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Vdara Hotel Las Vegas Reviews


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Vdara Hotel Las Vegas Reviews

  1. 1. Vdara Hotel Las Vegas ReviewsWelcome To Every Hotel, 100,000 plus listings on every continent.<b>————————————————————–</b>Review: 4.0 out of 5 based on 45 local reviews by stacia vegas via google 2012-12-04The Vdara is so nice! I didnt realize we have a hotel without a casino in it. I had clients who hada corner suite on the top floor and I was very impressed with the gorgeous view. The suite wasa great deal at $275/night! The lounge downstairs was very posh and the service was stellar.We ordered a bottle of wine and snacked on some almonds. There was also a flare bartenderthat was quite entertaining :) I think my next stay-cation will be at Vdara. 1 / 29
  2. 2. by Tony Stark via google 2012-08-25Brilliant! great value for a 5* hotel. the rooms are a good size very comfortable with a panoramicview, the cleanest hotel ive stayed at. the hotel needs more restaurants and shops but it is only2 mins into Bellagio by David Lawson via google 2012-07-03I had a great experience here in Vdara Hotel and Spa. The service is great and reasonablypriced. The staff is very helpful. by Alex Torres via google 2012-07-03Decent hotel with great prices and promotions all year around. No casino (which is great),spacious rooms and more than good service. Get upgraded to those corner suites! 2 / 29
  3. 3. by Kansinee Adsanatham via google 2012-06-01Nice casino-free hotel in the city center area with a retro vibe. Many rooms are spacious andhave great views of the bellagio fountain. The wall is a bit thin but nicely decorated.Lets keep this simple: great location... by Brian M. via yelpLets keep this simple: great location (bridges to Bellagio, Aria/CityCenter), clean, affordable(look for online deals), and still upscale.It wont blow you away with a fountain or a garden or the hottest club in Vegas, but this is yourplace to sleep dammit. Â If you so choose to do so while visiting Vegas. Â I did, its good foryou. Â While youre sleeping you arent spending money. Â Well, other than for the bed. Â Butits a nice bed.No Casino, No Smoking .... absolutely... by James W. via yelp 3 / 29
  4. 4. No Casino, No Smoking .... absolutely wonderful!Be sure to note that the "do not disturb" sign is a button next to the door.I booked a room at a really great... by Yi Z. via yelpI booked a room at a really great rate which included a view upgrade, a $50 Food & Beveragecredit and $50 Salon Spa credit. Parking is valet only (complimentary) and we had to wait quitea while when we first arrived to valet the car.  Check-in also took FOREVER and I was toldthat I couldnt get a view upgrade because the hotel was sold out that night. The problem withthe Food & Beverage credit is that it can only be used for room service, the lobby bar, or themarket cafe (but not the market part).  We ended up using it for coffees, sandwiches, juice,and desserts at the market cafe and it took 35 minutes after we ordered to get our food.  Iused my Salon Spa credit for a nice manicure but I would never pay $50 for that service.The room seemed really small despite its square footage. The kitchenette, dining area, and hallare just wasted space. The bathroom is also laid out kind of oddly, with the tub at a diagonal. It seemed like the lack of a towel rack was a design flaw so they placed a little towel cart nextto the shower. The area just didnt flow well.  Since over half of the suite is poorly laid out, theliving room/bedroom area seemed really cramped.  Oh, let me also mention that the "blackout"blinds leave a huge gap of light coming in.Anyway, I thought the idea of a smoke-free/gaming-free hotel is what I wanted but I ended upnot liking it very much and my bf really missed the casino. Were definitely going elsewhere nexttime. 4 / 29
  5. 5. Great rooms, dont the resort fee... by Tim R. via yelpGreat rooms, dont the resort fee surprise when you check in (add $25) to quoted rate. Quickaccess to rooms. Great security. Shop at entrance has good value in wines. Beds reallycomfortable. Only negative is I left my phone charger in room, called 20 mins after I checked outand realized it, and two days later it still has not shown up. I suspect the housekeeping staffresells these to 3rd party vendors as they are a hot commodity.It was exactly what I needed and... by Erin O. via yelpIt was exactly what I needed and wanted in a resort in Vegas for this particular trip. This trip, Iwas pregnant. Thus, I wanted a place on the strip, but without cigarette smoke or a casino. This delivered. The amenities were lovely. Nice linens, a pleasant, modern style, a minikitchen, so you can reheat and store leftovers (which was ideal for us).  We got room serviceas we had a food credit there, and it was quite good.  Chicken tenders that were crisp andflavorful, and onion soup that I suppose could have been a touch less salty, but it was tasty andhot.  Our room had two flatscreen tvs, in a fairly small space, and a nice view, which was apartial view of the Bellagio fountains. ÂThe Vdara is connected to the Aria and Bellagio, so for most of our activities, we didnt evenhave to step foot on the strip, unless we wanted to. Im a fan of that as well. The lobby was verymellow and quiet, and because there are no major activities there, you get an instant sense ofcalm when you walk in. Thats just not the norm for Vegas, and its quite comforting. ÂIf I come in for another non-work week or weekend, I will definitely stay here again. 5 / 29
