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Life In The Lab - Winter 2011


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Everyone loves special offers, creative contests, and scientific tidbits. That’s why we’ve created Life in the Lab, your quarterly connection to other scientists and all your favorite life science brands and products from Life Technologies. We've also included tips, videos and other entertainment to keep it fresh.

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Life In The Lab - Winter 2011

  1. 1. WINTER 2011 INAUGURAL ISSUEWords of wisdomfrom fellow scientistsSAVE $100s ON How is your lab preparing?AMBION® ESSENTIALS Helpful tips & tricks for the labBUY ONE, GET ONE!GIBCO® GROWTH FACTORS APPLIED BIOSYSTEMS® ANDGreat deals on INVITROGEN™ PCR SOLUTIONSlots of products Frostie snowmaculusIn this issue: THE NEW It has arrived! FLoid Cell™ QuantStudio™ Imaging Station 12K Flex system p23 p9Invitrogen™ Applied Biosystems® Gibco® Molecular Probes® Novex® TaqMan® Ambion® Ion Torrent™
  2. 2. The art of imaging putting fluorescent probes to workMultiplex imaging of human carcinoma (HeLa) cell labeled with Qdot® nanocrystalsand mounted with Qmount® media. Imaging right from your mobile device The Molecular Probes® cell imaging mobile app can help you find fluorescent dyes, reagents, and protocols for cell biology–related fluorescence microscopy applications. Available for iPhone®, iPod touch®, and Android™ devices from the iTunes® store.
  3. 3. Life Technologies Intro 2 HELLO Thanks for reading! TABLE Everyone loves special offers, creative contests, and scientific tidbits. That’s why we’re bringing OF you the first issue of Life in the Lab, your quarterly connection to other scientists and all CONTENTS Gibco® Cell Culture your favorite life science brands and products from Life Technologies. Plus, you’ll find fun and exciting ways to stay engaged with the scientific community. You can start by letting us know what What’s Your Can IPSCs Protect you think at Cell Culture IQ? Endangered Species? It’s an exciting, challenging, and complex time to live life in the lab. For those about to science, we salute you. Applied Biosystems® WATCH IT Ambion® RNA Solutions Real-Time PCR Innovations Invitrogen™ PCR Gets Personal PCR Essentials This video is inspired by all the dedicated everyday heroes of science. Life Technologies recognizes your passion and admires your perseverance. Invitrogen™ Cloning Essentials Novex® Protein or search Ph. Diddy ON THE COVER This original artwork illustrates Frostie snowmaculus skeletal structure and vascular system. © Life Technologies Corp. Molecular Probes® Cell Imaging Holiday ScienceFor Research Use Only. Not intended for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.© 2011 Life Technologies Corporation. All rights reserved. CO31751 1111The trademarks mentioned herein are the property of Life Technologies Corporation and/or its affiliate(s) or their respective owners. TaqMan® is a registered trademark of Roche Molecular Systems, Inc., used underpermission and license. iPhone, iPod touch, iTunes, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. Pandora is a registeredtrademark of Pandora Media, Inc. JAMBOX and Jawbone are trademarks of AliphCom Corporation. CytoTune is a trademark of DNAVEC Corporation. TRIzol is a registered trademark of Molecular Research Center, Inc.Eppendorf is a registered trademark of Eppendorf AG. Twitter is a registered trademark of Twitter, Inc.
  4. 4. 3 Cell Culture Gibco®SAVE UP TO$159* Gibco® growth factors With over 180 recombinant growth every factors available, Gibco® growth little thing factors have high biological activity and matters low endotoxin. Take 50% off 50 μg or smaller pack sizes. Use promotion code P785674 when placing your order. Find now at SPECIAL OFFER on Gibco® Sera Purchase $500 or more of qualifying Gibco® sera/FBS and get a Gibco® cushioned floor Work those glutes mat for the lab.* Is trypsin your Use promotion code RFBSFM. Gibco® GlutaMAX™ media—a better alternative to L-glutamine dangerous liaison? Find now at Minimize ammonia buildup and keep TrypLE™ Express—a direct Contact your FBS specialist before your cells healthier longer. substitute for trypsin—for better cell January 31, 2012, to discuss incredible Get your FREE* sample at health savings on fetal bovine serum at Easy and convenient, TrypLE™ reagent can be used in your current protocol. Get your FREE* sample at *Certain restrictions apply. Please see page 26 for terms and conditions.
