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Busines Model - Lemon


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The business model canvas of the personal finance management startup Lemon. You can see more details in my blog: (in portugueses)

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Busines Model - Lemon

  1. 1. 30 apr - 2012 Key Key Value Customer Customer Partners Activities Proposition Relationships Segments People with An easy and free way smartphones that App development to manage your want to manage their personal expenses personal expanses Infrastructure Self-service, Social development Media and FAQ An easy way to People withStores that Offers Deals to Lemon Clients Marketing manage and analyze smartphones that your personal needs detailed Receipts recognition expenses analyzes of his algorithms expanses An easy way to manage and share Families with Key your family’s Channels smartphones that Resources expanses wants to manage their expanses Platforms An  easy  way  to   manage  yours   Blog, Twitter, Companies  that   Apps Facebook, Apps, Ads wants  a  simple  way   employees  expenses   and Site to  manage  their   Development team and  generate  reports     employees  expanses   Cost Revenue U$S 3 per month Structure Steams Free with Ads or US$ 20 per year Human U$S 9 per month Server Marketing U$S  4  per  user   Resources or US$ 50 per year per  month