Why Jailbreak


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All the reasons why to jailbreak and why it is safe.

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  • Why Jailbreak

    1. 1. Compare & Contrast iPhone: Factory vs Jailbroken Why Jailbreak? Thank You, Mark ‘Gates’ Progano September 28th 2009
    2. 2. iPhone An Internet-connected, multimedia smartphone. Lacking a physical keyboard, the device uses a multi-touch interface for the majority of the device’s usage.“Everything you love about iPhone. Phone, iPod, and Internet device in one, iPhone 3GSoffers desktop-class email, an amazing Maps application, and Safari — the world’s most advanced mobile web browser. And your iPhone does even more when you add apps from the App Store.” -Apple
    3. 3. The Beginning The iPhone launch was very speculated, after only two quarters the device seemed to be growing in its popularity.Yet, the users in the underground community started to want more out of their devices, considering theiPhone was the equivalent to a computer. only a lot smaller Early hackers looked into unlocking the device. Unlocking is defined asremoving the ‘lock’ to a certain carrier (in this case AT&T) to use it with other carriers. In order to do so, users also had to gain file access, the ability to read and write to the device, which is referred to as jailbreaking.
    4. 4. What happen to Apple...• “Apple is not just a computer company: Apple is a movement. This concept was finally and truly cemented in the public mindset when Apple carved itself a lasting place in the history of marketing with its 1984 superbowl commercial for Macintosh. Styled after the classic Orwellian distopia, 1984, this commercial was set in a future where all aspects of individuality had been stamped out by the overlords, constantly vigilant, watching from their television monitors.• However, as time grew on, Apples real stance on individual expression and "empowerment" in particular, became clear: they are staunchly against it. Apples insistence on controlling the experience of their products sounds very similar to the "garden of pure ideology" expoused by the Big Brother in their own commercial.• This is why many of us (upwards of 10% of all iPhone users, in fact) "jailbreak" our devices: we want choice. We believe that Apple has maintained its lead as the best mobile hardware platform provider, and we encourage that innovation by purchasing not only their devices but also numerous applications from their App Store; but, and this is important: we want more.” - Jay Freeman (Saurik), One of the most well known iPhone developers and creator of Cydia, the jailbreak answer to the App Store. Saurik also helped to develop of many of the most important aspects of the jailbreak community.
    5. 5. Cat & Mouse• And so the game of “Cat (Apple) and Mouse (3rd party)” began. The users were looking for more out of their device and began to develop applications for the iPhone, while Apple only allowed web applications, or apps that ran in safari with very limited abilities over the internet. The jailbreak community developed something called ‘Installer’ which used a repository system to allow users to download 3rd party applications from their device. (Installer app would later be successed by Cydia app, as the main installer application for jailbreak applications.)• After much demand, Apple came out with the iPhone 3G, a faster device that could handle 3rd generation wireless along with GSP and a few other useful features that users had asked for. Some of these features came with a firmware update, version 2.0. Now users could goto something, Apple called the ‘App Store’, which also gave users the ability to install Apple approved applications. These apps though useful where still limited.