  5. 5. Gibco® Cell Culture 4What’s your cell culture IQ?Think you know everything about cell culture? Take our quiz and put SCORE DATE _________________________________ NAME _________________________________your knowledge to the test. Answers below—no peeking!1. DMEM cell culture medium 7. The stem cells that form blood I’M NEW contains how many components? and immune cells are: [ A ] <10 [ A ] Neural stem cells [ B ] 10–20 [ B ] Hematopoietic stem cells [ C ] 21–30 [ C ] Mesenchymal stem cells [ D ] >30 [ D ] Episomal stem cells APPRENTICE2. The two most common cell culture 8. The optimal pH for growth of media supplements are: mammalian cell lines is: [ A ] Penicillin and trypsin [ A ] 5.0–6.0 [ B ] DMSO and glutamine [ B ] 6.1–6.9 [ C ] Serum and streptomycin [ C ] 7.0–7.6 GENIUS [ D ] Glutamine and serum [ D ] 7.7–7.93. The more glutamine you add to 9. Which cells cannot be expanded in cell culture media, the better! culture indefinitely? [ A ] True [ A ] Primary human keratinocytes [ B ] False [ B ] CHO-S [ C ] High Five™ DIRECTIONS4. The HeLa cell gets its name from [ D ] 293F which person? [ A ] Harry Lake 10. Type II neuronal cells exhibit which [ B ] Hester Lamont characteristic? [ C ] Henrietta Lacks [ A ] Long axons • MAKE DARK MARKS [ D ] Herman Lasiter [ B ] Short axons • ERASE COMPLETELY [ C ] No axons5. Cells should be frozen: [ D ] Multiple axons [ A ] Quickly [ B ] Slowly 11. Adherent mammalian cultures How’d you score? should be passaged when they are:6. Frozen cell should be thawed: [ A ] In the lag phase of growth 1–4 correct: I’m new [ A ] Quickly [ B ] 100% confluent Let’s not be so quick to blame our lab [ B ] Slowly [ C ] In the log phase of growth partner for last week’s contamination! [ D ] After 2 days 5–9 correct: Apprentice Moving in the right direction. 12. Geneticin solutions should be prepared based on: 10 or more correct: Genius [ A ] Dry weight You sure know your way around a T7 flask. [ B ] Active weight ANSWERS: 1 d, 2 d, 3 b, 4 c, 5 b, 6 a, 7 b, 8 c, 9 a, 10 c, 11 c, 12 b
  6. 6. 5 Cell Culture Gibco® Get your FREE copy* Gibco® neurobiology handbook From cell differentiation to transfection—protocols for your neurobiology research. Get yours at Gibco® radio on Pandora® Radio Gibco® Cell Culture Radio is the top station for cell culturists, referred to and recited by scientists who know that music makes you, and your cells, happy. KnockOut™ Rock your lab at!/stations/ performance play/cellcultureradio at a knockout price KnockOut™ ESC/iPSC Media Kit for optimal primary stem cell culture. The most cited serum replacement for stem cell culture improves your cell viability and growth. Find now at Product Quantity Size Cat. No. KnockOut™ ESC/ 500 mL 1 kit A1412901 iPSC Media Kit FREE JAMBOX® Wireless Speaker with qualifying Gibco® purchase* Discover how Gibco® products reduce variability, lower costs, and improve cell viability. Purchase $2,000 or more of Gibco® basal media, salt solutions, specialty media, fetal bovine serum (FBS), or reagents, and get a Jawbone® JAMBOX™ wireless speaker. Find now at *Certain restrictions apply. Please see page 26 for terms and conditions.
