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Sec 1 na e learning


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Published in: Education
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Sec 1 na e learning

  1. 2. The lateral faces are congruent isosceles triangles. Vertex Lateral face Polygonal base Height of the pyramid
  2. 3. Previous Base is a Triangle Base is a Square Triangular Pyramid Square Pyramid Pyramids A pyramid is named after the shape of its base.
  3. 4. Previous Next Relationship between the volume of a pyramid and the volume of a prism with the same base area and height. You need 3 times to fill up the volume of the pyramid. Volume of pyramid = the volume of the prism =  base area  height Prism Pyramid With same Base area & height
  4. 5. Cones A cone is very much like a pyramid. Instead of a polygon, it has a circle as its base. It also has a single curved surface, instead of a set of flat triangular faces. Curved surface (Lateral surface) Base radius Vertex Height Slant height
  5. 6. Previous Next Volume of a Cone We observe that the contents of three cones will exactly fill one cylinder. Volume of a cone =  volume of cylinder =  area of base  height =  r 2 h r is the radius h is the height
  6. 7. <ul><li>Volume of a Pyramid </li></ul>Volume Height Base Area B
  7. 8. <ul><li>Volume of a Cone </li></ul>Volume Height Base Area
  8. 10. Egyptian Pyramid Pyramid 1
  9. 11. The Cone A Cone is a three dimensional solid with a circular base and a curved surface that gradually narrows to a vertex. Volume of a Cone = + + =
  10. 12. Find the volume of a cylinder with a radius r=1 m and height h=2 m. Find the volume of a cone with a radius r=1 m and height h=1 m Volume of a Cylinder = base x height =  r 2 h = 3.14(1) 2 (2) = 6.28 m 3 Exercise1 Volume of a Cone = (1/3)  r 2 h = (1/3)(3.14)(1) 2 (2) = 2.09 m 3