Total petrochemicals


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SAP MaxAttention helps TOTAL in Belgium to increase IT’s contribution to the Business without increasing the cost

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Total petrochemicals

  1. 1. TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS SAP® MaxAttention™ Helps Chemical Firm’s IT Group Do More at Same Cost Quick facts“SAP MaxAttention helps me to increase Company • Biweekly meetings • Name: Total Petrochemicals • Quarterly reviews at branch and group levels IT’s contribution to the business with- • Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium • Technical integration check out increasing the cost.” • Industry: Chemicals recommendations • Products and services: Base chemicalsLuc Dossin, Architecture and Integration Manager, and polymers Why SAPTotal Petrochemicals • Revenue: €8.7 billion • Total Petrochemical’s long-standing • Employees: 6,000 commitment to using SAP software • Web site: • Access to SAP developers and experts • Partners: SAP® Active Global Support Benefits (SAP AGS) organization, SAP Consulting • Upgraded to the SAP ERP application organization worldwide over a single weekend without Challenges and Opportunities problems • Deliver more IT services with a static budget • Increased database performance by a factor (total cost of ownership) of 3 • Stay current with SAP’s long-term • Improved performance of the SAP Customer development plan Relationship Management application • Get immediate, personalized attention from • Achieved faster month-end close SAP experts to resolve issues • Gained a clear understanding of the SAP software road map Objectives Engage in a trusted partnership to supplement Existing Environment internal IT application lifecycle management • SAP software for enterprise resource planning SAP Solutions and Services • SAP Customer Relationship Management • SAP MaxAttention™ services application • SAP Business Process Performance • SAP Advanced Planning Optimization Optimization service component • SAP GoingLive™ Functional Upgrade Check • SAP NetWeaver® technology platform service • SAP BusinessObjects™ portfolio of solutions Implementation Highlights Third-Party Integration • Relationship of trust between Total • Database: Oracle Petrochemicals and the SAP MaxAttention • Hardware: IBM technical quality manager and engagement • Operating system: IBM AIX architectSAP Customer Success StoryChemicals
  2. 2. Total Petrochemicals makes base chemicals and polymers used in the beginning of our project, SAP AGS sent very knowledgeable consultants toproduction of plastic products for industrial companies and consumers. teach our team how to do the upgradeIt’s a competitive business with a tight focus on cost. That’s one rea- and Unicode conversion,” Dossin says. “Everything went smoothly all the wayson why Total is an SAP® MaxAttention™ services customer – so its through going live. Once we were func-IT team can deliver, at a low total cost of ownership, the business appli- tional, SAP AGS came to check to make sure all was okay. It was, because we hadcations, user experience, and incisive reporting the global firm needs. completely mastered the upgrade process, and we mastered the upgrade among other things because we had good peo-“One of the biggest benefits of SAP has organized many workshops for ple from SAP MaxAttention. It was theMaxAttention is that it enables me to do us on topics we requested – for SAP SAP specialists at the outset that gavemore while keeping my budget constant,” NetWeaver® Business Warehouse us the knowledge to do the job right.”says Luc Dossin, architecture and inte- Accelerator software and the integra-gration manager at Total Petrochemicals. tion between SAP software and the Total Petrochemicals IT likes that“Our IT budget stays more or less con- SAP BusinessObjects™ portfolio of model – its talented IT staff doing the workstant each year; that means as the com- solutions, for example. These sessions itself, without many third-party providers,pany grows and user demand increases, help us understand how we can use empowered by SAP AGS. The companyI provide more and more services for SAP software to make good decisions. also called upon the SAP organizationthe same price. SAP MaxAttention helps SAP experts also explain where SAP to perform a technical integration checkme to increase IT’s contribution to the is going. We want to follow the long- two months prior to the SAP ERP without increasing the cost.” term SAP development path. We are a “SAP AGS made recommendations ‘why not SAP?’ shop – if we have to do around the cutover plan, software changeSAP MaxAttention, delivered by the something, our first inclination is to use management, interface management,SAP Active Global Support (SAP AGS) SAP software. The tight integration of and treasury customization,” Dossin says.organization, helps Total Petrochemicals SAP software helps us keep the total “We accepted all of its advice. Then,do that by providing services across the cost of ownership down.” during the four-day upgrade weekend andentire application