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Business Model - Best, Cool & Fun Games


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Business model canvas of Best, Cool & Fun Games, the biggest mobile games company in Latin American.

You can see more details in my blog:
(in portugueses)

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Business Model - Best, Cool & Fun Games

  1. 1. Best, Cool & 08/12/2011 Fun GamesKey Key Value Customer CustomerPartners Activities Propositio Relationships Segments n Ads  pla<orm   Games   App  Stores   developemnt   Fun  games  with  ads   for  free  or  payed   games  without  ads   iOS  and  Android   Marke>ng   Site  and  support  team   casual  players   Games  development   Site  and  support   Earning  some  money   Online  Payment   team   iOs  and  Android   Companiy   Mone>za>on  strategy   from  puHng  ads  on   apps  developers   their  iOS  or  Android   who  wants  to   apps   publish  ads   Key Channels Resources App  Store,  Android     Market  and  cross  ad   iOS  and  Android   Developers  and  ar>sts   Adver>se  their  apps   team   games   apps  developers   Games  Developers   to  millions  of  iOS  or   who  wants  to   Android  users     adver>se  their  apps   Games  users   Site  and  ads   Por<olio  of  games   Site  and  ads   Cost Human  Resources   Revenue Free  with  ads  or  a  few   Structure Steams dollars  without  ads   Office  and   Marke>ng   Game   equipments   development  and   Percentual  of  the   Free   ar>sts  tools   adver>sed  value   Online  Payment   App  stores