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Think Tank Thuto 2


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COMM 408 - Sustainability Strategies and Practices - Think Tank Thuto.doc & Think_Tank_THUTO-2.ppt

‘Thuto’ would like to thank the following Queens students in Canada for the research they did on Sustainabilty Strategies and Practices focusing on the future eco-boarding School in Francistown’s Mathangwane Village, Botswana:

Research by: Lara Wharton, Michael Ferrarelli, Julien Rey, Elena St. George & Avidan Waldman for Professor Steven Moore. Wednesday, February 25, 2009.

... The project entailed applying  the top three sustainability aspects that could be implemented onto an organization.  We had so many ideas but were only allowed to choose three.
Lara Wharton, March 10, 2009

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Think Tank Thuto 2

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