    6. 6. iPhone (Factory)• Factory, being only what is Apple approved, what comes on the phone and is available in the App Store.• By default, the iPhone has the following apps: Messages, Calendar, Photos, Camera,Youtube, Stocks, Maps, Weather,Voice Memos, Notes, Clock, Calculator, Settings, iTunes Store, App Store, and Compass. Docked at the base of the screen, four icons for Phone, Mail, Safari, and iPod• As of 9/28/09 the App Store: “Just after reaching 1 billion downloads five months ago, Apple announced this morning that the iPhone App Store has reached 2 billion downloads since its launch in July 2008. Also, Apple announced that 85,000 apps are available to download or buy from the App Store, and there are now over 125,000 registered iPhone developers with the iPhone Developer Program. These apps are available now to the 50 million devices running the iPhone OS (iPhone/iPod touch), creating an ever-expanding group of users” -The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
    7. 7. iPhone (Jailbroken)• Jailbroken being, normally, what Apple will not approve. Developers of such apps look to Cydia to distribute their app.• Apple doesn’t allow any applications that modify the existing framework, or abstract design of a set of related applications, or that Apple sees as unfit to its device or can go against their agreement with AT&T or other companies. Apple tightly controls certain aspects of the iPhone• “All iPhones must be activated (assigned a number and carrier) before most features become available. "Jailbreaking" allows users to install apps not available on the App Store or modify basic functionality. SIM unlocking allows the iPhone to be used on a different carriers network” -Macworld
    8. 8. What am I missing? (who doesnt like pictures)
    9. 9. Jailbreak Saftey• Apple is against jailbreaking • Apple designs their products for the software working with the hardware. • Apple doesn’t support and states it ‘voids warranty’ but realistically software cannot always physically effect warranty problems• The iPhone has the ability to ‘Restore’ or reinstall the device’s firmware (like operation system) from: • Normal Mode • Restore Mode • DFU (device firmware update) Mode• These modes, as long as the device isn’t physically broken, are all easily entered and therefore there can restore the phone back to its original state if there ever was a software problem. Jailbreaking is actually safe.
    10. 10. Apple’s Claims• The company claims the process is illegal, and goes as far as to say jailbreaking will crash cellphone towers. So far these are empty threats, although buyer beware: Future court decisions, laws or FCC regulations may put teeth into Apple’s claims. -Wired
    11. 11. Jailbroken Devices• Let’s us do some math, 50 million iPhone/iPod Touches running the OS including that of the App Store and upwards of 10% of those devices are jailbroken that would be 5 million. Some sources report over 15 million devices have been jailbroken.• Yet, Apple, being a large corporation is pressured with contracts, legal, etc. to not support the jailbreak process because if something bad where to happen, think windows & virus, they would be responsible.• Though many users are concerned about the safety of jailbreaking their devices the iPhone Dev Team, the core team by which exploits to jailbreak are found, along with many other users have implemented safety with in their own apps along with repo hosts checking apps before allowing public access to them.
    12. 12. Disadvantages• “[iPhoneSpies] get a lot of people asking us the disadvantages to jailbreaking the iPhone or iPod Touch. After all, it seems too good to be true? There is a very very slim chance that you can brick your iPhone or iPod Touch (which basically means rendering it unresponsive). But those are usually fixed by doing a reset (press and hold the home and sleep buttons at the same time).You can then reinstall firmware [current version] and try again. Doing the research might set you back 20 minutes or so and the whole process might take another 15 minutes. If you ever take it back to Apple for warranty, you probably don’t want them to see that you’ve jailbroken it so you might spend another 10 minutes doing a firmware restore through iTunes to set your iPhone or iPod Touch back to its original settings.” -iPhoneSpies• As you can see there isn’t much to it. Jailbreaking gives you the ‘more’ you want with out you, the user, having to give up that much in return for it.
    13. 13. Why “Don’t Jailbreak”• Please do yourself a favor, go to Google.com and type in ‘Do not jailbreak’ and see what comes up: • Nothing.• Why is this? Could it be that though the process might be scary to some, it is virtually impossible to mess up your device from jailbreaking alone.Yes, some tools can break your device but those arent around the ability to ‘brick’ or be as useless as a brick, your device is not something that is in existence anymore. People have learned and the process is clean. A simple restore that more then 98% of users could do is the only thing standing in your way, ever, from returning to factory state.
    14. 14. Then, Why Jailbreak?• In its simplest form: Because you want More. • You want to do what you’re capable of, • NOT what your limited to.• There are a bunch of developers in this ‘underground’ community who are making jailbreaking more then a little hobby. • These developers deserve more Thanks than they are given and really are modeling the community to make it what it is.• Let’s explore some ‘reason of possibility’.