  7. 7. Invitrogen™ Cell Reprogramming 6Cell reprogrammingMADEEASIER Introducing the CytoTune®-iPS Sendai Reprogramming Kit. Can endangered species be rescued with iPSCs? Get highly efficient, easy-to-use technology for generating induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) with no viral integration. Much of the research on induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) has focused on the creation of human iPSCs for potential applications Find now at in human cell therapy and drug discovery. But recently Jeanne Loring and her group at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, NEW California, examined the application of somatic cell reprogramming to endangered species conservation and created iPSCs from two endangered species: the drill, Mandrillus leucophaeus, and the northern white rhinoceros, Ceratotherium simum cottoni. Loring and her team propose applications in cell therapy for treating degenerative diseases suffered by endangered species and generating iPSC-derived germ cells for the production of viable offspring. What do you think? What research needs to be performed before iPSCs can be used to rescue endangered species? When will we see this research being applied to species conservation? Send me a message on Twitter at For more information on the research described above, read the article in the September 2011 issue of Nature Methods at TWEETS from ORTHOSTICHY stem cell advances and other life obser vations We believe in the power of community and support a variety of associations and user groups. Here are some Twitter musings from our colleague, David Welch. “iPSCs share a pluripotent metabolomic signature w/ embryonic stem cells that is distinct from their parental cells:” “Check out this PBS film on Dr. John Kessler of Northwestern University and his mission with stem cell research:” Follow David on Twitter @orthostichy
  8. 8. 7 RNA Ambion® Sasha Vlassov Interview Senior Staff Scientist, Ambion® Products When did Life Technologies begin to offer oligonucleotides that are more specific due to products for the miRNA functional workflow? innovative chemical modifications that inactivate Ambion (now part of Life Technologies) was the the star strand. These mimic the natural first company to launch tools for the miRNA microRNA, thus increasing the level of the specific functional analysis over 7 years ago. In July 2011, microRNA inside the cell. we launched the next generation mirVana™ mimics and inhibitors. What are the different offerings within this product line? How are the new mirVana™ products different? The new product is available both at small scale mirVana™ inhibitors are single-stranded as well as at larger scales (In Vivo Ready format). oligonucleotides that are more potent due to their We offer human and mouse libraries for both novel chemical modifications. These inactivate the mimics and inhibitors with 100% coverage of natural miRNA, thus reducing their levels in cells. miRBase version 17. mirVana™ mimics are double-stranded synthetic YOUR CAPTION COULD BE A WINNER! Every two weeks we post a new cartoon on Facebook with no caption. Write a smart, clever, or witty caption and add it as a comment. If your caption is selected, we’ll send you a print of the artwork— with your caption included!* (Your clever caption goes here) Go to to post your caption, or just to enjoy the wit of your fellow scientists! *Certain restrictions apply. Please see page 26 for terms and conditions.
  9. 9. Ambion® RNA 8What has been the feedback on this technology?We have received very positive feedback from thefield on the functional robustness of our mimics RNAlater®and inhibitors. A large number of scientists haveused our mirVana™ products for the microRNA solutionfunctional analysis in cell models as well as mice.Where can I order mirVana™ mimics Make time stand still for your cellsand inhibitors? This revolutionary reagent minimizes the SAVE UP TO $159*Order mirVana™ mimics and inhibitors on the need to immediately freezeApplied Biosystems website at samples to preserve Get 25% off a quantity of 2 or more Ambion® Essential products like the PureLink® RNA Mini Kit and WOW RNAlater® solutions. Trust TRIzol® products and Use promotion code P7800533. Offer ends January 31, 2012. SAVE up to $193* Find now at With thousands of journal references, you can trust TRIzol® products for DNA and RNA isolation. Purchase 1 TRIzol® tip and accessory item at list price, and receive 25% off another TRIzol® product. Use promotion code RTIPAC. Offer ends January 31, 2012. Find now at Product Size Cat. No. TRIzol reagent ® 100 mL 15596-026 TRIzol reagent ® 200 mL 15596-018 Here’s what Ambion® fans said on Facebook: Product Size Cat. No. Under 2 RNAlater solution ® 100 mL AM7020 hours How many 6 to 8 RNAlater solution ® 250 mL AM7024 9% hours hours do you 3 to 5 More than RNAlater solution ® 500 mL AM7021 hours 8 hours 28% spend in the 29% 29% lab each day? *Certain restrictions apply. Please see page 26 for terms and conditions. Become an Ambion® fan and join the conversation at
