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Think Happy Thought Path Presentation


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Think Happy Guru offers a glimpse how ThinkHappy: Nine Thought Paths to Happiness can work for you.

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Think Happy Thought Path Presentation

  1. 1. © 2013
  2. 2. The path you have been looking for is right here.
  3. 3. The time for a life of happiness has never been better than rightnow. It is my life mission to generate this understanding to all ofhumanity - happiness does not have to elude us. I am CraigStafford the Think Happy Guru, author of ThinkHappy: NineThought Paths to Happiness. As a life coach it is my privilege tojump start your new happiness.This presentation is designed to give you a glimpse how ThinkHappy can work for you.
  4. 4. A Defining MomentYou have arrived at a defining moment in your life where you mustchoose between two paths, happiness or happenstance. The pathto happiness requires active and intentional participation; while thepath of happenstance requires nothing but a what-comes-whatmay philosophy that can pretty much be summed up as a passive-aggressive approach to life. A person that has a happenstancemind-set watches life pass them by or they vicariously bypass life. Aperson that operates with a happy mind-set not only grabs life bythe horn, but by the tail as well. This is the type of person that leavesnothing to chance and ultimately they have nothing to lose andeverything to gain. This person I am describing is –YOU! You havedefined your moment and are preparing to work self into nothingshort of awesome. The keys to happiness are now in your hands in aplain and powerful way. Use them to open every door to fulfillment.
  5. 5. True HappinessTrue happiness employs intrapersonal and interpersonalcommunication- meaningful internal dialogue as well as sharedcommunication with others. It employs a unique weave of beingan extrovert and introvert or as more commonly known - beingoutgoing or a bit reserved.
  6. 6. Happiness can be achieved, always. I know this is a boldstatement. But what makes it even bolder is - it is true. As a lifecoach I have simply defined real happiness as a state of mindthat manifests through our state of affairs. Happiness is notpredicated on external factors, but an inner essence weconnect with moment by moment. Traditionally, happiness isdefined as a state of being. Other words that describehappiness are joy, supreme delight and contentment.
  7. 7. Often times our state of affairs gives us a sense of awesomenessand accelerated gratification. Gratification is a rewardingemotion, but it is also a crippling one if used in the wrongmanner. The wrong type of happiness is instant gratification. Thevery nature of this emotion is impulsive and it is the emotionalopposite of patience and virtue. I often say impulsivegratification is the ultimate trickster. Instant gratification comesas fast as it leaves. Once it is gone the person is left looking forthe next “hit.” This type of person can be considered a“gratification seeker.” The magical triumph in life is when we canun-robe the continual need for impulsive gratification and cloakourselves in lifelong gratitude.
  8. 8. What is Your Definition of Happiness?_____________________________________________________________________Is This Definition Helping You or Hurting You?Yes it’s helping me. How?_____________________________________________________________________Yes it’s hurting me. How?_____________________________________________________________________How can you improve your happiness?_____________________________________________________________________
  9. 9. I, _______________________vow to stay on the path to happiness. Iwill not let life pass me by and I will not be a guilty bystander of I-wish-I-could’ve-would’ve-should’ve. Today is the day I take fullcharge of my life. I forge ahead into new territory with ground-breaking happiness. This joy I have, the world didn’t give it andthe world can’t take it away. I decree and declare joy is mystrength. I decree and declare happiness is my occupation. Thisis my joyous vow.X________________________________________________(Please sign your name)
  10. 10. 1 DAY + 9 MINUTES OF POSITIVE THINKING = HAPPINESSPick one day out of the week, preferably, Monday, to start theweek off strong or Friday to end the week strong. Meditate for 9minutes on something that brings you happiness.THINK HAPPY AFFIRMATIONI think myself happyTHINK HAPPY FOCUS PHRASEI think myself happy with _________ (fill in the blank) Hints: Love,Finances.
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