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  1. 1. Having a hearing test is the beginning of living a better quality of life. Discusses the advantages of hearing aids and cochlear implants. Encourages the hearing impaired person to have their hearing tested and increase their chances for a normal and happy life.http://hearingloss-hearingaids.com/hearing-aids/
  2. 2. Do you suspect you may have lost some of your hearing? No matterhow old a person is, they could benefit from having a hearing test in orderto determine how much theyve been affected by this loss Losing thismost important sense is not pleasant at any age, but especially not forthe elderly, mostly because it inhibits independence and increasesanxiety and fear With this said, Im sure you would agree a hearing testis in order It can be the beginning of discovering your loss and just how itcould be improved By improvement, Im talking about receiving an aid ofsome kind in one or both ears Digital technology in aids has changeddramatically over the last decade
  3. 3. Aids have actually increased in "intelligence" in their listening, signalingand warning devices Over the next decade, even greater leaps andbounds should be made in this area of technology Some areas thathave seen vast improvement are: 1 Use in noisy and windyenvironments 2 Purity of tone and sound 3 Vocal sounds 4
  4. 4. Natural sounds http://hearingloss-hearingaids.com/hearing-aids/ 5Direction 6 Soft sounds 7 Sound richness 8 Loud sound comfort 9Limited buzzing and whistling noise 10
  5. 5. Sounds associated with swallowing and chewing By intelligence I meanthey can even determine what environment youre in and makeadjustments accordingly This feature alone makes it possible to hearmore naturally than ever before Its common for people who suffer fromauditory loss to complain of fatigue when listening in a noisy environmentThis is most likely due to the fact they have to work much harder tounderstand each and every word, which is being spoken This "work" ontheir part grows even more challenging when there is a lot of backgroundnoise After having a hearing test and successfully adjusting to your newaids, this difficulty should fade away within a short period of time
  6. 6. And changes have not only come with aids but many more people,especially children, are having cochlear implants which have greatlyincreased their hearing ability There are many benefits to havingcochlear implants Adults most often see their advantage immediatelyand a continual improvement in their hearing from then on Children willprobably see improvement a little slower and more training seems to berequired than for their older counterparts Those with severe auditory losswho are a candidate for a cochlear implant enjoy many new sounds in arather short period of time
  7. 7. Footsteps, a baby crying and even a whistling teapot are perfectexamples of the joys of these implant marvels Imagine being able towatch television and actually understand what you see? Im sure youllagree, this would be a wonderful thing to do No matter how you lost yourhearing, theres probably a way it can be enhanced with the many aids onthe market today Theres a strong possibility you will be able to hearbetter, and it will all begin with that all-important hearing test
  8. 8. http://hearingloss-hearingaids.com/hearing-aids/