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Binh Nguyen CV

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Binh nguyen CV

  1. 1. Marketing SpecialistNo 4, Block B4, Tran Dai NghiaHai Ba Trung, Hanoi, VietnamWork ExperienceSEN Restaurant ChainMarketing Managerwww.NHAHANGSEN.vnSEN is the biggest buffet chain in Vietnam, consisting of 4 restaurants:- Sen Tây Hồ - 614 Đường Lạc Long Quân, Quận Tây Hồ, Hà Nội- Sen Nam Thanh - 84 Nguyễn Du, Hà Nội- Sen Hà Thành - 177 Bùi Thị Xuân, Hà Nội- Maison Sens - 61 Trần Hưng Đạo, Hà NộiAfter 10 years of success on buffet, SEN has expanded its core services intoConference - Banquet and Wedding. First time ever has SEN setup a real market-ing department to take over all the marketing activities. Im lucky enough to leadthe team.My job, or should I say multiple jobs, is/are to standardize all those used-to-befragmentary marketing moves and make them smooth.Besides, Im responsible for:- Reinforcing SEN branding & positioning.- Building a perfect CRM system so that a single customer can be identifiableanytime he/she visits a SEN restaurant regardless of location.+ Categorizing customers and drawing Customer Personas+ Doing Customer Insight Analyst+ Building Loyalty Program and Member Card- Renovating SEN website to make it a content hub, a sale channel, or somethinggreater than that.- Building an A-Team who can do more with less.To sum up, Im supposed to make a change on SENs business operation withmarketing power. Simple as that.BINH NGUYEN.............................................................................+84 936 002 205b@nguyenquocbinh.com06/07/1987 (dd/mm/yyyy)Vietnamese2/2013 - Present
  2. 2. X-IncubatorMarketing Consultanthttp://X-INCUBATOR.PANDORA.VNX-Incubator is the crazy idea of Ninh Nguyen (Xoai) to persuade the purpose ofgiving startups in Vietnam a hand in a way much more valuable than just themoney so that they have a little incentive to persistently follow their dreams.With experiences and knowledge accumulated from what I did and have beendoing so far, I challenge myself to join this team as a marketing consultant with alittle hope that it could be of any helpful to those who need.I provide startups:- Marketing strategy consultant- Media relation- Investor relation- Opportunity to raise fund on ig9 ( - the first and only crowdfundingplatform for creative projects in Vietnam. Who needs money from VC/angelinvestor if we can ask for help from the people around?- E-commerce overall operationYou know what? After 2 days of launch, X-incubator started to receive applicationsfrom startups! The number is counting...8/2012 - 2/2013IG9 Tech StartupCo-founder & Chief Marketing Officerwww.IG9.vnIG9 is a Tech Startup founded by Mr. Nam Do, CEO of Emotiv Systems, andfounders of Dynabyte, a Hanoi-based startup and owner of - an awesomee-commerce solution.Simply put, we are an all-star is a place for individuals and businesses to raise fund and promote aware-ness for their projects.We are a collaborative community where people can come together to contributemoney, exchange feedbacks and opinions, and empower ideas and passions ofaspiring entrepreneurs, artists, writers, musicians, etc.We are proud to be the very first Vietnamese crowdfunding platform whereexciting projects are made into reality together by millions of people.The role of CMO of IG9 is quite multi-tasking, my day-to-day basis consists of:- Educating the market about this all new model (crowdfunding) through thepower of media communications.- Finding talented people and getting inspired by their creative projects.- Helping any single project creator plan their projects so well that the fundraisinggoes beyond expectation.- Building and maintaining business partnership with a lot of media companies,organisations, venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs or individualsthat help skyrocket the business.The chances to meet so many interesting people with big minds is simply the bestthing Ive been given when building this platform.7/2012 - 2/2013
