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Admissions committee presentation 2.8.14


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Admissions committee presentation 2.8.14

  1. 1. T
  2. 2. Admissions Committee Alison Kuder (Chairman) Bill Matthews Norm Hasbrouck Marion Shoemaker
  3. 3. Committee Initiatives • Making Achievement Possible (MAP Works) • Alumni Mentor Program – Admissions Committee – Career Services Committee – Student Life Committee • Postcard Project – Admissions Committee • Connecting Alumni to Students (CATS) – Admissions Committee
  4. 4. MAP Works • Making Achievement Possible. – MAP Works. • All students, faculty, and staff enrolled in MAP works software application. • Launched Fall 2013.
  5. 5. MAP Works • As the possibility of Alumni involvement in the MAP Works program was discussed and considered by the College, many road blocks became apparent. • The main concern was the right to privacy of an at risk student and other legal implications. • At this point in time we will not be pursuing this.
  6. 6. Alumni Mentor Program • A student proposed an Alumni Mentor program as a project for her upper-level Persuasion course with the program’s goal being career development. • Offices of Student Life, College Advancement, and Career Development met and developed a proposal and recommendations for the Alumni Board.
  7. 7. Alumni Mentor Program • The Alumni Board is to develop an application including the following: – Description of expectations and time investment expected of participating alumni and students. – Measurable goals and objectives for the program from an alumni perspective. – Expense expectations.
  8. 8. Alumni Mentor Program • The alumni volunteers are to be a diverse group. – Age. – Experience level. – Stage of career. – Race and gender. – Area of study at Thiel College.
  9. 9. Alumni Mentor Program • The College will work with students and alumni to match them up with volunteers.
  10. 10. Alumni Mentor Program • Use a pilot group of students and alumni. – Students must be in their senior year. – Students must apply to the program. – Participating alumni must be vetted by Alumni Board.
  11. 11. Alumni Mentor Program • Upon completion of the first set of alumni/student mentoring experiences, representatives from the College and Alumni Board will meet to review assessments and determine effectiveness.
  12. 12. Alumni Mentor Program • The Admissions, Career Services, Student Life committees and anyone else who is interested in helping need to collaborate to develop the prescriptives for the program.
  13. 13. Postcard Project • This is a project that is intended to add another personal touch to Thiel’s student recruitment efforts • Interested Alumni would get a packet with approximately 10 postcards and high school students names, addresses, hometowns, and possible majors. • Mail the post card to the prospective student along with a nice personal message. (Sample message will be provided in the packet). • Will be following up with the VP for Enrollment Management.
  14. 14. CATS Program • We are looking to create a sustainable Alumni network to work with admissions department at college fairs and campus visits etc. • The reason that I use the word "sustainable" is that the alumni that are going to participate in these events are going to go through a training process which still needs to be developed.
  15. 15. CATS Program Connecting Alumni To Students • First step is Alumni completing an online questionnaire to gauge their interest. • Second step is working with the Admissions Office to implement a training program. • Third step is implementation of CATS after Alumni are selected and trained.
  16. 16. CATS Program • Questionnaire 1.) Would you be willing to serve as an Alumni Representative at a college fair? 2.) Would you be willing to serve as an Alumni Representative on the phone? 3.) Would you be willing to serve as an Alumni Representative on a panel on campus? 4.) Would you be willing to host small gatherings with prospective students in your home or in your area?
  17. 17. CATS Program • Questionnaire 5.) Are you willing to come to campus for a one day training session? 6.) Would you prefer an admissions representative come to your house for training?