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The Ion PGM™ Sequencer - The Fastest and Most Affordable Benchtop Sequencer


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Affordable sequencing for nearly every lab -
Previous sequencing technologies have relied upon optical systems as bridges between the chemical and digital forms of sequence information. These systems have added tremendous costs to sequencers, relegating them to only the largest laboratories. By eliminating the need for the optical system, the Personal Genome Machine™ provides sequencing that is simpler, faster, more cost effective, and more scalable than any other technology available. With a small benchtop footprint and weight of 65 lbs (~30 kg), low cost sequencing reagents, and a simple touchscreen user interface, the Personal Genome Machine™ brings next generation sequencing to nearly every lab.

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The Ion PGM™ Sequencer - The Fastest and Most Affordable Benchtop Sequencer

  1. 1. SPECIFICATION SHEETIon Personal Genome Machine™ (PGM™) SequencerThe Ion PGM™ SequencerThe fastest and most affordable benchtop sequencerThe Ion PGM™ Sequencer:• Delivers the fastest run times of any next-generation sequencer, enabling a single-day workflow• Supports three semiconductor chips with a range of prices and outputs for flexible and scalable projects• Generates accurate long reads for a broad range of DNA and RNA sequencing applications• Requires the lowest capital investment for the greatest The Ion PGM™ Sequencer performs real-time measurements of hydrogen research impact ions produced during DNA replication. Ion semiconductor chips employ a massively parallel array of semiconductor sensors to directly translate• Is supported by a global genetic information (DNA) to digital information (DNA sequence). This community of users and groundbreaking technology enables rapid and scalable sequencing across developers—the Ion Community a range of applications. Fastest run times, fastest workflow The Ion PGM™ Sequencer produces the fastest results of any benchtop next- generation sequencer, offering a one-day workflow for most applications. Because of the rapid cycle times possible with semiconductor sequencing, Ion PGM™ Sequencer runs are complete in as little as 30 minutes for 35 base runs on an Ion 314™ Chip, and only 4.5 hours for a 1 Gb, 200 base run on a Ion 318™ Chip. Ion fragment libraries can be prepared in as little as 2 hours (Figure 1). The AB Library Builder™ and Ion OneTouch™ Systems support the Ion PGM™ Sequencer and enable simple and automated library and template preparation, further enhancing ease of use. Software solutions, both from Ion Torrent and other vendors, enable simple and streamlined data analysis.
  2. 2. Figure 1. The Ion PGM™ Sequencer delivers the fastest run times and the fastest overall workflow of any next-generation sequencer.* CONSTRUCT PREPARE RUN ANALYZE TOTAL 4 1.5 0.5 = 8 LIBRARY TEMPLATE SEQUENCE DATA WORKFLOW 2HOURS HOURS HOURS HOURS HOURS*Workflow for 100 base reads on Ion 314™ Chip.The modular design of the Ion This makes it ideally suited for Lowest capital acquisition costPGM™ System means that library targeted sequencing of gene panels— Compared to technologies that usepreparation, template preparation, utilizing the Ion AmpliSeq™ Target fluorescence/chemiluminescence,and sequencing can all be performed Selection System or other standard along with cameras and lasers, Ionin parallel. Short run times, combined methods— as well as small genome semiconductor sequencing technologywith the ability to prepare libraries and sequencing, small RNA analysis, delivers instrument pricing that is 2–5templates in advance, allows you to gene expression, and ChIP-Seq. times more affordable. This puts themaximize the number of sequencing (Figure 3). A range of easy-to-use kits Ion PGM™ Sequencer in a class of itsruns on the Ion PGM™ Sequencer—up are available for creating fragment own and has made next-generationto 15 runs per standard working day, libraries (both mechanical and enzy- sequencing more accessible todepending on read length and chip. matic shearing) and RNA libraries. scientists than any other technology.Flexible and scalable projects Robust and easy to use Global communityThe Ion PGM™ Sequencer supports Ion semiconductor sequencing relies The Ion PGM™ Sequencer is not onlya range of outputs across three on a simple pH measurement. By supported by hundreds of dedicatedIon semiconductor chips, providing eliminating the need for modified people from Life Technologiesflexibility for projects and costs. The nucleotides or fluorescent/chemilu- Corporation, it’s also supported byability to