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  1. 1. For teens who are concerned about the environment, eco-friendly decor in their bedroom is a simple way to show their support. From recycling old furniture to choosing paints and linens that are processed with fewer chemicals, many items can be used in an eco-friendly manner to enhance and beautify a teens living space. You can create a "greener"teen bedroom just by changing a few elements.environment furniture
  2. 2. Recycle old furniture One of the best ways to create aneco-friendly teen bedroom is to recycle old furniture Look around inyour own home for old pieces of furniture such as aging armchairs,bookcases or decorative wall shelves Reupholster them or repaintthem with earth-friendly paint to spruce up the furniture Make sure toinclude plenty of bookcases and decorative wall shelves for storageand even a desk for a study area
  3. 3. Eco-conscious teens will appreciate this repurposing of householditems If you dont have old furniture lying around your home, goto garage sales, flea markets and estate sales to bring home vintagebookcases and decorative wall shelves Eco-friendly beddingChoose mattresses that dont contain chemicals like polybrominateddiphenylethers These are fire retardants that are added to the foamin most mattresses
  4. 4. Also avoid the use of polyurethane foam in mattresses environmentfurniture Look for mattresses that are filled with cotton or wool Oneof the most eco-friendly options are organic mattresses made withnatural latex
  5. 5. Look for bedding that has no sizing chemicals added to thefabric Opt for cotton or bamboo sheets and blankets Both cottonand bamboo are renewable resources and are considered organic
  6. 6. Low-VOC paint Choose paints that are low or no-VOC, whichstands for “volatile organic compounds― These toxins arereleased into the air and can cause breathing problems Most paintcompanies these days manufacture at least one type of low- orno-VOC paint
  7. 7. Ceiling fans Ceiling fans are a great addition to anenvironmentally savvy teens bedroom They cut down on the needfor air-conditioning and help save energy With an array of differentdesigns, you are sure to find one to your teens liking
  8. 8. Use these ideas to create a nature-friendly bedroom that isfunctional and stylish Author Profile: Clerisa Gomes is a certifiedinterior designer and runs her own interior decoration consultancyClerisa especially loves decorating a home in wooden furniture andbelieves that nothing gives a home as warm and cozy a touch asall-wood furniture and decor
  9. 9. Clerisa loves reading up on new design ideas, and has a specialinterest in space saving techniques Here she writes about and
  10. 10. environment furniture