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Helma van Rijn presents Linkx


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Presentation by Helma van Rijn of Linkx at the Thingscon Amsterdam Salon 7 October 2016 on the Internet of Toys. Linkx helps children to recognize objects in their daily surroundings by connecting them to spoken words and images. For more information see

More information on the Thingscon Amsterdam series of events, see

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Helma van Rijn presents Linkx

  1. 1. 5% of all children has a language development disorder
  2. 2. Language connects you with the world around you
  3. 3. LINKX-app LINKX-tags
  4. 4. Record the word ‘the chair’ Play and listen word by word Connect the tag with the chair
  5. 5. Pictoprinter
  6. 6. Teamfoto oid! Team LINKX
  7. 7. LINKX ‘uno’ playkit ‘start’ playkit ‘maxi’
  8. 8. LINKX-app for iOS en Android!
  9. 9. The origin of the idea
  10. 10. M.Sc. Design for Interaction Graduation project TU Delft (2007)
  11. 11. 2014 Can we do this with iBeacons too?
  12. 12. elastic cord to connect to objects frame for picture card coloured ring
  13. 13. cover with logo
  14. 14. First tests at schools for special education
  15. 15. Where to produce tags for our pilot?
  16. 16. Pilot met 18 pioneers
  17. 17. How can we make beacon- behaviour predictable?
  18. 18. beacons