lifecycle, including safe- Unicode conversion, SAP AGS providedguarding for solutions and planning for Dossin especially likes the personal on-call service so someone was availablenew releases and upgrades. An SAP attention the company gets with SAP 24 hours a day if there were issues.”engagement architect is responsible for MaxAttention. “When we have a problem,setting up collaboration with the custom- speed is very important. When I esca- Performance Improvementer’s executive management team; an SAP late issues to SAP MaxAttention, things by a Factor of Threetechnical quality manager oversees ser- move very quickly; their experts reactvice delivery, providing a single point of immediately. This is very valuable to us.” SAP AGS has provided numerous otheraccess to a range of experts focusing on services during the ongoing engage-solution management, technology, devel- Focus on SAP ERP Upgrade ment. For example, the SAP Businessopment, and other related needs. Process Performance Optimization ser- Total Petrochemicals recently tapped vice enabled Total to discover the root“That’s another benefit: the access SAP MaxAttention for a major upgrade cause and resolve a performance issueto experts,” Dossin says. “SAP AGS to the SAP ERP application. “At the with its month-end close. Also, after a
  3. 3. “When we have a problem, speed is very important. When I escalate issues to SAP MaxAttention, things move very quickly; the experts react immediately.” Luc Dossin, Architecture and Integration Manager, Total Petrochemicalsdatabase upgrade, the performance of of trust established between Mr. Dossin SAP solutions, focusing on business pro-a daily job run in the controlling area had and the SAP MaxAttention technical cesses and their connection to the under-decreased significantly. “With the param- quality manager representing the embed- lying IT infrastructure.eter and configuration recommendations ded support team.given by SAP Active Global Support, we “We decided to use SAP Solutionwere able to improve the batch job perfor- “We know each other well, and more Manager during the upgrade,” Dossinmance by a factor of three,” Dossin says. importantly, we trust each other,” Dossin explains. “We were rolling out SAP ERP says. “We meet for one hour every two across 21 production sites in Europe, theSAP AGS also assisted Total weeks; we go over all the issues and United States, Asia, and the Middle East,Petrochemicals with the SAP GoingLive™ address any outstanding needs. Then, and we needed to test everywhere. Man-Functional Upgrade Check service during every quarter, we have a general review aging these tests in Microsoft Excelan upgrade of the SAP Customer Rela- meeting with our management team would have been a nightmare. SAP AGStionship Management application. Says where we go around the table and dis- put us in contact with an SAP consultantDossin, “The SAP AGS report highlighted cuss what we’ve accomplished and what in Walldorf, Germany, who conductedsome items that enabled us to prevent the upcoming plans are. The week after workshops for us. We defined all ourperformance problems. SAP AGS also that, we conduct a meeting between business processes using SAP Solutionproposed some modifications to system SAP AGS and Total Petrochemicals at Manager, creating a business processparameters that improved performance the corporate level.” repository where we then defined our testaround the customer fact sheet, which plans. Next, we will use SAP Solutionis crucial to how our sales force prepares Documentation of Core Business Manager to automate solution testing.”for customer visits.” Processes Reliability and Quality AnswersA Trusted Personal Relationship SAP AGS, through SAP MaxAttention, has also helped Total Petrochemicals The IT architecture and integrationTotal Petrochemicals, one of the world’s make better use of the SAP Solution manager at Total Petrochemicals sumsleading petrochemicals companies, is Manager application management solu- up SAP AGS and its SAP MaxAttentionpart of Total S.A., a leading multinational tion. SAP Solution Manager is a cen- services in one word: reliable. He says,energy company. Total signed the SAP tralized platform that provides tools, “If I have any questions, I am 100% cer- tain I will get a good quality answer that I can believe in. Even now, after the SAP ERP upgrade, we don’t want to leave“Even now, after the SAP ERP upgrade, we don’t want to leave SAP MaxAttention, SAP MaxAttention, because we gain so because we gain so much that we want to continue using the services.” much that we want to continue using the services.” Luc Dossin, Architecture and Integration Manager, Total PetrochemicalsMaxAttention contract at the corporate content, and direct access to SAP toparent level; Brussels, Belgium–based help customers deploy, operate, sup-Total Petrochemicals then began to take port, monitor, and continuously improveadvantage of the services. The engage- their SAP solutions. It targets both tech-ment is centered around the relationship nical and business aspects of customers’
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