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Business Model -


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The business model canvas of, a Brazilian social network focused in the fashion World.

You can see more details in my blog:
(in portugueses)

Published in: Business, Lifestyle
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Business Model -

  1. 1. 07 mar - 2012 Key Key Value Customer Customer Partners Activities Proposition Relationships Segments Pla;orm  development   and  maintenace  Venture  Capital  Investors   Create,  share  and  view   Community  management   looks  in  a  social   Facebook,  Twi9er  and   and  content  crea?on   network  focused  in   site     fashion   Girls  between  20  and   Marke?ng   40  interested  in   fashion  Guide  of  city’s  bar,  clubs   Product  scanning   Commercial  team   and  restaurant   Curated  informa?on   about  the  fashion  world   Customer  prospec?on   Key Channels Brands  related  to  the   Brand  and  product   fashion  world  (cloths,   Resources exposure  to  a  very   shoes,  lingerie,  bikini,   Model:  Ana  Hickmann     watchs...)   Digital  products  base   segmented  client  and   Facebook,  blog,  Twi9er,   a  channel  to  interect   site   with  them   Pla;orm   Commercial  team,  site,   Users  and  their  looks   Facebook   Cost Revenue Sponsored  post   Ads   Structure Steams Digital  models  and   scanning  products   Servers   Free   Virtual  products   Campaigns   Marke?ng   Human  Resources