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7 Signs That It is Time for an IT Assessment


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Organic growth, corporate expansion, increasing competition, and seizing new opportunities all require evolving business strategies to keep the organization moving forward. As an enabler of business strategy, IT must also adapt, but it may be difficult to understand if yesterday's "best-practice" model still makes sense in the new reality. Learn about 7 signs that indicate it may be time to conduct an IT assessment.

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7 Signs That It is Time for an IT Assessment

  1. 1. (610) 854-2700
  2. 2. BEFORE A MAJOR INVESTMENT Building a new data center? Opening a new facility? Implementing a new platform or core application? All of these indicate it may be worth doing a status check of the underlying technology and processes to ensure a smooth project. (610) 854-2700
  3. 3. DURING SIGNIFICANT CORPORATE EXPANSION Have you outgrown your current systems? Recently integrated a new business? Reducing redundancy while adding capacity in a cost effective way may require a new approach. (610) 854-2700
  4. 4. IN LIGHT OF IT TECHNOLOGY OR PROCESS ISSUES Legacy systems, a retiring workforce, or new business requirements can all stress the IT environment. An assessment will identify options for moving forward. (610) 854-2700
  5. 5. WHEN EMBARKING ON A NEW STRATEGIC DIRECTION IT is an enabler of business strategy. When the business strategy changes, IT must adapt. Do you understand what IT issues may impede the new strategic direction? (610) 854-2700
  6. 6. Understand what is required to begin to implement new technologies and processes including big data, cloud, BYOD, or others. WHEN CONSIDERING EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES (610) 854-2700
  7. 7. UNDER NEW REGULATIONS Gain an independent understanding of compliance with new and updated industry regulations. Remediate small issues before they become big ones. (610) 854-2700
  8. 8. Has it been a while since your last IT or cost assessment? Regular health checks ensure the early identification of issues, and the continuous improvement focus vital to IT department success. TO COMBAT INERTIA (610) 854-2700
  9. 9. From the Journal When is the right time for an IT Assesment? IT leaders are constantly challenged to leverage all elements of technology, resources, and funding to maintain IT’s alignment to changing business requirements. Read Case Study IT Infrastructure Financial Analysis WGroup Helps Multinational Healthcare Services Company Examine Risks and Benefits of Outsourcing IT Infrastructure and Recommends In-House Solution Read Case Study IT Spend and Cost Modeling WGroup Builds Reliable Cost Model to Identify and Eliminate Shadow IT Spend Read Our IT Audit, Assessment and Benchmarking Services Include: IT Cost & Budget IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture IT Infrastructure & Data Center Outsourcing & Shared Services Strategy Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Cloud & Emerging Technology Readiness Application Portfolio IT Security & Vulnerability IT Asset Management – Hardware/Software Refresh ITIL, Service, & Demand Management People, Skills, & Organization Model Governance & Vendor Management IT Contracts Founded in 1995, WGroup is a boutique management consulting firm that provides Strategy, Management and Execution Services to optimize business performance, minimize cost and create value. Our consultants have years of experience both as industry executives and trusted advisors to help clients think through complicated and pressing challenges to drive their business forward. WGROUP IT ASSESSMENT SERVICES CONTACT US (610) 854-2700