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  1. 1. Having your own raspberry bush is beneficial, not only for the health benefits, but also for their wonderful taste. They are easy to growand take very little space from the other crops in the garden. Almost everyone loves the sweet taste of raspberries, whether you pick and eat them fresh from the garden or incorporate them into your meals. Even children are easily pleased with foods that contain raspberries for after school snacks, as well as during mealtimes. Many delicious foods can be made from the fruit along with numerous health benefits to be gained.ketone diet
  2. 2. New studies are arriving every day that clarify the many increasinghealth benefits of raspberries The ketone diet newest of the findingsstates that they have been proven to prevent oral cancer One of thegreatest discoveries occurred at the Ohio State University recentlywhen the remarkable research found raspberries to have anti-tumoragents They contain a polyphenol and an ellagic acid with strongantioxidant qualities When the berries are dried into powderconcentrate, the formula restricts the progression of various types oforal cancer Malignancies of the tongue, throat, nasal cavities andlarynx are all considered to be an oral cancer
  3. 3. Future testing could determine the effects of raspberries may alsoeradicate colon cancer and skin cancer This could be one of thebest reasons to plant a raspberry bush for your health Raspberrybushes are fairly easy to plant Basically, you will use the sameprocedure as your other crops They should be kept sufficientlywatered to develop a good root They can be planted initially in drysoil, but it is best to place them in fertile, moist soil
  4. 4. Try to locate a sunny area in the garden to put them A little bit ofshade wont hurt too much if you have already taken up the sunnyareas for other crops Add in rich organic materials like humus whileyou are tilling the ground to assist the planting While you are tilling,be sure that all of the weeds are removed completely If you wouldlike, you can add a small amount of multi-purpose fertilizer beforeyou begin planting the raspberry bush
  5. 5. Though insects do not cause too many problems, the birds canwreak havoc because they love fresh berries After you have gottenthe raspberry bushes growing and producing berries, it would bebeneficial to place some bird netting over your plants Otherwise, the
  6. 6. birds will eat up all of your crops before you have a chance to enjoythem You can use a mild plant food, if youd like heartier bloomsFor healthy after school snacks, you could make banana raspberrybread, raspberry granola or raspberry muffins for your children
  7. 7. Simply mix together some frozen yogurt with some berries for an icecold treat For dinner, raspberries go well with all kinds of meats,such as chicken and pork Ham is another excellent way toincorporate raspberries into your familys diet Raspberry sauce ispretty easy to make with the freshly picked berries from your owngarden Cornstarch and a small amount of sugar whisked togetherwill be all that is necessary to make the sauce
  8. 8. You can top cheesecake with the sauce for desert or baste yourmeats in it for a delectable main course There are infinite amountsof uses for raspberries that your family will love You can rest easyknowing that your raspberry bush helped you to protect them fromcertain diseases They will enjoy them so much that they wont evenrealize that they are eating something that is actually good for them
  9. 9. ketone diet