  6. 6. Modern, spacious, & family-friendly.... by Nooshi B. via yelpModern, spacious, & family-friendly. This was our first trip to Vegas as parents. My husband didhis research and picked Vdara for is casino-free, smoke-free, all-suite environment. Equippedwith a kitchenette and mini-living room, it was perfect for our little 9 mos. old to roam aroundfreely. And since its in the middle of The Strip, access to other hotels is within walking distance.There are only two reasons I didnt give it 5 stars: there arent any dining options open past10pm so you have to go next door to Bellagio or Aria or order room service. Also, the bed is toosoft for my taste. I prefer a more firm mattress and this one was a bit lumpy.Tip: Dont pay extra to upgrade for a view. Its not worth it cuz all you see are cars driving in andout.Came here for the long weekend... by Ray H. via yelpCame here for the long weekend getaway. The contemporary suite has a nice view of theBellagio fountain. The spa and the fitness center provide a great relaxing environment for gymaddicts like myself.Pros:Large and comfortable suite with kitchen and tub.Friendly and helpful hotel staff.Non-smoking hotel with no casino.Indoor short distance walkway to the Bellagio if you want action.Cons: 6 / 29
  7. 7. Weak pressure at the shower with hard water.The 42" flat screen TV is way too small for a suite.No self park but only valet service. There is no way I let these boys lay their paws on my sportscar so I parked at the Aria to take the tram over.Too many noisy Asian tourists hanging around in the lobby.Received $50 dinning credit and $50 Spa credit. The dinning credit covers more than enoughfor a sit in breakfast at the Market Cafe and the Spa credit covers the use of the jacuzzi, steamroom, dry sauna, shower, juice and tea station which is $28 each person.I loved Vdara, and Ive stayed... by Laura W. via yelpI loved Vdara, and Ive stayed in at least 4 other "luxury" hotels in Vegas. The cleanliness isimpeccable, the service was fantastic, and the location in the center of the strip was soconvenient for those wanting to walk. The suite room had a spacious living area and how cool tofinally have a kitchenette in a Vegas room! They thought out all details for those wanting to cookin their room, including selling natural/organic microwave-friendly packaged foods plus cheese,crackers, and sausages in the cafe. Loved not having to walk through smoke and drunks to getto our room as theres no casino...but Aria is next door for those wanting a gambling fix.The only downer was the WiFi signal never seemed to be strong so I was on 3G all weekend.The receptionists were super friendly!... by Sothea O. via yelp 7 / 29
  8. 8. The receptionists were super friendly! I knew by their smiles I was going to have a great stay. Iwas right :-)My bf and I absolutely love spontaneous Vegas trips. We live 6 hours away, so its close enoughto randomly drive there, but far enough to be tired from the drive. We were greeted by a warmand engaging receptionist. He asked what brought us to LV and we said, "Oh, its ourjust-cause-trip." He responded with, "I love that." And continued with, "Cause of that, I havesomething special for you two." He upgraded us to a breathtaking suite! The room wasamazing: spacious, modern, beautiful view. It was like a mini apartment! I was so sad when wehad to leave. That random trip gives me random smiles every time I step inside Vdara. Theymade my stay memorable :-) I cant wait to be back!Since my first stay in April of... by Patrick W. via yelpSince my first stay in April of 2012, the Vdara has been my go-to hotel when visiting Las Vegas.The two bedroom penthouse suite was the room that first introduced me to what the Vdara wasall about. Booking a penthouse automatically gets you limo service to and from the local airportsas well as a few spa passes!Since my first weekend staying at the Vdara, I have has the good fortune of staying in their twostory penthouses, hospitality suites, and panoramic suites. Although the rooms will naturallyvary in size, the modern decor and upscale feel of the rooms are all the same.The agents at the front desk are all very polite and helpful! This attitude is also mirrored byevery other staff member that Ive encountered at the Vdara.After a night of partying, it is nice to come back to a non-smoking, non-gambling hotel.Ive had nothing less than an excellent experience every time I have stayed here and I do planon coming back very soon! 8 / 29
  9. 9. I always enjoy staying next door... by Steven M. via yelpI always enjoy staying next door at their sister property but when that is not available, the Vdarawill do. Here are some highlights of this hotel located in the Aria complex in City Center.- Great entry and exit. Valet parking is free as it is at most Vegas hotels- Registration right off the entrance- NO CASINO at this hotel so easy access to the elevators for rooms- 100% non-smoking hotel- 57 floors of luxury rooms and suites- Friendly service but not a lot of staff onsite, private and exclusive feelingOur suite was about 1000sf and had a full size kitchen in it with a stack washer and dryer. Myunderstanding is that there are actually people who live here full time. We had the 270 degreepanoramic suite which lived up to its name and offered an incredible view of Las Vegas from the37th floor.No complaints about our stay and with the Aria and Crystals next door, you can want fornothing.Highly recommend this hotel if you are looking for condo style hotel rooms without all the hooplaof the casinos but something on the strip. The Aria tram runs at the hotel and connects well toother properties. 9 / 29