multiplex up to 32 samples minescent reporters, and the need 5,000+ Ion Community members (as ofwith available kits (or as many as 384 for expensive and complex optics and January 2012). Growing by about 100samples using custom barcodes) cameras, the Ion PGM™ Sequencer new members each week, the onlinefurther increases the flexibility of the delivers a robust and cost-effective Ion Community provides researcherssystem. The technology supports platform. with open protocols, data sets, and35 to 200 base runs (Figure 2), and source code. Users can also accessprotocols are available for single- Packing a lot of power into a small training videos and user guides andend sequencing (SES), paired-end footprint, the Ion PGM™ Sequencer can interact with other users of thesequencing (PES), and mate-pair offers streamlined setup. Installation, technology for peer-to-peer advice onsequencing (MPS). Flexibility will validation, and operation are simplified, best practices.increase in Q2 2012 with the release allowing you to move rapidly fromof the 2 x 200 base PES Kit and in Q3 unpacking the box to starting your first Join the Ion Community atwith 400 base SES reads. sequencing runs. The simple nature of semiconductor technology deliveresAccurate long reads for a broad an instrument with a robust naturerange of applications comparable to the long-standingThe Ion PGM™ Sequencer produces thermal cycler technology.accurate long reads with more than99% raw read accuracy and the lowestobserved substitution error for anyavailable benchtop sequencer.
  3. 3. Figure 2. The Ion PGM™ Sequencer continues to keep pace with scalability demands—3 Mb to 1 Gb. Chip Expected sequencing run time Expected output* 35 base reads 100 base reads 200 base reads 35 base reads 100 base reads 200 base reads 0.5 hr 1.5 hr 2.4 hr 3 Mb 10 Mb 20 Mb Ion 314™ Chip 0.7 hr 1.7 hr 3.1 hr 30 Mb 100 Mb 200 Mb Ion 316™ Chip 0.9 hr 2.4 hr 4.5 hr 300 Mb 500 Mb 1 Gb Ion 318™ Chip *100% > Q20 measured output accuracy. PES and MPS protocols are available through the Ion Community.Figure 3. The Ion PGM™ Sequencer is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.Small genome sequencing Validation Mate-paired reads• Microbial and viral de novo • Orthogonal technology to validate • Sequence the ends of a 1–10 kb sequencing and resequencing whole genome or whole exome fragment for more efficient mapping• Mitochondrial sequencing results from other platforms and structural variationTargeted sequencing Barcoded libraries ChIP-Seq• Using Ion AmpliSeq™ Target • Sequencing amplicons from • Genome-wide profiling of Selection System, Ion Target Seq™ multiple samples in a single run immunoprecipitated DNA–protein Customer Enrichment kits, or • Up to 32 barcoded libraries using complexes other technologies off-the-shelf kits, or 384 with• Detecting somatic mutations custom barcodes RNA-Seq by deep sequencing or germline • Small RNA or gene expression mutations Paired-end reads studies • Read from two ends of largerLibrary assessment fragments to allow for more efficient De novo sequencing• Rapid library complexity validation mapping and highly accurate reads • Generation of initial primary and QC prior to run on high- genetic sequence throughput sequencing platforms
  4. 4. Specifications for the Ion PGM™ Sequencer Working environment Temperature: 60–77°F (15–25°C) (for indoor use only) Humidity: 40–60% noncondensing Altitude: <6,500 ft (2,000 m) Clearances: 4 in (10 cm) in rear 4 in (10 cm) on left side 8 in (20 cm) on right side 12 in (30.5 cm) from front edge of bench to sequencer bezel 8 in (20.3 cm) from front edge of bench to the conical tubes 36 in (90 cm) aisle in front of bench for operator access Weight Crated for shipment: 85 lb (39 kg) Freestanding: 65 lb (30 kg) Other connections iPod® device: standard iPod® device docking station Ethernet: gigabit or faster USB: 2 x USB 2.0 Gas supply: 0.25 in push-to-connect fitting Pressure: 35–45 PSI Composition: dry argon (industrial grade, 99.9% pure or better) Power Voltage: 100 V (min) to 240 V (max) Current: 9 A (max) Frequency: 50/60 Hz Dimensions Width: 24 in (61 cm) Depth: 20 in (51 cm) Height: 21 in (53 cm) Additional equipment Ion PGM™ Torrent Server or Ion PGM™ Torrent Server EL Ion OneTouch™ SystemFind out more about the Ion PGM™ Sequencer products and supportTo see our entire portfolio of instruments, kits, consumables, and software,go to Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.© 2012 Life Technologies Corporation. All rights reserved. The trademarks mentioned herein are the property of Life Technologies Corporation or their respective owners.iPod is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.Printed in the USA. CO110530