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LPCx - Dark patterns


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Dark patterns avec Maud (Destygo)& Renaud (Meetic)

 Maud RICATEAU PASQUINO : jeune diplômée d'HEC, Maud s’est intéressée au sujet des Dark patterns et de la crise de l'attention digitale pour son mémoire de fin d'études encadré par Renaud.

 Renaud El Ghozi : avec plus de 10 ans d’expérience dans le produit et ayant travaillé sur des sujets allant du back office b2b aux interfaces b2c, Renaud lead aujourd’hui l’équipe produit chez Meetic en tant que Head of Product.

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LPCx - Dark patterns

  1. 1. Renaud El Ghozi Head of Product @Meetic Maud Ricateau HEC, Product manager @Destygo
  2. 2. 150
  3. 3. 5h par jour 4 000 messages/ mois ⅓ Du temps
  4. 4. Notre attention = $$$
  5. 5. "Ce que nous vendons à Coca-Cola c’est du temps de cerveau disponible."
  6. 6. Nielsen-Norman 10 Usability Heuristics
  7. 7. Tristan Harris
  8. 8. Couper les notifications Mode noir et blanc Tapper
  9. 9. Who Is Ultimately Most Responsible for Code that Accomplishes Something Unethical? What Would Developers Do If Asked to Write Code for an Unethical Purpose? Do Developers Have an Obligation to Consider the Ethical Implications of Their Code?
  10. 10. It’s always the right time... ...sooner better than later
  11. 11. Are you choosing the easy path? Is it a long-term decision or a short-term tactic?
  12. 12. Are you building for trust and loyalty? Is the KPI you are trying to impact user centric? Does it have an impact on the job to be done or is it a vanity metric?
  13. 13. What trigger(s) are you using? Accomplishment, empowerment, meaning, possession, social VS. scarcity, avoidance, unpredictability
  14. 14. Are you proud of what you are doing? Could you talk publicly about it, to your mom, to your friends, to the media?
  15. 15. With great power, comes great responsibility
  16. 16. And you?
  17. 17. Learn more Harry Brignull “Skinner box” Natasha Dow Schull Nir Eyal Jakob Nielsen Don Norman Tristan Harris Twenge Fabrice Des Mazery