  10. 10. Stayed here for 4 nights. Great... by Reena P. via yelpStayed here for 4 nights. Great location on the strip with a tram to access the Aria,Cosmopolitan and Bellagio. This is a non-smoking hotel without a casino so if you want to abreak from the smoke and slot machines then definitely book a room at the Vdara.The rooms are sleek and include a little kitchenette with 2 flat screen TVs. The bathrooms havedual sinks and a lot of counter space. The toiletries are mediocre, but that is to be expected atmost hotels.Just be aware that there is a $25 daily resort fee that will be charged to your credit card afteryou check out. The fee covers things like free valet parking and other services that are offeredby the hotel. The restaurant in the hotel is overpriced and not well received so just walk downthe strip and eat somewhere else.I stayed here the day after New... by Chris Z. via yelpI stayed here the day after New Years. The room was nice and clean as well as the rest of thehotel.Service is what was not good, I had to wait 3 hours to check into a suite past check-in time.They kept making excuses and told me that they had unexpected guests extend their stay.Thats nice and all but I dont understand why that should be my problem. They tried pushing measide again and I had to get rude because at that point we had to cancel our dinner plans. They"upgraded" me to a higher floor immediately once I became an asshole. I travel a lot and wouldhave probably gotten a nicer suite with them next time but my stay left me with a bad taste in mymouth.I replied to the survey they send out to see how my stay with them was, I never received a reply 10 / 29
  11. 11. from them, cowards.Never staying here again and easily not recommending this place to anyone. My stay at theWynn was much better.No casino? Â WINFree valet... by Channing C. via yelpNo casino? Â WINFree valet parking? Â WINAll rooms are suites? Â Clean? Â Modern? Â Luxurious? Â Electric curtains? Â Futuristichallways? Â Sweet spa for my wife? Â Did I miss anything?The only dislikes were the slow car retrieval, weak wireless network and lack of tea and coffeein the basic suite. Â All that probably takes away just 0.2 star. Â Very nice place to stay AND itscheaper than Arias non-suites, Â That is especially true with the show package.We recently went down to Las vegas... by Qahhaar H. via yelpWe recently went down to Las vegas for a friends birthday and stayed at Vdara. Â The price forthe size and kitchen compared to other similar sized rooms at other hotels, in addition to the twofree buttet special they offered, sold us on this hotel. 11 / 29
  12. 12. When we arrived I circled around 3 or 4 times trying to find self parking.  I finally pulled up toask for directions but was told that they only offer free vallet parking. (tip needed) I personallyprefer to park my own car so this was kind of an inconvenience for us. ÂWe only had a couple of bags and had planned to cary them up ourselves, but they quicklycalled over someone with a cart to unload our bags for us.  (tip needed) we were told thatonce we got to our room to call down for our bags to be brought right up to us. (tip needed)Registration was quick and we asked for upgrade availability.  We were given a higher floorbut same room.  So not really an upgrade in my opinion.  But the desk staf was very nice andprofessional at this point.The room was very nice and spacious.  Nice decor, large bathroom and a nice kitchen with arefriderator that wasnt prepacked with spring loaded super expensive crap.  Well, that wasthere too but it was separate.  The view was also great!  But we soon noticed that there werea few things missing that we have grown used to having at other hotels.  There were no robes,no slippers, no kitchen utincles, plates, cups, bowls, etc.  There wasnt even a coffee maker!!! I dont think I have ever stayed at a hotel that didnt at least provide a coffee maker.We did, however, find a sign asking that if we needed any of these items to please call downand they would be brought up to us. (tip needed)  My personal opinion is that if I am staying ata supposed 5 diamond resort, I shouldnt have to ask for a thing as everything should alreadybe provided for my convenience.  Obviously this hotel has developed a full tip based system,but it is quite inconvenient to its guests.We ran into an issue in the morning were our room filled up with cigarrette smoke.  This issupposed to be a 100% non-smoking fairly new hotel.  Obviously the ventilation system needswork since it blows smoke from one suite to the next.  we called down to complain and wastold that they would send security to investigate.  Two hours later and the strong canceroussmell is still choking our lungs.So we go down to the front desk and ask to be moved to another room and this time the personbehind the desk acts as if its a hastle for him to accommodate us.  No apology for thecancerous smoke filled toom in this non-smoking hotel either.  We finally get another room andtransfer our own bags ourselves.Lastly, be careful when using the buffet special.  They make it seem as if you are covered for2 free buffets double occupancy per night.  Well, you are covered up to $36 for 2 buffets only. 12 / 29
