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A Complete Study on Sony World

A complete in depth study of the entire sony world and what goes into it

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A Complete Study on Sony World

  1. 1. Complete view of
  2. 2. The Sony World are the exclusive retail outlets where a delightful shopping experience awaits the customer. They strive to cater to the discerning customer who enjoys style, appreciates quality, requires choice and values his time. No where else will be found the wide range of Sony Products that they stock. So one can pick up precisely what they are looking for. All the Sony products come with a WARRANTY, besides which they carry a stock of genuine SONY spares to provide After Sales Service
  3. 3. History • Akio Morita & Marasu Ibuka on 7th may 1946 set up Tokyo Telecommunication Research Laboratories with $ 500. • Company entered into consumer electronic market in 1950 with its first tape recorder. • In 1953 they produced first transistor radio TR- 55 • In 1958 renamed the company as SONY
  4. 4. Store • Total there are 251 store all over the world • In India there are total 50 stores • In Mumbai there are 19 stores Bandra, parel, worli, shivaji park, Fort, Santacruz, Andheri, Chembur, Ghatkopar.
  5. 5. Global Presence Head office at Tokyo. Globally present nearly above 100 Countries Mainly Manufactured in countries like USA, UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, china Presence in India Head office at Delhi.  Branch offices at Mumbai , pune , Indore, Ahmadabad, Chennai .
  6. 6. Ambience 1000 Sq feet.  Near to station area  Product are set section vice, separate bill counter.  Dress Code of Staff Grey Shirt and Black pant  Well Customer service
  7. 7. Target Group From the youth of 14 year to 55 year person
  9. 9. ELEMENTS OF STORE DESIGN Store image good The parent company name is a major factor store atmosphere created using visual communication and cool lightening inside Store Theme designed by Selecting the best available merchandise mix based on the target customer
  10. 10. EXTERIOR STORE DESIGN Impressive building which can accommodate sufficient quantity of products for display. That too at one of the most traffic generated place in the city-
  11. 11. Inviting entrance which is colorful and attractive
  12. 12. Promotions and ads on the exterior
  13. 13. Glassy front look gives advantage for being recognized as relatively modern store.
  14. 14. INTERIOR STORE DESIGN Space planning Space planning for electronics items is becoming easy because of considerable reduction in size by the advancement of technology. At Sony World the space used at the first floor for displaying items
  15. 15. Atmospherics and aesthetics Atmospheric is provided with visual communications, cool lighting, and colors inside.
  16. 16. The store has also made use of. graphics and signage to inform the customers about the products, merchandise, price and special offers and also to direct customers
  17. 17. Graphics used are promotional graphics and campaign graphics for promotional activities and advertising campaign.
  18. 18. Signage is used for merchandise
  21. 21. Elements of visual merchandising used at Sony center are as follows  Fixtures and Merchandise presentation  Signages  Lighting  Floorings  Attractive colours and textures
  22. 22. STORE ADMINISTRATION & MANAGEMENT OF PREMISES Management of Premises • The Working hours of Sony Center are from 10am to 9:00pm • The working hours are fixed keeping in mind the target audience and type of product. • Since the store has a Lifestyle positioning, opening late and closing late is needed. • Security of the building is outsourced to a speprate agency, and there is one security guard present at all times. There is also CCTV monitoring within the showroom.
  23. 23. MANAGING INVENTORY AND DISPLAY • The store has a very neat and organized display, which showcases all items of the company. • The displays are categorized by size and type of the product. • The smaller products, which can easily be shoplifted are kept securely • Small demo goods are kept in locked cupboards/shelves. • The Dummy/demo models of the products are secured via straps, so that they are cannot be stolen
  24. 24. MANAGING RECEIPTS • At the Sony Center, payment for goods purchased can be done through cash or Credit card • In case od Credit card purchases, the products are billed at MRP • Discounts are offered only on cash purchases • There is No minimum amount for card purchases • All credit cards accepted at the Sony center • Also, No extra service charge is levied in case of credit card purchases.
