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  1. 1. If youre thinking about putting your home in Chicago on the market youve probably heard about staging. Its a common "first step" for home sellers and is highly recommended as a way to prepare your Chicago home for sale. Whether or not youre an HGTV fan who watches every home makeover show there is, you can employ basic staging techniques to significantly improve your homes curb appeal and selling points without spending a lot of money or hiring a professional designer. Since we already mentioned HGTV, lets check out what the network suggests with its "15 Secrets of Home Staging"…
  2. 2. #1 Eliminate Clutter - Professional stagers generally take out half of thehomeowners furnishings to make the home feel bigger and morespacious So, box up that extra stuff and put it in storage while your homeis on the market #2 Group Furniture - Move furniture away from thewalls to create a sense of space and position pieces in intimate groups,such as a sofa, chair and coffee table set in the living room #3 PlayMusical Chairs - Literally Furniture, accessories and artwork are not tiedto any one room Feel free to move pieces from one room to another forthe best look
  3. 3. #4 Give Rooms a Purpose - Every room in your house should have adesignated role in order to show the value of the space to potentialbuyers For example, throw oversized pillows and a couple mats on thefloor of the basement to create a yoga studio An armchair and readinglamp can turn any hard-to-use space into a study nook #5 Light It Up -There should be three types of lighting in every room: overhead ambientlighting, accent wall sconces or table lamps, and task lighting such asunder-cabinet illumination Total wattage should be about 100 watts per50 square feet #6 Use Color to Enhance Size - Small rooms will appearbigger when they are painted the same color as an adjacent room
  4. 4. It also helps to make the curtains the same color as the walls #7 PaintNeutral - Stay away from bold wall color in the main rooms as it tends toshrink the number of offers made on a home for sale Instead, paint thewalls with lighter hues of any shade you like (it doesnt have to be beige!) #8 Be Bold in Bathrooms - Using darker colors in the bathroom, diningroom and bedroom can have a nice, dramatic touch Start with paintingjust one wall, it may be enough to add flair and wont make the spaceseem smaller #9 Vary Wall Hangings - Veer away from hanging everypiece of art at the same height, in the same place on every wall in yourhouse
  5. 5. Break up the monotony with different groupings, patterns andarrangements #10 Rule of Three - Its best to place decorative objects inclusters of three (or other odd-number groups) Position them in atriangle-shaped bunch, as opposed to all in a row Vary the height andwidth of the objects, with the largest/tallest piece in the back #11 BringOutdoors In - Fresh flowers are a great touch, but you dont need tospend a fortune on weekly bouquets from the florist Just step outsideand clip budding tree limbs in the spring or sprigs of evergreen in thewinter
  6. 6. #12 Give the Bedroom a Boost - Make your bed a luxurious focal pointA double air mattress on a simple frame is a cheap staging trick thatgives the bed height Use a fancy sheet instead of a new duvet for aninexpensive facelift Add throw pillows with color contrast to draw the eye #13 Kitchen Makeover - Replace old cabinet doors or paint the ones youhave to give the kitchen a new look
  7. 7. Switch out tired hardware with sleek new versions Contact themanufacturers of your appliances to see if there are face plates you canpurchase to update the look of your dishwasher and refrigerator #14 Finish Fix-it Jobs - It costs less for you tocomplete small repairs around the house than what a potential buyer willask for in concessions to get the job done by a professional #15 Polishand Shine - Bathrooms are a big selling point of homes so it may be agood return on investment to upgrade the fixtures, put in new tiling andgive the room a relaxing ambiance with spa-like accessories
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