  13. 13. Vdaras rooms are nice but its too inconvenient for us to return when many most other hotels(such as Aria right across the walk way) offer everything Vdara is lacking making your staymuch more convenient and enjoyable.Vdara is a solid place to get a... by Cynthia C. via yelpVdara is a solid place to get a good nights sleep:-No crazy belligerent party people-No throbbing music-Nicely insulated rooms, couldnt hear our neighbors-OKAY views of the Bellagio fountains and Red Rock-Comfortably large rooms-Good, quick room service-Lots of TVs-Soft fluffy towels-Plenty of seating, couch, arm, dining and swivel chairs-Thanks for having a doorbell and clear instructional buttons for the staff-Within walking distance to Bellagio and Aria-Nice pool and gym, all incl. in the resort fees-Bed was comfortable enough-Moderately priced-Plenty of counter space in the bathroom-Lots of magazines to peruse-Fridge is clear to put my extra juices and water in, nice touch how housekeeping refills with theVdara filtered waterWish:-Toilet was separate from the shower and vanity areas-Robes were provided without a request-Room service would have something OTHER than American and Italian eats 13 / 29
  14. 14. -There was an indoor route to Aria-Better toiletries-No humidifier, which kills me because I am SUPER sensitive to the drynessWould definitely stay here again.This should have been a five star... by Nick B. via yelpThis should have been a five star review. The hotel is amazing, the service is top notch and Ihad a wonderful time at the hotel. However, one thing really made me feel like a criminal andput a bad taste in my mouth.I like to iron my shirt before a big day of meetings and being CES, I wanted to be in top shape. Ipulled out the iron and ironing board. To my surprise, not only did the ironing board have a ironholder bolted to the end of the board (making that end worthless and making ironing a shirtchallenging) but it had a security cord attaching the iron to the board. Did they think I was goingto steal the iron? Do they really have a problem with that?Ive stayed at hotels from no star to four star and this is the first time they have ever beenattached. Its challenging enough to iron with the cord much less having two cords. I hope thatVdara will correct this. I cant imagine that iron theft is a problem and if it is why dont you justcharge the client.Its a bummer that such a classy place has this low-class security. 14 / 29
  15. 15. This was my second time staying... by Wilson T. via yelpThis was my second time staying here and I didnt like it at all. The valet staff and Bar Vdara get5 stars but thats about it. I hate the fact that they hold a $200 security deposit. I hate the factthat they charge a $25 resort fee. Plus $3 tax on that resort fee. And what do I get with that fee?The wifi internet is spotty at best and sometimes just doesnt work at all. There wasnt a hairdryer in my bathroom and when I called to get one, it took forever. They say its a non smokinghotel but I can smell smoke coming through the vents. There is NO restaurant at this hotel, onlyroom service. On the day of checkout, a staff member knocked on my door at around 8am andasked when I was checking out. WTF? I know checkouts at 11am so DUHHH when do you thinkIm checking out?I dont plan on staying here ever again. If you pay more than $100 a night to stay here thenyoure a fool. Its so not worth it. Its alright. I still prefer Trump for my non-gaming Vegas hotelstays. This place is not easy to… Read more »This was an awesome property to... by Ferdinand L. via yelpThis was an awesome property to stay at while in Las Vegas.  I managed to snag thePanoramic suite a few days after Thanksgiving and it was simply amazing.  I ended up gettinga package deal that allowed me $150 on food and resort amenities so I definitely tookadvantage of the extra spending money towards food.  The room service was amazing as wellas the little shop downstairs by the lobby.  Freshly made food and you could take it up to yourroom for your own private consumption.Now the only two things that might make you pause and think about staying here is the fact that1. Its a smoke free environment and 2. its a non-gaming property.  Now if you dont smoke,need to get a way from the gaming, or both, then this is a definite property for you.  The lobbyis only a short walk away from either Aria, Bellagio or Cosmopolitan and if you talk to the 15 / 29
  16. 16. Concierge they can put you on the guest list for Haze over at Aria.So overall, a great experience, low-medium price, and an overall wonderful experience at thisproperty.  I look forward to returning!I LOVE this hotel.Its home... by Keiry T. via yelpI LOVE this hotel.Its home away from home!The rooms are spacious even if u get the regular room! Which is a (+) anywhere in vegas!The service is great!new, clean, big flat panels, friendly... by Shane R. via yelpnew, clean, big flat panels, friendly staff.  not loud or smoky because it doesnt have a casino. huge windows.  spacious rooms and bathrooms.a couple issues came up that surprised me, considering the class of the hotel.  pull-out couchwas uncomfortable.  ive had better at motel 6.  they ran out of extra linens and one room inour party didnt get any.we had a bad experience at a cafe there.  when we complained about it, they waived some 16 / 29
