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European perspective of Global Astronomy Month


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Presentation of the talk delivered at "European Week of Astronomy and Space Science" (EWASS2012) conference, Rome, Italy - July 2012.

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European perspective of Global Astronomy Month

  1. 1. Thilina HeenatigalaProject Coordinator – Astronomers Without Borders European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (EWASS) 2012 July 1-6, Rome, Italy
  2. 2. Astronomers Without Borders (AWB): Astronomers Without Borders fosters understanding and goodwill across national and cultural boundaries by creating relationships through the universal appeal of astronomy. Astronomers Without Borders projects promote sharing. Sharing resources. Sharing knowledge. Sharing inspiration. All through a common interest in something basic and universal. Sharing the sky. “Boundaries vanish when “One People, One Sky” we look skyward”
  3. 3. Astronomers Without Borders (AWB):Incorporated July 2007 as charitable corporation in California, USANational Coordinators – 44 CountriesAffiliate groups in more than 100 countries
  4. 4. One People, One Sky:
  5. 5. AWB programs:• The World At Night (TWAN) • Donate a Telescope• One Star At a Time • Living Legend Series• Remote Observing Project • The Moon and Culture• Sharing Telescopes And • Seasons without BordersResources (STAR) • Beauty without Borders• Astropoetry Blog • Eclipses without Borders• Transit of Venus • Meteors without Borders • Global Astronomy Month
  6. 6. 100 Hours of Astronomy:
  7. 7. Global Astronomy Month (GAM): 30+ global programs 90+ countries 2.5 million web hits 150k + views on social media*Average data for years 2010, 2011, and 2012.
  8. 8. Global Astronomy Month (GAM):
  9. 9. Global Astronomy Month (GAM) 2012: 31 programs global programs ~90 countries 2.8 million web hits 150k + views on social media
  10. 10. GAM 2012: International Asteroid Search Campaign • 82 NEO observations • 9 NEO confirmations • 17 MBA preliminary discoveries • 3 MBA provisional discoveries
  11. 11. GAM Programs:• Observing• Educational• Online• Lunar• AstroArt• Dark Skies Awareness
  12. 12. GAM and Europe: Poetry Art Remote Observing Music
  13. 13. GAM and Europe: Astropoetry Upward-facing lights fog our starry nights. Replacing nature’s creations with urban constellations. Shed light on light pollution. Be part of the solution. -- Connie WalkerRomanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM) 2012/
  14. 14. GAM and Europe: AstroMusicCosmic Concert performed by Giovanni Renzo (Italy)
  15. 15. GAM and Europe: AstroMusicZinta & The Zoots (UK) Cassiopeia A
  16. 16. GAM and Europe: AstroArt Daniela de Paulis (Italy)
  17. 17. GAM and Europe: AstroArtIn the Interstices of Life by Thomas Riess (Austria)
  18. 18. GAM and Europe: AstroArt •‘Connect the Dots and See the Unseen’ at the MACRO museum in Rome. •Curate by Elena Abbiatici and Valentina G.Levy. •this.astro and Come in Cielo Così in Terra
  19. 19. GAM and Europe: Remote Observing ProgramsGianluca Masi (Italy) at Bellatrix Observatory in Ceccano, Italy
  20. 20. GAM and Europe: Remote Observing Programs
  21. 21. GAM partners:
  22. 22. GAM sponsors:
  23. 23. GAM Executive Committee:• Mike Simmons (USA) • Peggy Walker (USA) • Audrey Fischer (USA)• Thilina Heenatigala (Sri Lanka) • Ricardo Ries (Portugal) • Valentina Romeo• Connie Walker (USA) • Daniela De Paulis (Italy) (Italy)• Rosa Doran (Portugal) • Deirdre Kelleghan (Ireland) • Bob Eklund (USA)• Lina Canas (Portugal) •Christopher Phillips (USA) • Marcelo Souza (Brazil)• Gianluca Masi (Italy) •Avivah Yamani (Indonesia) • Manoj Pai (India)• Amelia Ortiz Gil (Spain) • Raven Yu (Philippines) •Jessi Kingan (USA)• Kenneth Frank (USA) • Pierre Paquette (Canada) • Arif Solmaz (Turkey)• Oana Sandu (Romania) • Sotira Trifourki (UK) • Donna Smith (USA)• Valentin Grigore (Romania) • Jennie McCormick (New
  24. 24. “GAM has everything”
  25. 25. Thank you!Thilina HeenatigalaProject Coordinator – Astronomers Without Borders