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Business Model -


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The business model canvas of the Brazilian startup, which wants to enable anyone with a smartphone to make a news and earn some money.

You can see more details in my blog:

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Business Model -

  1. 1. 15 ago - 2012Key Key Value Customer CustomerPartners Activities Proposition Relationships Segments News geolocalization and organization Self-service platform Accelerators and support team Platform and app Transform their video Opportune development or image in news that cinematographers can make some Self-service platform, (people with Marketing money smartphones that Twitter and Facebook record important Sell news to media events) Streaming platform agencies Geolocation system of Commercial team news Real time news News readers looking for a different Key Channels media channel Resources Events Organizers Portfolio of image and Mobile App and site News from videos news everywhere and at Base of opportune anytime Site, Twitter and Media agencies cinematographers Facebook Media agencies Site portfolio Cost Revenue Free Structure Steams Marketing Legal Support Rights for the Rights to use Free images imagens Human Servers Resources