  17. 17. fees and comped us the meal.  nobodys perfect and when they mess up, their company policyseems to be to make it right.  i can get with that.This is a great property to stay... by Thomas T. via yelpThis is a great property to stay without a casino.  Yes, no casino!  For the hard cord gamblersAria is just a stones throw away.  The property is well maintained with a nice modern flow. The room we stayed in was nice!  It was equipped with a washer and dryer.  Yes, you readright!  I think we were in one of their suites.  We didnt spend much time in the room butwhen we did it was very comfortable and felt more like someones apt.  If you are planning ondriving, be prepared to valet your ride.  I dont think they have a self parking.  Bar are issimple and does the job.  Stiff drinks with little else.  Hop over the the Aria if you are intopeople watching or mingling.LOVE the room! Outside looks nice... by Audrey H. via yelpLOVE the room! Outside looks nice too. 17 / 29
  18. 18. This might just be a factor of... by Michelle A. via yelpThis might just be a factor of the slow time of year, but the room I was given was awesomelylarge and clean with a postcard view from the 48th floor. I really liked this place, not a typicalVegas hotel, but I didnt miss the casino floor, the smoking, the toots, or any of the othermainstays of that city. Nice store downstairs with reasonably priced food and helpful service.Gym was well-equipped and the pool was relaxing. Will definitely go back as long as the pricesstay down.They did a great job with this one, not so much with the Aria next door, which appears to bestarting its meth fueled journey into madness a few years early.Despite being MGMs biggest money... by Brian P. via yelpDespite being MGMs biggest money pit, this place is still accommodating for guests such asourselves, maintaining a good level of service and having very classy rooms and furniture.Staying in their suites means you get to stay inside one of the rooms they originally intended tosell as a condo, you can tell by the washer and dryer. Therefore, if youre gonna stay in Vegasfor more than four days for a convention or what not, definitely try and get one of these Vdarasuites.The rooms are fairly dark; you can see theyre going after a very modern feel just as with thecasinos and lobbies of Aria.Our suite was pretty damned big; a bedroom with one king bed, a living room with a plasma androll away couch, its own kitchen, and a larger than normal bathroom with a tub, stand upshower, two sinks, and a powder room counter.We landed our suite at 180 a night, thanks to Priceline. Its one heck of a bargain, and I think 18 / 29
  19. 19. you can consistently land this hotel on that site, as well!I used to love their hotel, because... by Audrey N. via yelpI used to love their hotel, because the service was at top notch and after about a year it juststarted to go down hill. Â Sometimes the towels, sheets are still dirty and trash was still left inthe cabinets and trash buckets. Â Also we had the corner view room and we had to walk by apile of dirty linen outside of the other room for over 24hr... The front desk isnt as nice and fastas they used to be. Â They were rude and not so friendly. Â The valet service, SUCKS! Â Wehad to wait 20-30 minutes for our car a few times. Â We called for car and it wasnt even out bythe time we got downstairs after 10 minutes. Â Also, valet service, usually NEVER ANSWERStheir phone and when we got downstairs, we saw 5 of them standing in the office chatting toeach other. Â Its Vegas....Lots of other hotel we can go to for better service.Im digging these new CityCenter... by Alex L. via yelpIm digging these new CityCenter properties in the mid-Strip area. Thumbs up for the cleanmodern design aesthetic Vdara utilizes that makes the room feel a little more like an upscalecondo and less like a run-of-the-mill hotel room. Well, I guess the fact theres a kitchen with astove probably contributes more to that "homey" feel too.I liked that the shower door didnt leak. Â Sounds kinda dumb to point that out, but I had a smalllake replete with fish pooling around my shower at Palazzo. Â The sink was one of those trendy 19 / 29
  20. 20. rectangular models that looked cool but functionally sucked. The near-flat bottom made surethat draining water never drained well, and when theres two guys shaving with razors it meantsplashing water around futilely trying to clean up the place for the next person.I absolutely loved the fact that I didnt need to walk six kilometers through a smokey casino togo from the lobby to the guest elevators.  In fact, there is no casino at Vdara and the closestone is probably Cosmo next door.  The downside is that theres no direct connection toCosmo, but its not a big deal.  Vdara *is* connected via walkway to its sister property Bellagio. Its a long route to take, but made easier if you make a pit stop at Jean-Philippes for somechocolate.The beds were comfy, the room nicely appointed and we had a decent view looking northtowards the water show at Bellagio.  