  25. 25. CUSTOMER SERVICE  At the Sony World, Customer friendly service is of very high priority. The staff at the showroom are very interactive and helpful. Every customer recieves a Pleasant welcome into the showroom. Individual attention is given to customers whenever possible The packing and billing is done in an efficient and fast manner so that customer wait times are reduced.
  26. 26. Manufacturer Main Warehouse at Chennai Warehouse of the Branch office Sony World Showroom Consumer
  27. 27. Consumer product Television and Projector Home Video Home Audio Home Theater System Digital Photography Video Camera IT & Computing Portable Audio
  28. 28. Game Mobile Phone In-car Entertainment Storage and Recording Media Battery & charger Accessories
  29. 29. Television and Projector LCD: 16 Product Under 6 Different Series. CRTV: 10 products Home & Bisuness Projector Public Display Panels
  30. 30. Home Video and Audio & home theatre DVD Player and Recorder Hi- Fi Audio System Home theatre
  31. 31. Sony Cyber-shot Digital SLR Camre : 4 Digital Still camera: 13 various color Lens Under 3 main Categories. Accessories for its camera and Lenses Photo printer
  32. 32. Video Camera HD Video camera : SD Video Camera DVD Hard Disk Driver Mini DV Lnese and other accesorries
  33. 33. IT & Computing Laptop and Computers : 37 Product in different categories.  Memory Sticks Flash Data Media
  34. 34. Other Products Portable Devices In – car Entertainment Mobile Storage Devices Accessories for all its product
  35. 35. Price Of Product Television and Projector Rs.8000 – Rs 7.5 Lakhs Home Video Rs 18000 – Rs 1.5Lakhs Home Theatre System Rs 25000 – Rs 40000 Digital Photography Rs 5000 to Rs 20000 Video Camera Rs 70000 - Rs 2.5 Lakhs IT & Computing Rs38000 –Rs 2 Lakhs Portable Audio Rs 1800 - Rs 8000 Game Rs 12000 – Rs 20000 Mobile Phone Rs 2000 – Rs 20000 In-car Entertainment Rs 8000 – Rs 1.5 lakhs Storage and Recording Media Rs 120 – Rs 5000
  36. 36. PRICE • The Sony centers have the Sony product lovers as their target segment. So, the price policy that the organization follows gives total pricing parity to all of its customers.
  37. 37. PROMOTION • Sony India has fixed a promotional budget of nearly 200 corers this year, and in those 60 corers is meant especially for its digital products. To the Sony center, the Sony India allots a certain sum of money every two years as per the suggestions provided by them about local interests to Sony products.
  38. 38. BUSINESS MODEL 1 CLASSIFICATION BASED ON OWNERSHIP The Sony World is what can be termed as a Chain retailer or a corporate retail chain.  All Sony World around the country follow a standardized pattern of layout and operations. 2 CLASSIFICATION BASED ON MERCHANDISE OFFERED By means of merchandise offered, the Sony World would come under the specialty stores category.  Specialty stores are stores which focus on selling a particular category/type of goods. They focus only in their core area, and thus they offer a great level of service to the customers.
  39. 39. STRATEGY FOLLOWED BY SONY WORLD 1 GROWTH STRATEGY- FRANCHISING  To set up the business and manage  Support for running the franchisee  Training to the employees – employees are trained directly by the company personal Chennai  Advertising and marketing means- the advertising and marketing is done by the Sony Corp India  Product display – a person from Sony Corp India comes to the shop weekly and sets up the displays. 2 STORE SITE SELECTION Isolated/Freestanding Location  Part of a business District Part of a shopping center
  40. 40. FUNCTION – SONY Corp Site Selection Just approves the location is it is feasible Design Provides prototype design of the store as per specifications Employees Provides Training every three months and when there is any other major technological up gradation Products Sold identifies the most moving products and decides the product mix Prices Have a single price throughout the country Promotions Determines at a national level and allocates certain amount for regional promotions Brand Building Builds at an international level
  41. 41. Insights  Excellent Quality of Product  Wide range of Product  Best Customer Service  High Price of Product  Excellent After sales Service
  42. 42. Consumer speak • Name – Rajesh Mhatre • Age – 30 year Opinion About Sony world – Sony world is good place to buy Sony product even Sony product are of good quality But the Sony product are too costly its customer service is also good
  43. 43. For More Information or to Download contact us at

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A complete in depth study of the entire sony world and what goes into it


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