Mozilla the new strategy of 2012: to break Apple and Google ecosystem


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Mozilla the new strategy of 2012: to break Apple and Google ecosystem

  1. 1. Mozilla is known for the development of Firefox, and anew strategy in 2012, the goal of Mozilla is not just stuck in the browser business, but trying to use an opennetwork to break the closure of the existing ecosystem.
  2. 2. The development of the Firefox browser said Mozilla is trying to break the determination of the dominant position of Microsofts IE browser market. But now, youlook at Mozilla recently announced a new strategy, Mozillahas its objectives aimed at Apple, Google and Amazon and other competitors.
  3. 3. The above three companies, and Microsoft has established their own by the device, operating system, applicationstore and a closed ecological system. Mozilla believes thatusers should be limited in any such an ecosystem worried. Mozilla recently introduced a number of non-Firefox projects is to change the current condition, it seems to find a new counter-attack the opponents grounds.
  4. 4. Mozilla said in 2012 a new strategy paper: "Mozilla believes that the network is a platform for the entire network should be the user of the market." Mozillaelaborate network to fight the cause of application based plan, the development of open distributed network applications, and build Mozillas own application store. This strategy involves Firefox future developmentdirection to break the detention of the ecological systemand to build a series of programs based on the browsers mobile operating system.
  5. 5. Mozilla will concentrate on developing its own ecosystem,and to carry out the goal is to build browser-based mobileoperating system project. Eventually, Mozilla released the Network Application Programming Interface, giving the browser to control the camera to monitor battery usage and call the function.
  6. 6. In addition, Mozilla will also strive to improve the network, as the basis for programming. In view of theMozilla want to build a competitive ecosystem, as well as the success of iOS and Android native applications running, and this is particularly important.
  7. 7. Higher level in this ecosystem, Mozilla will build an application store, and upgrade their existing plug-in download site. Mozilla are building an application store,support for desktop computers, mobile phones and tablet PCs, no matter what device or operating system platformthe users have, you can download and install your favorite applications.
  8. 8.