The gym wasnt huge with maybe 10 treadmills/ellipticalsand a dozen machines plus free weights, but it was also so empty that it wasnt a factor. Plentyof towels and water made a quick workout a breeze. Good location and everything abovemakes it a solid 4 stars for me. Looking forward to my next stay here.Clean and modern love it. Great... by Jeanie L. via yelpClean and modern love it. Great service as well. A friend of ours had booked a room inadvanced, however they gave us the wrong room number twice! After the third time, thereceptionist proceeded to give us an upgraded suite with a kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, a bedroom,and a pull out bed from the couch. The hotel itself was very clean and I felt like a million buckswalking down the hallway.Valet parking only, so be prepared to tip when picking up your cars. Close to the Cosmopolitan,and moderately still close to the strip. Wifi was included for our room! Tons of mirrorseverywhere, allowing us to get ready without any crowding. Would definitely come back again. 20 / 29
  21. 21. The new Vdara is in a great location.... by Raena D. via yelpThe new Vdara is in a great location. Its close to the Cosmopolitan, Aria, and Bellagio withlarger rooms for a little less $$. As someone else pointed out, there is currently constructiongoing on that starts at 7 am! We were on the 11th floor and could hear the fork lift movingaround wood and dropping pallets loud and clear first thing in the morning. I want to point outthat we arent light sleepers either- we live right near a major airport at home and can sleepthrough the jets above us any day. This wasnt something easy to ignore and it woke us upbright and early each morning. The annoying part was when we went to the Aria for breakfast toescape the noise (right next door), paid $4 for a croissant and $9 for a breakfast sandwich, butstill had front row seats to more loud construction. Theyre remodeling their lobby FYI.Also, the internet in the rooms doesnt work and I spent over 2 hours trying to connect via wifiand LAN to send work emails that I composed on the flight over. Thankfully, it connected forabout 3 minutes at one point and sent them, but we never established a connection again andon a side note- the LAN cable was less than 3 feet long, and not located on a desk or usableworkspace, so I had to keep my laptop on the chair and sit on the floor to use it. The badconnection was also passed to our iPhones that couldnt get us any internet service in our roomso figuring out our day plan was a pain. Also- half of the room is dark because theres no light inthe living area for some reason so its hard toWe had a $75 resort credit, which was just enough for the two of us to eat breakfast at JeanPhillipe one morning, and then it covered half of the next day. The $22 breakfast buffet at theAria got it- under construction and closed so you will need to go to another hotel for abuffet. The good news is that the Cosmopolitan has a great brunch buffet until 2pm everyday for$22. You cant use your resort credit, but its worth it since youll end up skipping lunch after somuch food anyway.The spa at Vdara is still expensive, but the least expensive out of the hotels in the area. A 50min pedicure is $60, where as its closer to $80 at the Bellagio and Mandalay. The $25 resortfee ($28 after taxes) is a joke since the Internet doesnt work and the pool isnt open this time ofyear. 21 / 29
  22. 22. you can count on me staying @ vdara... by Alice C. via yelpyou can count on me staying @ vdara when i have a van full of kids. Âwhy? Â here is why:1. Â no casino. Â which means no wandering hands trying to push buttons and get into troublewith the security.2. Â no clubs. Â which means not as many scantily clad women hanging around the hotel lobbystumbling around.3. Â washer & dryer in the room. Â kids can be dirty, clothes need to be washed, right?4. Â overly large fridge and kitchenette. Â for when its too difficult to take kids out to eat youmake a quick meal in a hotel room? Âive stayed @ vdara 3 times and it never disappoints :) Â you wont really have a full vegasexperience here because its more of a spa resort, but good thing cosmo is next door and aria isacross the street!Love that this place is not on... by Logic B. via yelpLove that this place is not on the strip and is NO SMOKING! There are no freaky hookersrunning around, no party people, and no casino!A great place for a base to visit las vegas. Love the free valet parking (you do tip though), andthat is walking distance to The Cosmopolitan, Aria and Bellagio. The rooms are contemporaryand super hip. I stayed in a fountain view suite. Glad the room had a divider as apposed to the 22 / 29
