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Back to School Promotional Products


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Back to school promotional products can be used for schools or any other business that markets to parents of school aged children. Here are some ideas.

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Back to School Promotional Products

  1. 1. Don’t think you have to be a school or retail outlet in order to benefit from back-to-school month promotions.
  2. 2. There are many industries that can benefit from targeting back to school month.
  3. 3. Using promotional products is a great way to bring in new customers and regenerate interest from inactive customers.
  4. 4. Let’s look at some promotional items that are great for boosting your business during back to school season.
  5. 5. When you buy an ad in the newspaper, it may be seen once before it goes in the trash. But your logo on a calculator is one ad that people will keep around. Custom Calculators
  6. 6. This is a good choice or businesses that target those with school aged children. Backpacks can be paired with other items to make an amazing giveaway that drives people into your location. Logo Backpacks
  7. 7. Schools, doctor’s offices, dentists, restaurants, and community centers will love using promotional coloring books. These can be given away by themselves, or with crayons or colored pencils. Promotional Coloring Books
  8. 8. Of course there are lunchboxes, highlighters, notebooks, and apparel that would all make excellent back to school promotions.
  9. 9. We’d love to help you boost your business with promotional products. Let’s talk about how to soar your business to new heights. Head on over to to get started.