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Leveraging Social Media for Development: Lessons Learned and Insight


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Presented at UN-APCICT Regional Seminar on Social Media for Development held at Republic of Korea from 30 June to 2 July 2014.

Prepared by Jeong Tae Kim, CEO at MYSC(Merry Year Social Company) and Kyungsin Kim, Creative Director at Edit the World of MYSC.

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Leveraging Social Media for Development: Lessons Learned and Insight

  1. 1. Leveraging Social Media for Development: Lessons Learned and Insights Jeong Tae Kim CEO, Merry Year Social Company Former Officer, UN Project Office on Governance Master of Social Entrepreneurship, Hult Intl. Business School Kyungsin Kim Creative director, Merry Year Social Company Master of Media, Communication and Development, London School of Economic and Politics
  2. 2. Professional mediator for optimized tri-sector collaboration We believe the power of social entrepreneurship in sustainably addressing social issues and creating shared values for greater impact. Tri-sector Innovation : collective impact with the public, the private & CSO Human-centered Innovation : disruptive innovation through empathy Hybrid Value Innovation : blending for-profit and not-for-profit About MYSC 2  Three Key Innovation Strategies
  3. 3. Business of MYSC Social Economy Open Platform
  4. 4. My Social Media (Jeong Tae Kim) Shared 55 slides Viewed by over 100,000 Numbers are just numbers. What counts is what to do with these free/smart social network. What if local people in the field become active users of these social media?
  5. 5. My Social Media (Kyungsin Kim) Over 5.2 million people watched this video all around the world (2013) The most globally viewed Korean content (before “Gangnam Style”) A Korean parody of “Les Miserable”(starred by Russell Crowe) by Korea Air Force hit 5.2 million views.
  6. 6. Leveraging Social Media for Impact  Good stories (content) can be multiplied by well-organized social media.  Social media has a leverage power to multiply i mpact as well as reach out to those who would not be connected otherwise.  Imagine how powerful it will be if every beneficiary can use social media and share their feedback directly to the donor country or the donating agency.  Also Imagine how cost-effective it will be if village people can speak out about what they really need and what they don’t want! Multi to Multi
  7. 7. In many cases of development project, products/services were designed to help address various problems only to end up with stopping being used. People’s real needs remained unheard. No Demand technologyPeople
  8. 8.       Social Media-facilitated Open Innovation
  9. 9. 1. Listening. 2. Transforming the market. 3. Scale. 4. Ruthless affordability. 5. Private capital. 6. Last-mile distribution. 7. Aspirational branding. 8. Jugaad innovation. Zero-based design is a human-centered approach to find out about what poor people themselves believe will best meet their needs, free of any assumptions and previous experiences that engaged experts may have. Zero-based design Engaging with People and Listening to Their Stories Social Media as a zero-based design tool to listen to people
  10. 10. Open Innovation: Development’s New Paradigm #1 Identifying Real Needs by Design Thinking #2 Establishing BM by Inclusive Business Model Social Media’s Role
  11. 11. Open Innovation research manually done like there could be done through social media at a lower cost and in a more efficient way.
  12. 12. Open Innovation could start with the very people who we tend to think are beneficiaries if we are willing to listen.
  13. 13. Power of Social Media
  14. 14. Social Media is a powerful tool for development as it offers, among others, a window of opportunity to local people to identify their real needs and items for innovation and entrepreneurship. Human-centered Development
  15. 15. Social Innovation Workshop in Uzbekistan (August 2014) Social Media leveraged to come up with various social business ideas.
  16. 16. English Tutoring Service facilitated by Mobile Messenger Social Venture, South Korea Tella provides a platform where tutors in Uganda can interact with users I n Korea for English tutoring . This offers sustainable job opportunities to youth in Uganda whose official language includes English. Case: SprintRabbit
  17. 17. Social event based P2P fundraising platform Social Venture, South Korea SprintRabbit provides Social event based Peer-to-Peer fundraising platform Multi-tier (P2P) allow supporters to set up their own personal fundraising page This 2nd tier of participation can reach out their social network at much deeper level of engagement simultaneously for a single initiative On average, an individual fundraiser brings around $568 and 7 new supporters (source: blackbaud) Case: SprintRabbit Old fundraising model
  18. 18. 1. From Media to Social Media: Increased Development Tool 2. Social Media for Social Innovation Beyond Development 3. Wheel of Social Media for Development 4. Case Studies & Videos 5. Social Media for Development Matrix (draft) 6. Insight and Recommendations 경신씨, 가상목차입니다. 달라질 수 있으니 편하게 넣어주세요~ Further Resource: Social Media for Development
  19. 19. “From Media to Social Media” One to One One to Multi Multi to Multi Social Media For development? • Entertainment-education • Diffusion of information • Community Radio Mass Media ?
  20. 20. • Top-Down • The subject-nation state to promote and ‘Democratic society’ and ‘Economic growth’ as a linear path. • ex) Entertainment-education, diffusion of innovations. Social Media for Social Innovation Beyond Development Modernisation approaches (1940s-1960s) • Bottom-Up • ‘Conscientisation’(Freire 1970) • Engaging the intended beneficiaries in decision-making for Individual and Community Empowerment • Role of grassroots movements via group interaction. Participatory approaches (Late 1980s onwards) • Communication for Development : Human communication linked to a society's planned transformation from a state of poverty to one of dynamic socio-economic growth that makes for greater equity and the larger unfolding of ‘Individual Potential’ (Nora Cruz Quebral,1972).
  21. 21. Social Media for Social Innovation Beyond Development Social Media : Blogging, Wikis, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc. 1. Voice matter (Couldry, 2010) : empowering people to have a ‘voice’ 2. The networked Society (Castells, 2000) : creating opportunities for engagement and ‘Participation’ Individual / Community Empowerment
  22. 22. Micro- work Real- time Big- data Crowd- sourcing “Wheel of Social Media for Development” User Content Instant Aggregated Socia l Medi a
  23. 23. Micro-work Real-time Big-data Crowd SM4D(Micro-work): Tella Tella A social venture started in Korea, working to off a micro- work opportunity to young people in Uganda as an English tutor for Koreans. Watch Video Watch Video
  24. 24. Micro-work Real-time Big-data Crowd- sourcing SM4D(Crowd-sourcing): Ushahidi Ushahidi African-originated mobile platform where SMS users can send information indicative of meaningful events or incidents – crowd- sourced information hub.
  25. 25. Micro-work Real-time Big-data Crowd SM4D(Real-time): Twitter Twitter African-originated mobile platform where SMS users can send information indicative of meaningful events or incidents – crowd-sourced information hub.
  26. 26. Micro-work Real-time Big-data Crowd SM4D(Big-data): UN Global Pulse Global Pulse One of Ki-Moon Ban’s initiative, Global Pulse explores Big Data to monitor development progress and track emerging vulnerabilities. Watch Video
  27. 27. SM4Development Matrix (draft) Economic Dev. Social Dev. Governance Security & Safety Micro-work UN/Public Civil Sector Private Sector Crowd- source UN/Public Civil Sector Private Sector Real-time UN/Public Civil Sector Private Sector Big-data UN/Public Civil Sector Private Sector
  28. 28. Insight and Recommendations *Southeast Asia Digital Future in Focus (ComScore, 2013)
  29. 29. Insight and Recommendations *Southeast Asia Digital Future in Focus (ComScore, 2013)
  30. 30. Insight and Recommendations Social Media @ Asia Pacific Countries Great Potential for Development
  31. 31. Thank you!