  23. 23. lower level rooms. I didnt really care that there is no coffee maker or robes. BTW, I like thesmell of the place too, and the fact that it has a bar downstairs for a night cap! Will stay herenext time for sure!Vdara is located in the new City... by Douglas Y. via yelpVdara is located in the new City Center of Vegas and it is a hidden gem. Â Located at the backof the city center Vdara does not have a casino. Â Since Vdara doesnt have a casino you canstay in their absolutely beautiful suites for less than Aria or Cosmopolitan. Â The suites havefloor to ceiling windows with electric powered shades/drapes, a kichten, dining table and livingroom area. Â One of the coolest features is the studio like design of the suite. Â The Bed isseperated by a wall housing a flat screen and drawers etc. Â The wall is open on both ends so itdoesnt close in the room. On the opposite side of the wall is your sofa, chairs, coffee table andanother flat screen tv! Â Vdara has been our favorite place to stay in Vegas for our last severaltrips. Although we are testing out Monte Carlo and Aria next month :)Please note this hotel is on the... by Connie R. via yelpPlease note this hotel is on the strip but is NOT a casino so that being said ....It is beautiful, modern and elegant. Â I stayed in the Corner Suite - fully equipped with a fullkitchen, washer/dryer, 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, living room, dining area and a gorgeousview of the city. Â The service was excellent, the room service was fantastic and I felt spoiled 23 / 29
  24. 24. rotten!I have stayed in most of the hotels on the strip and this suite may just be one of my all timefavorites thus far! Â I dont mind that it is not cluttered with slot machines downstairs since all ofthat is just a few steps away (Aria and Bellagio are literally steps away). Â Centrally located -this place is a gem. Â Shopping across the street and I felt like a queen!Definitely will consider returning and will recommend. Â Thank you Vdara!I love this place. The views are... by Rebecca R. via yelpI love this place. The views are fabulous, the staff is very courteous, and the suites are well laidout. We had stayed here the previous season so we were upgraded from a one bedroom to twobedroom immediately.It is nice to stay at a place that does not have a casino so it is quiet and there is a lot less foottraffic inside. My only gripe is the long walk back from the strip. Either go through theCosmopolitan or criss-cross back and forth on Harmon. Oh well, that is tge price you pay for aquiet retreat.The internet connection is terrible. My husband and I had a difficult getting and keeping ourconnection.Vdara, Vdara, Vdara. You were aight.... 24 / 29
  25. 25. by Cynthia L. via yelpVdara, Vdara, Vdara. You were aight.All the travel packages said that this place would suit me to a "T" but really, I wasnt thatimpressed overall. But, I paid the inexpensive rate so I wasnt too put out.The first sign that I was in for an interesting experience was how the cab had to navigate to thehotel. I go to LV a lot, so I know about some of the crumb-bum taxi drivers that try to take youout of the way of where youre going to increase the fare. It just really took an 007 mission toactually get to the hotel. Taxi driver; I thank you for getting us there.The hotel is nice; nothing too luxurious really. Our rooms all had the expected nice views;although I was impressed that my room had two TVs, one facing my bed and one for the littlesitting area on the other side. Dont want to miss Jersey Shore O_o Theres no gambling here,which suits me fine, but I think I missed the buzz of just having...other people around.Heres the GIANT ELEPHANT, HIPPO, BLUE WHALE that was in the room: This place is NOTfriendly for those on foot. It LOOKS like it would be, but sadly, you and I would both bemistaken. From taking a tram, to walking through the small, un-busy and uninteresting mall toget to the Strip, this chick wasnt impressed. To meet other friends, we would have to add 20minutes of travel time just to meet them on time.I didnt use the spa services because we had other stuff going on, so if other peoples reviewsare based on that, then Ill have to let them have it. I wouldnt go back unless it was free andApollo-like gods carried me around on a palanquin from place to place, because giiirrrrrl Im notWALKING in 4" stilettos anywhere again!The security also took themselves way too seriously too. It wasnt until the 3rd day (when theyrecognized me) that I didnt get nearly patted down before entering the elevator. Really, Vdara,you arent that exclusive, lighten up. Have a brownie. Speaking of brownies, the coffeeshop/small grocer downstairs always had a line that took forever to go through. Why you ask?Because there isnt ish anywhere close by!The highlight had to be the pool. I dug it. But you cant mess with sun, water, and an interestingview of the neighboring hotels, right? I laid out there every day and achieved a warm,sun-kissed glow that definitely made me look out of place when I came back home. That was(sadly) the best memory of the hotel. 25 / 29
  26. 26. Stayed here for a one night staycation... by Clint B. via yelpStayed here for a one night staycation in November. I didnt see much of the hotel other thanthe room and the lobby, but everything I did see looked clean and modern. The only diningoptions are room service and a small cafe located off the lobby. I didnt try either.A standard room is pretty spacious. Theres a small kitchenette as you enter complete with astove top, two-person dining table, microwave and mini fridge. Half of the fridge is used for theminibar (dont touch anything in there!) and the other half is empty. You have to request platesand silverware if you need them. Past the kitchen is a large room with a sofa, chair and bed.The mattress was really soft and comfy, as were the pillows. The bathroom was fairly standard-- nothing to write home about.Ive only checked out a few hotel rooms on the strip but Id have to rate this one below the onesIve experienced at The Palazzo, Cosmo, and Caesars. All of which have more interestinglayouts, design, and amenities. Our room at Vdara wasnt bad, it was just kinda dull.One big positive (if youre looking for a place thats quiet) is that it doesnt have a casino or clubso theres a lot less noise. Another positive is the front desk. We didnt have to wait long to getchecked in and they were nice enough to send up a complimentary bottle of champagne to ourroom.The negatives are:- Few dining options- Not convenient if you plan to walk to other casinos since its not directly on the Strip (its setback behind the Cosmo on Harmon)- No self parking. Its all valet, which is nice when you drop off your car. But waiting for your carwhen you want to leave can take a while during peak hours. 26 / 29
