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Lenovo - Safeguarding Global Deployments with SAP MAxAttention


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Support a global business transformation
and retire legacy systems
• Ensure that SAP rollouts are on time, within
budget, and meet established
• Mitigate technical risks and avoid business
• Effectively manage existing complexity of
a diverse software landscape
• Help build expertise of internal IT team

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Lenovo - Safeguarding Global Deployments with SAP MAxAttention

  1. 1. SAP Business Transformation StudyHigh TechLenovoSafeguarding Global Deploymentswith SAP® MaxAttention™Lenovo is a multinational computercompany that expanded its globalfootprint exponentially by acquiringIBM’s PC division. When the com-pany implemented SAP® BusinessSuite software to standardize inter-national operations and help retirelegacy systems, Lenovo also choseSAP MaxAttention™ services tomanage risk proactively and helpensure success during each stageof its global deployments. As a re-sult its rollouts are routinely on timeand within budget.Key Challenges• Support a global business transformationand retire legacy systems• Ensure that rollouts are on time, withinbudget, and meet establishedrequirements• Mitigate technical risks and avoid businessdisruptions• Effectively manage existing complexity ofa diverse software landscape• Help build expertise of internal IT teamImplementation Best Practices• Leveraged SAP® MaxAttention™ servicesfor the entire project lifecycle• Enabled knowledge transfer to Lenovostaff• Developed a long-term relationship withthe SAP Services organization• Established effective governance modelFinancial and Strategic Benefits• Enabled proactive risk management• Established a standardized and compre-hensive business solution platform inmore than 100 countries• Gained greater agility and flexibility forsupporting new business strategies• Established a world-class IT organizationWhy SAP Was Selected• Unmatched experience with SAPsolutions• Expertise in interface assessment,performance projection, and systemoptimization• Availability of global resources• Customizable and long-term serviceengagement modelLow Total Cost of Ownership• Achieved project objectives on time andwithin budget• Reduced IT costs while improving supportof 24x7 mission-critical operations• Retired multiple legacy systems – eliminat-ing associated leasing costs• Improved system performance and re-duced size and growth rate of databasesOperational BenefitsKey Performance Indicator ImpactIT spend as a percentage of revenue -50%Improved efficiency in key Up to 80%processesDatabase size -30%Database growth rate -32%Cost of leasing legacy systems -60%to dateQuick factsIndustry High techRevenueUS$16.6 billionEmployees 22,200Principal Locations Beijing; Morrisville, North Carolina;SingaporeWeb Site www.lenovo.comSAP® Solutions and ServicesSAP® MaxAttention™ services, SAPBusiness Suite softwareImplementation PartnerSAP Active Global Support organization
  2. 2.“With SAP MaxAttention we receive expert services that are tailored to our needs.This support has helped us ensure smoother global rollouts by mitigatingtechnical risks and minimizing business disruptions.”Xiaoyu Liu, GM of Global Application Development, CIO/BT Organization; VP, Lenovo GroupGrowth Through AcquisitionDemands Global TransformationOnce based solely in China, Lenovo isone of the world’s largest makers ofpersonal computers. Today the companyoperates in six continents and markets afull line of computers to both consumersand businesses.Lenovo’s global footprint expandedsignificantly in 2005 when it acquiredIBM’s PC manufacturing division. Afterthe acquisition, the company wanted tointegrate operations quickly and enablea new strategy for its worldwide busi-ness. It chose SAP® Business Suitesoftware to establish a centralizedbusiness platform that could ultimatelysupport all its subsidiaries. This large-scale project affected operationsaround the world.Lenovo had specific objectives for itsglobal rollouts: establish end-to-endbusiness processes, simplify complexsystem landscapes, and ensure businesscontinuity. And all while delivering theprojects on time and within budget. Tohelp ensure success, Lenovo decidedto work with the SAP Active Global Sup-port (SAP AGS) organization and lever-age a full portfolio of SAP MaxAttention™services.Protection for the Project LifecycleLenovo chose services from SAP AGSfor several reasons. Chief among themwas the group’s unmatched experiencewith large implementations, its knowl-edge of different geographies, and itsexpertise in mitigating risk in all phasesof a project. During the Lenovo rollouts,for example, the SAP team performedtechnical integration checks and interfacemanagement optimization in the realiza-tion phase, volume test optimization in thetesting phase, and going-live checks. Italso provided extensive postproductionsupport.Reduced Risk and ImprovedPerformanceLenovo’s Asia-Pacific rollout provides agood example of the effectiveness of theSAP MaxAttention services. A perfor-mance issue with SAP NetWeaver®Process Integration technology and exist-ing SAP systems threatened a delay in theproject’s schedule. Lenovo and SAPexperts set up a war room to deal with theproblem. Holistic system health checksidentified the root cause and the teamdeveloped a customized closed-loop cor-rective action. The successful resolutionnot only restored system stability, it alsoboosted performance 1200%.By managing risk proactively and resolvingtechnical issues quickly, SAP MaxAttentionservices helped Lenovo complete its glob-al rollouts on time and within budget.Establishing a standardized business plat-form around the world has enabled thecompany to improve the efficiency of keybusiness processes up to 80%, while elim-inating the need to lease legacy systems atmany former IBM locations. In addition,Lenovo has optimized other systemresources as well – such as reducing boththe size and growth rate of its databasesby around 30%.“SAP MaxAttention has also been instru-mental in helping our own IT group pro-vide effective support to the global busi-ness,” says Xiaoyu Liu, GM of globalapplication development at the CIO/BTorganization and VP at Lenovo Group.“In the past, the group had limitedcapability for delivering global businesssystems, but working closely with theSAP experts has helped build internalskills.” Now, Lenovo utilizes a three-tierstaffing model. The company’s IT staffforms the core, reinforced by local ven-dors who perform custom developmentand SAP MaxAttention services thatprovide experts and key support. Today,Lenovo has reduced its cost of IT (as apercentage of revenue) by 50%.A Long-Term PartnershipLenovo has rolled out the SAP solu-tions in more than 100 countries so far,and the company expects to manageall of its worldwide operations withintegrated SAP software by 2012. Witha long-term engagement agreement inplace, SAP MaxAttention will continueto play a major role in future projects byminimizing risk and maximizing results.50 105 118 (11/06)©2011 SAP AG. 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