    15. 15. Reason #1“This is just the “tip of the iceberg”.There is so much more you can do.You can have web content as yourbackground. [BigBoss] theme consistsof 350 images that rotate every 15seconds in a slide show.You can evenhave video playing as your wallpaper.”-BigBoss
    16. 16. “So you turned off your WiFi or your 3G to Reason #2save battery. Now you loaded Safari and it’sloading slowly with EDGE. Do you close outsafari, open settings, traverse the menus andreenable the 3g? Or do you just live with theEDGE this time?SBSettings solves this by providing fast togglesby swiping your status bar. With SBSettings, youjust swipe your status bar, enable the WiFi or3G, and resume safari where you left off. Whendone, swipe again, and disable the batterydraining wifi or 3G options Notice also theability to add date and free memory to yourstatus bar? The processes button allows you tofree memory and kill backgrounded processes.Simple! SBSettings is must have.”-BigBoss
    17. 17. Reason #3“The best feature of allSMS apps is the quickreply.When an incoming SMSarrives, you normally haveto decide whether or notyou will quit your existingapp to respond or if youwill respond later. Withthese apps, you get quickreply. You can just reply,on the spot, withoutleaving your current appor game.”-BigBoss
    18. 18. Reason #4 Reason #5 Reason #6 There are now some fantastic Would you want to own a PC springboard add-ons for iPhone. where only Dell decided what youThere are severe limitations These are OS level enhancements could do with it? Jailbreaking opensimposed on AppStore apps. One of and are therefore, not allowed on your device up to you decidingthese is “no background processes.” AppStore. Those that do not have what to do with it.You can install aThis means that if you have an app, these are really missing out: BSD unix subsystem and SSH.Yousuch as an instant messenger app, can use a mobile terminal. It’s justevery time you press home to go like a real mini computer! I evento something else, the app is closed SpotBright - Enhance your spotlight used iPhone SSH shell and iPhoneout.You are disconnected.You get with this add-on. It adds some key GCC to compile most theno messages, no notification, features to spotbright: hidden app applications I released on this site!nothing. search, custom web searches (coming soon), last run app icons asBackgrounder is an attempt to fixthis. Backgrounder allows you toselect an app that you want to hot buttons. Stacks - If you’re an OSX user, you Reason #7allow to run in the background. probably already know what this is. The only way to unlock yourThen when you press home, that But it’s a neat way to put items iPhone and put it onto anotherapp will keep running. Perfect for an onto your dock that you want to carrier is by jailbreaking it. TheIRC app [or AIM] or such that you get to quickly and have them pop unlocking apps will require systemdo not want to get disconnected up in a cool menu. level patching and activation all ofeverytime you tap the home key. Categories - This allows you to which can only be done viaThis adds critical functionality that make folders on your springboard jailbreaking.you cannot get unless you jailbreak! and move those pages of icons intoOn 3gs, you have plenty of memory *Note also that you need not folders. Think Games, Apps,to use this fully! unlock to jailbreak. They are two Networking, etc. Reduce Nine separate things. pages of apps down to just One! -BigBoss
    19. 19. Verdict• The iPhone is an amazing device with a few different types of communities. Mainly there are the ‘unground-like’ jailbroken iPhones and the ‘mainstream’ factory iPhones. Though they both can access a lot of different types of information, applications, etc. there is certain constraints that Apple as a corporation allow themselves to be confined to.• Jailbreaking your device, will open up a whole new possibly and easy some of those design flaws that Apple may have over looked.
    20. 20. Now What?• Go to the RottApp & follow the Web Wizard!• But something has gone wrong! • Well if you remember IRC (Internet relay chat) there are well over a hundred people willing to help, myself included. • Forums - a very popular one is ModMyi • Blogs - two major developers have blogs that offer a lot of information from help to tutorials. • BigBoss • Saurik
    21. 21. Reference• Apple Inc. www.Apple.com• Macworld www.Macworld.com• Wired www.Wired.com• iPhoneSpies www.iPhoneSpies.com• Saurik www.Saurik.com• TheBigBoss www.thebigboss.org• ModMyi www.modmyi.com• iPhone Dev Team blog.iphone-dev.org• RottApp www.rottapp.com