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ThinkSocial 2009 Award Winners


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Published in: Education, Technology
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ThinkSocial 2009 Award Winners

  2. 2. 2009 Award Winners Here are the profiles of the KIVA Badges and Banners: inaugural ThinkSocial Award On the brand marketing side, Kiva has a winners. The awards recognize host of tools, including embed-friendly individuals, initiatives, and Description: banners that showcase a di erent institutions which have used Of all of the talk today about entrepreneur every time a page is microfinance-meets-the-internet, and the refreshed, for example, and Kiva badges social media in the public di erent donation sites that have sprung for social network profiles. interest through global up, early innovator Kiva arguably remains collaborations to solve the market leader. Kiva partners with Accomplishments: problems. We chose “global “field partner” microfinance institutions (Figures as of November 15, 2009. Figures collaborations” as a theme that give money to entrepreneurs around are updated daily on the world who need aid; entrepreneurs, since we are recognizing this who are profiled on the Kiva site, range ! $101.58 million loaned thus far through Kiva inaugural class of ThinkSocial from a seamstress in Ghana to a food Award Winners during the ! 591,979 members in the lender producer in Vietnam. Supporters can Paley Center’s International community make micro-donations through Kiva’s Council Conference. A terrific online platform. And members of the ! Benefitting 253,871 entrepreneurs, community who want to get more in the form of 144,878 loans, through group of Honored Jurors and the involved can promote Kiva’s mission 104 field partner institutions in ThinkSocial online community through its campaigns on major social 49 countries. helped us select 33 nominees media channels, join lending teams and four Award or Special to help drive donations, or apply to Tools and utilities being used: Commendation Winners. become a Kiva fellow and work with the Kiva directs its social media outreach to microfinance institutions directly. four major platforms/networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Key social media features: ThinkSocial Awards ENTREPRENEUR AND LENDER PROFILES: “I work with a zero-dollar marketing Cochair Sponsors Part of’s appeal is the amount of budget,” Bocci says. “Fortunately it’s data it makes available. pretty safe to say that all of us have the potential to reach such a large online ! The home page has a gallery of audience through social media.” featured entrepreneurs, and clicking on a profile takes you to a full Strategic points from social media description of the entrepreneur and strategy: his or her business, as well as details Kiva uses social media channels to create The Loreen Arbus about the specific loan and the field more awareness about Kiva, from a Foundation partner involved. marketing and branding perspective. ! There’s also a “community” section Social media allows the organization to with information about fellow lenders keep supporters and lenders in the loop, on Kiva—figures for average number and enables crowd-sourcing projects. of loans per member and total amount loaned are available here.
  3. 3. 2009 Award Winners Lessons learned from social media Examples of other related initiatives: (where you can host charity badges strategy: and widgets), TypePad, Word Press and DonorsChoose, http://www. From Kiva’s activity on its targeted social Blogger. On Facebook, for example, you - DonorsChoose media channels, Bocci says, can do activities to make donations, connects potential supporters to receive updates from your charity and classrooms in need, enabling monetary “It’s okay to let the conversation happen” track your progress, as well as manage donations that turn into school supplies (about what members of the Kiva your entire SocialVibe account from and education field trips. community may say on other websites, Facebook. blogs and so forth). “It can be hard for Samasource, us to sit back and just listen, but almost - Samasource connects supporters to Accomplishments: inevitably, there is a balance struck online women, youth and refugees who receive ! SocialVibe has donated “over a million when we let our users talk something aid in the form of computer-based work. dollars to charity, and all of it by through.” Instead of monetary aid, Samasource turning brand-advertising dollars into looks to provide jobs. donations for causes,” founder Joe What’s next: Marchese says. “We’ve dug wells with “We want to have more competitions charity: water, donated malaria nets, SocialVibe and contests, which is something we’ve delivered AIDS treatment drugs. ... touched on a little bit, using social media We’ve been able to activate more than to help do this,” says Bocci. Members of a million people, but tens of millions of Description: the Kiva community will be able to submit people have been reached, both brands SocialVibe connects people who videos, based on a set of guidelines, in and the charities.” want to generate donations and raise a contest to explain how Kiva’s model awareness for the charity of their choice ! More than 40 charitable organizations works. by supporting brand sponsors, through supported so far through branded branded activities such as host click- activities, including Invisible Testimonials: to-help badges on their social network Children, Children for Children and From the Think Social Awards jurors: profiles. SocialVibe takes a portion of the advertising dollars from traditional Stephanie Agresta, ! More than $46,000 donated to advertising budgets, and directs it instead “Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit classrooms in the United States to these branded online activities in and $25 can become a venture capitalist through various projects. support of charities. Members of the for the human soul. Kiva got going so SocialVibe community aren’t donating early and deserves huge praise for the Tools and utilities used: out of their own pocket, and the brands work they have done to make everyday Besides the platform, are simply spending money they would individuals feel CONNECTED to change. SocialVibe also is active on Facebook, have otherwise spent—but now with Their site tells many stories well and MySpace, Twitter, TypePad, Word Press charitable action linked in. provides a call to action so clearly that and Blogger, as its main outside social you can see how people can get addicted media channels. Key social media features: to giving.” ON the SOCIALVIBE PLATFORM: The Strategic points from social media From the voting public: SocialVibe website itself lets users share strategy: stories, photos and comments, and User “leslievang,” On social media in general, Marchese connect with each other in forums. Kiva doesn’t just give people a fish, it gives says, users in today’s 2.0 social media them a fishing pole so they can catch their OTHER NETWORKS and PLATFORMS: You world want to engage, interact and own fish. “A wonderful organization with can also engage in SocialVibe activities personalize—”the last step is so the right idea!” on several social networking/social media important,” he stresses. sites, including Facebook and MySpace
  4. 4. 2009 Award Winners Lessons learned from social media Examples of other related initiatives: and in part to ensure that “the first strategy: blogger to die in prison be the last.” Its one How else are big brands looking to help “All social media companies end up a of several campaigns that have sprung their customers do good? reflection of what consumers want,” up in support of bloggers’ rights and Marchese says. “You don’t control it—your ! For two weeks in May of this year, protections. best bet is to partner with people and let retailer Target took its “Bullseye Gives” it take the direction that your consumer campaign—which donates about 5% of Key social media features: wants. When we first started, we were what it makes, or $3 million, to charity VIDEO / ANIMATION: March 18 has solving the problem of advertising. each week—onto Facebook, asking distributed an animated video on We allowed people to shape what we Facebook users decide how to allocate YouTube, a call to action in support of became; what we are today are simply the funds. bloggers. what people are passionate about. A large ! O ce supply giant Staples, in portion of our charities came in because MIDEAST TWEETS: Mideast Youth’s partnership with, enough people told us about them ... the “Mideast Tweets” utility tracks what people encouraged back-to-school shoppers same thing with some of our brands.” all over the region are Tweeting about. to also buy supplies for students in need, allowing customers to buy and What’s next: Accomplishments: donate extra supplies at checkout. Marchese says SocialVibe next wants ! Mideast Youth director Esra’a Al Shafei to explore how major media companies won a Berkman Award for Internet The March 18th Movement can help their viewers do good. The Innovation (Harvard’s Berkman Center & company is also working with some for Internet & Society) for her work earlier established social media platforms, with the interfaith youth network. including instant messaging. Says Marchese, “There are lots of places where Tools and utilities being used: The movement to memorialize persecuted people willing to take action.” bloggers and advocate for their rights and Still a relatively young initiative, protections, as symbolized by the Mideast asks supporters to join them Testimonials: Youth Foundation’s March 18 Movement and by following the movement on Twitter, late Iranian blogger Omid Reza Mir Sayafi. Facebook and the movement’s blog. The From Think Social Awards jurors: movement has created a viral video about Catherine Geanuracos, Description: its message, shared on YouTube, and is “I think it’s important to recognize people currently at work on a new one. Parent On March 18, culture blogger Omid who are creating new social venture organization Mideast Youth is much more Reza Mir Sayafi died in prison after models that go beyond traditional charity entrenched in social media, featuring being sentenced to two and a half years / aid models to involve corporate partners utilities like “Mideast Tweets” where in prison. He had been charged with and traditional marketing budgets.” members of the community can see what insulting religious leaders and spreading people are saying all over the region. propaganda about the Islamic Republic From the voting public: of Iran. Strategic points from social media User “Amber,” strategy: Mir Sayafi’s death under mysterious “It’s such a quick and easy way of helping circumstances—and the whys and hows Mideast Youth also has campaigns to free people! Only a few clicks a day, and I can of a blogger being jailed in the first bloggers in di erent countries, including help fund education, cancer research, place—prompted outcry by members of “Free Kareem,” a campaign to free an etc. There’s so many di erent causes the international community, followed by Egyptian blogger that has inspired rallies to choose from; no matter what you action. The March 18 movement started in Washington D.C. and Switzerland in support, you’ll find way to help it on in part as a memorial to Mir Sayafi (with front of the U.S. Congress and Egyptian SocialVibe.” March 18 noted as a day of remembrance), embassy, respectively.
