big share holders are needed) Small company
  18. 18. iCloud Browser Multi Editions Strategy InterData Freeware Edition With limited functions and data sources, for marketing only InterData Shareware Edition To support only one data source, pricing at a level of consumption software InterData Standard Edition To support all RDBMS, highly cheaper than traditional competitors InterData Source Code Edition For VIP clients, limited source code offer Cloud Client: Platform Edition OEM to all software vendors One off license and annual subscription
  19. 19. Cooperation Open to all possibilities Especially to big IT vendors One Million USD wanted for the initial two years
  20. 20. FAQ(1) My business software has the ability to analyze… Analysis is only one function for cloud client InterData is general, not limited to specific system。 The analysis functions are bundled with specific business system The difference between fish and fishing Browser Edition? In one year, we will implement a browser edition based on MS Silverlight To support Windows and Linux、Windows Phone 7、 Nokia 60 and so on.
  21. 21. FAQ(2) Report vs InterData…… Just like Word Document vs Web pages InterData is “LIVE” report If not? WHYWYG. Data can be exported to MS Excel for you to do further analysis In Grid, you may copy data to MS Excel by clipboard
  22. 22. Cloud Client Vision: To surf iCloud Mission:iCloud UI platform provider Strongly suggest to watch demos