  3. 3. Dynabyte Tech StartupCo-founder & Chief Marketing Officerwww.6IX.vnDynabyte, a Tech Startup founded in 2012 and based in Hanoi, Vietnam, is aprivate company operating in e-commerce, auction and business softwaresamong other services.Launched in May 2012, is one of the first Vietnamese online retailers ofdiscounted international brand apparels.Performing as a member of Board of Directors and Chief Marketing Officer, mymain responsibilities are:1. Strategy Development2. Product Development3. Sales Management4. Marketing Communications5. Customer ServicesIm deeply involved in the whole marketing process from market research,deciding the products to sell, setting pricing, setting goals and KPIs, runningpromotional campaign, establishing and maintaining business partnership,building relationship with customers and else.I focus on measuring the effectiveness of every single marketing penny to bespent and keep optimizing it to get the highest possible return on investment.Also, as a team leader I invest a lot of time in building the very best marketingteam and inspiring each member to work and live to the fullest.3/2011 - 2/2013Marketing is a pay-to-bid multi-format online auction platform where shoppers get achance to save 50%-98% on premium consumer products such as cell phones,HDTV, laptops, etc.By combining shopping with entertainment, has attracted a large follow-ing of deal-hunting young Vietnamese shoppers. Since launching at the end of2010, 1bid team has worked tirelessly to earn the trust of our users, by offering thebest deals and focusing relentlessly on Customer Service and User Experience.As 1bid continues to grow, our vision is to develop into an Entertainment Shop-ping Platform, by adding new auction formats, on-site games, and Reward Store,to provide even more entertainment values and further engage our loyal users.Performing as Marketing Manager, my tasks are to build brand for andresponsible for all marketing activities.- Lead nurturing through direct communication channels: Email marketing &Telephone.- Acquiring new customers through a variety of media channels: PR, Advertorial,Display ads & CPC, SEO and Social media.- Establishing business partnership with suppliers.- Looking for became the market learder in term of revenue and technology infrastruc-ture after half a year of running.
  4. 4. Vietnam Communications Corporation (VCCorp)Account Executivewww.ADMICRO.vnOperating under VCCorp, Admicro offers a wide range of online advertisingsolutions on 40+ most-visited websites in Vietnam.Performing as an account executive, I am responsible for market research, serviceconsultant, product development and brand building.Im directly involved in developing the most innovative online advertisingsolutions in Vietnam: CPM Mass, Box Apps, CPM Mobile, TVC Online, Admarket.Experienced in strategic media planning; I have worked with both big agenciesand individual customers to help enrich their businesses.My clients:• Direct: Samsung, Nokia, Toyota, Honda, Vietnamairlines, Mobifone, Vinafone,P&G, Unilever, Vinamilk, Coca-Cola, Techcombank, Vietcombank, BIDV etc.• Agency: Goldsun, Innity, Đất Việt, TKL, TimeUniversal, Moore, 5imedia, Cleverads,Novaads, VHT, Gold Sun, Climax, Ogilvy, Postclick (Australian) etc.Vietnam Data Communication (VDC)Business Development Executive / Traineewww.VDC.vn9/2010 - 3/20117/2010 - 8/20112006 - 20102002 - 20051998 - 2001VDC, belonging to VNPT, is one of the leading companies in Internet, DataCommunication and IT.I work at VDC Online in Business Development Division. The assigned tasks are tobe responsible for online marketing and e-commerce activities.Project: www.BUYME.vnEducation.............................................................................Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences, FinlandBachelor of Business Administrationwww.SEAMK.fiKim Lien High School, Hanoiwww.HSKL.netNgo Si Lien Secondary - 3/20117/2010 - 8/20102006 - 20102002 - 20051998 - 2001
  5. 5. ValueMarketingPhotographySkillsLanguageValues and Skills.............................................................................Find me? Here!.............................................................................Familiar with company building and creating its culture.Familiar with business development and corporate-level strategy.Experienced in fund raising and investor relation. Having close contacts with IDG,CyberAgent and Mirae Asset.Good understanding of marketing, web trends, e-commerce and technologies.Good relationship with ICT communities; well-known among startup communities.Good relationship with local media & marketing agencies.Being an active user (sometimes acting as influencer) on tech/business and marketingonline communities:• Launch• Social Media Group• Vietnam Digital Marketing business consultant for startups3 years of experience working in the field of marketing.2 years of experience working in Top Management Level in a tech startupcompany; excellent Leadership/Management skills.Advanced communication skill and problem solving.Advanced sales and customer service skills.Graphic design (This résumé is designed in Photoshop CS 5 and Adobe IllustratorCS 5 by myself)Interpersonal abilitiesPlanning/organizingTeam buildingVietnamese Mother tongueEnglish