  27. 27. Hrmmm.  I really liked the property... by Kristine M. via yelpHrmmm.  I really liked the property itself, but the service left something to be desired.I was going to Vegas for a work thing, and I decided to add two extra days as a quickie vacationto hit a spa and get some warm weather.  I dont gamble, so I kind of do the anti-Vegas thing.I picked the Vdara because I was hoping for a view of the Bellagio Lake (which I got) atsomething less than Bellagio prices (also achieved).  I also liked that there was no smokingand no casino, since I wanted peace, quiet, and clean air.  All of which I got.  I signed up forthe Romance Package in case my S.O. could make it (that part, unfortunately, didnt work out). Anyway, there were some minor perks, including a $100 food credit.  I saw different fineprint on whether this was $50 for Food and $50 for the "resort fee" or $100 food.  I asked front desk person (Michelle), who said $75, and that it was good for the restaurant and notjust room service.A buddy was at loose ends, and decided to join me at the last minute.  Since she was betweenjobs, I offered to share my room, since hey, suite, with plenty of space.  (Since I signed up forthe Romance Package, they probably figured we were lesbians, but hey, got an upgrade for it orsomething.)Anyway, the suite was beautiful.  (Hooray for upgrade!)  I loved it.  It was very much like acondo, which I actually kind of dig on vacation.  There was a guest powder room, dining table,proper fridge in addition to mini-bar, dishwasher, and fabulous views.  Particularly from themaster bath, but Ill take it.We called down to housekeeping to ask for extra streets for the sofa bed, and they said 20minutes.  We called back 45 minutes later after receiving nothing, and the phone just rang andrang.  Yes, it was late, but they said 24 hour housekeeping, so.  We were tired, so we didwithout that night.  (We left a note and tip the next morning, so that worked.)We hit the bar and restaurant downstairs a couple times, since the Vdara Bar was convenientlynearby and had a whimsical swing outdoors.  I also ventured to the spa as well (and really willtry to write a review for that and the bar).  27 / 29
  28. 28. Other than the incident with the extra sheets, I thought all was well, checked out and went to mywork thing across the driveway at the Aria.I get the bill emailed to me and theres $156 in food and beverage charges at the hotel, and nocredit.  Its not going to make or break me, but I hate being ripped off.  I email back to askabout it, and get no response.  So now Im cranky, and my goodwill has vanished.  Later, Iget an automated survey, which I answer in scathing detail, and leave my contact info so theycan contact me if they want, but I didnt expect a response.  Luckily, someone did, a coupleweeks later, with a very nice apology, and  they credited my AmEx for the $156.  Theyoffered me an upgrade if I go back, but Im still undecided if I will.Staying at Vdara was amazing. Our... by Frances V. via yelpStaying at Vdara was amazing. Our group had a high floor so we have a nice view of the LasVegas strip. The suite was very spacious. It has a nice kitchenette and living room with a niceflat screen tv. The decor was very modern and cozy. One thing to note about staying here isthat there is no casino below. So it was nice to return to our room with it not being too noisy orbusy with people. This hotel is an easy walk to the Cosmopolitan and the Bellagio whichneighbor the hotel. I would love to stay here again. Excellent service and rooms.pros:- nice, clean, modern... by Renalen C. via yelp 28 / 29
  29. 29. pros: - nice, clean, modern hotel rooms - adequate security - efficient and friendly room service. cons: - kind of a far walk to the actual strip since its way towards the back of the city center - controlling the temp in the rooms was kind of hard (hard to find a happy medium) - felt every single spring on the mattresses on the sofa bed lol Yes, the rare 5 star rating. Â I... by Laura I. via yelp Yes, the rare 5 star rating. Â I cant find anything to complain about. Â The room was very comfortable and roomy, with a Bellagio fountain view to boot. Â I actually like that there is no casino, less walking and traffic. Â Never had to wait in a taxi line, easily walked (although through the parking garage) Â to the Cosmo and Aria. Â The bar downstairs is a little expensive, but the bartenders are cool and its easy access. Â The club sandwich wasnt bad. Â Nothing overly fancy here, but comfortable and a good value for your money. ic_youtube 29 / 29Powered by TCPDF (