  5. 5. 2009 Award Winners Lessons learned from social media Examples of other related initiatives: Think Social Awards strategy: ! Committee to Protect Bloggers special commendation “I don’t think a campaign can be spreads news about “attacks, formulated as mathematical formula, but intimidation and oppression of Amanda Rose it depends on what tools are available to bloggers.” It also promotes tools you,” Petrossian says. and guides that promote safety for bloggers, and teach them how to avoid Description of work: What’s next: censorship; and it raises legal funds for bloggers in need when necessary. Great social technology is one thing, Petrossian says the March 18 movement but being able to harness it is another. is working with free expression ! Global Voices aggregates and curates Twestival—a series of o ine events for organization Article 19, and other human online media worldwide, tracking charity, organized by volunteers in cities rights organizations, to organize virtual videos, photos, stories, tweets and just around the world via Twitter—is the meetings to mark the date March 18. about anything else circulated online brainchild of Amanda Rose, Canadian about bloggers’ protections and other social entrepreneur and social media Testimonials: human rights causes. consultant. From the Think Social Awards jurors: ! Reporters Without Borders, long- The first o cial Twestival Global, which Mahyad Tousi, established defender of journalists’ took place February of this year with “Bloggers have transformed our media freedoms, has been active in spreading 200-plus cities participating in di erent landscape for the better. Bloggers who the word about persecuted Iranian events, raised more than $250,000 for risk their lives to tell their stories and that bloggers and similar news in other charity: water. The first o cial Twestival of their fellow citizens, are an invaluable countries. Local, which took place September of asset not only to their communities, but ! Vietnamese reform party Viet Tan runs this year with 130 participating cities, also for global community whose fate is an online bloggers’ rights campaign, translated the approach to single cities connected more and more each day. The encouraging supporters to petition and their local causes, raising $460,000 events in the aftermath of the elections in politicians to support a Vietnamese for local charities and at specific Iran proved once and for all the potency internet freedom resolution and to fundraising targets. of citizen journalist/bloggers and their write snail-mail letters to imprisoned online networks in fighting tyranny.” Rose is a student of social media, in the bloggers to show solidarity. most literal sense: She wrote her masters From the voting public: dissertation about Twitter, exploring Jürgen Habermas’ idea of the co ee shop User “Grace Cha,” as a public space. It’s the hypothesis “I vote for this one not just for the struggle of “Twitter being a bar where you can for human rights & democracy in Iran, have multiple conversations going on. but also for freedom of speech & press in It worked out that it’s not the perfect general. We are seeing the threats of our situation for Habermas’ theory ... But it newfound freedom on the internet to gave me the opportunity to meet a lot make our voice heard. Throwing someone of people, see how they use Twitter, and into prison for a blog must be the most how they see it moving.” ridiculous thing a braindead tyrant can do to mu e out voices he doesn’t want Key social media use: to hear.” TWITTER and TWESTIVAL.COM: Twitter was used as the main communication tool. streams a Twitter feed of what di erent volunteers are
  6. 6. 2009 Award Winners saying about Twestival events. The website Strategic points from social media also features on online toolbox, that links to strategy and lessons learned: Contact other resources for organizers, including an “[A]part from the fundraising that Twestival We’re always interested in online meeting site. does,” Rose says, “by bringing people connecting with people who are together o ine in their communities and passionate about social media FACEBOOK: Twestival was not as active their network, people are inspired to keep on Facebook—again, the main vehicle was and its potential for social doing things in their communities. It starts a Twitter—but planning for Twestival Global will change. positive habit.” involve greater presence on Facebook, Rose says, as part of an e ort to better utilize other If you would like ThinkSocial to Testimonials: social media channels. feature you or your organization From the Think Social Awards jurors: on the site, please email us. Accomplishments: Ian Schafer, ! More than $250,000 raised for “Loved Twestivals because it used online Jamie Daves charity: water, from Twestival Global, media to organize, but the real world to Executive Director, ThinkSocial with 200-plus cities participating. execute, making it feel bigger in the process. ! $460,000 raised for local charities around Its ability to spread globally at an almost the world, from Twestival Local, with 130 impossible speed was staggering. You could cities participating. feel the excitement and energy—and the +1 650 906 0202 sheer will of the organizers to do something ! 100% of money raised went to charity. special.” Toby Daniels ! “We got probably 50 charities from Twestival What’s next: Director, ThinkSocial Local onto Twitter and Facebook and things like that,” says Rose, where previously The next Twestival Global takes place they weren’t active on those platforms or March 25, and will benefit a yet undisclosed networks. “We’re trying to dip their toes in charity, to be named early December. +1 347 602 1244 where once they were afraid.” “Education is the overall theme. I’ve got a lot Tools and utilities being used: of responsibility now, a lot of stakeholders and charities that want to put their hat in “The main way we were organizing [Twestival] the ring ... Education is a big, broad topic, but was using Twitter,” Rose says. “We did this … to there’s going to be input from all organizers,” generate buzz and excitement about what was says Rose. happening, and to generally get the word out and crowd-sourcing or reaching out to people There will be a greater push to expand to get involved and actually volunteer.” Twestival activity in other social media—not less focus on Twitter, but just more focus Twestival organizers also used other social on “more YouTube, more Facebook, more media tools and networks, including Google Paypal, more all kinds of things, and not just resources like Google Groups, Skype, Facebook the American sites. I’m going to be having and a Word Press-powered site. conversations with social media platforms all “When you’ve got over 115,000 volunteers, over the world, seeing if they want to get the The Paley Center for Media people are just going to use what they’re message out, seeing if they want to donate 25 West 52 Street going to use” or what platform they know their home page.” New York, NY 10019 best, says Rose of her experience organizing 212.621.6800 Twestival Global.