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  1. 1. Making homemade bread is easier than ever with an automatic bread maker; however, choosing the right one can be adifficult task. Here are a few pointers to help in the descision process. Choose a breadmaker from a reliable manufacturer.Most bread makers have thier warranty and manuals posted online. Taking a little time to study the breadmakers manual that are usually online can give you a clear perspective on its uses.this
  2. 2. The required space for a bread machine can be substantial Its a goodidea to make sure the bread maker will fit your kitchen To test a breadmakers fit to your kitchen, use a similar sized box Look for functions thatthat work for your tastes
  3. 3. If you like extras in you bread then an add in signal function is somethingto look for This important feature tells you the right time to add nuts,dried fruit and the like Folding ingredients in to early can smoosh them,to late and not thoroughly mixed in Your new bread maker is now sittingproudly on the counter ready for action, here are a couple of tips to makethe inaugural loaf a delicious succes
  4. 4. s Follow the this instructions for your bread machine regarding order ofloading ingredients Keeping the liquid and salt seperated from the yeastis imperative until mixing begins A good guideline to follow when addingingrediends is the wet first, dry last Adding liquids that are roomtemperature provide the best results
  5. 5. Ingredients from the fridge should be gently warmed for a better tastingbread Excessively hot liquids can ruin the loaf by killing off the yeastThe bread maker takes a few hours to make a loaf of bread, first byturning the ingredients into dough using the paddle, proofing the loafusing ideal temperature control, then baking the loaf Once the bread hasbeen baked, the pan is extracted from the breadmaker and the breadfreed from the pan
  6. 6. The mixing paddle, which will leave behind a small hole must beremoved Unless you have purchased one of the few breadmakers thatform a horizontal bread loaf, then the vertical product you have just mademight seem unusual to say the least Bread has never tasted so goodand the family loves the loaves but now its time to kick it up a notch andsee what this baby can really do Now that you have made that deliciousloaf of bread how about some homemade jam
  7. 7. Making marmalades, jams and jellies is a feature most bread makershave Creating delicious jam at home is now easy Recipes for pastamade at home call for messy hand mixing Pasta making is easy with abread maker
  8. 8. Let your bread machine do all of the hard and messy work while youtake all of the credit Everyone loves pizza, but it can be so expensiveThe whole family will love calzones and pizza made at home
  9. 9. Barbecuing is a tasty twist to your bread maker pizza Read reviews andchoose from some of the most popular at the best prices
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