  10. 10. 9 Real-Time PCR Applied Biosystems® IT HAS ARRIVED The QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System NEW The ‘all-in-one’ qPCR instrument With five interchangeable blocks, you can analyze from 1 to 12,000 data points per run in the assay format that’s right for your project. From 96-well to OpenArray® formats, targeted discovery, confirmation, and screening can now be done on a single system. • Increase your throughput 32-fold in a single run • Enhance your flexibility and scalability with five easily interchangeable blocks—96-well to OpenArray® plates • Start a 12,000 data point experiment typically in 20 minutes or less • Secure your results with integrated sample tracking and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance assistance modules See how it works at
  11. 11. Applied Biosystems® Real-Time PCR 10 StepOne™ and StepOnePlus™ systems Our most affordable and simple solutions featuring 48- or 96-well, 4-color, Fast, and standard cycling. Perfect for all levels of experience. FREE iPad® 2 device Buy yours now at with your StepOne™ or StepOnePlus™ purchase* † ViiA™ 7 system A step up in productivity and flexibility. Features interchangeable blocks in 96-well, Fast 96-well, 384-well, and TaqMan® Array formats, and a 21-filter combination. Find now at in or trade up your real-time PCR platform!*Accelerate your lab’s productivity when you trade your existing real-time system for unmatched precisionand maximum multiplexing capabilities.Trade in or trade up today. To see complete terms, go * Certain restrictions apply. Please see page 26 for terms and conditions. Once you’ve placed your order, send an email with your confirmation and mailing address information to † and we will send you an iPad® 2 device loaded with useful biology applications.
  12. 12. 11 Real-Time PCR Applied Biosystems® SAVE $400* on one Single Cell-to-CT™ Kit Don’t let a single cell get you down. Get reliable and robust gene expression analysis from single cells with maximum sensitivity. Limit 1. Use promotion code P777473 (US) or P777476 (Canada). Offer ends January 31, 2012. Save now at Real-Time PCR • Reduce contamination risk with a separate area in your lab just for real-time PCR experiments—create an “RNA Zone” for Product Size Cat. No. sample prep extraction, external sample preparation, reaction Ambion Single Cell-to-C Kit ® ™ 400 reactions 4458236 T mixture set-up, and running the real-time PCR instrument Ambion Single Cell-to-C Kit ® T ™ 50 reactions 4458237 • Use Ambion RNaseZap® RNase Decontamination Solution to get rid of RNases and other contaminants prior to same prep procedures • Perform a bioinformatic evaluation of your target sequence 40% off* before submitting the sequence into our online custom TaqMan® PreAmp Master Mix TaqMan® Assay design tool—find instructions at Get more cDNA targets with • Before resuspension of your lyophilized TaqMan® Assays, spin TaqMan® PreAmp Master Mix. down the tube to ensure that you are resuspending everything in the tube Simply use promotion code P1228 • Make aliquots of your resuspended TaqMan® Assays to avoid when placing your order. repeated freeze/thaw cycles • Prevent cross contamination with filter tips or positive Save now at displacement pipettes • Cap the wells for No Template Control (NTC) prior to adding any sample cDNA/DNA or external standards during the total reaction preparation • Add DNA or RNA to your wells last to minimize cross contamination • Keep the bottom of your plate clean—use a support base for 96-well plates or a lint-free wipe/cloth for 384-well plates • Centrifuge your PCR plate before loading into the instrument to remove bubbles and ensure all reaction components are at the bottom of the well • When setting up and running replicate wells, make sure that 38,000 publications and your sample names, detector names, and detector tasks are counting—yours could be next! the same Trust the most-cited SYBR® technology ever Power SYBR® Green PCR Master Mix provides high sensitivity and low variability to enable consistent experimental results you can trust, verified by over 38,000 publications— more than any other master mix. *Certain restrictions apply. Please see page 26 for terms and conditions. Find now at
  13. 13. Applied Biosystems® Real-Time PCR 12 NEW New—easily search over 9 million TaqMan® Assays faster! Find what you’re looking for. Rapidly access more than 9 million predesigned assays for gene expression, microRNA, SNP genotyping, copy number variation (CNV), and more, plus unlimited custom assay options with the new TaqMan® Assay search experience. Search now at data faster with 20X more assay choicesPut TaqMan® Assays to the test for just $179*Get unsurpassed performance from the gold standard in real-time PCR.At this price, you can’t afford not to try TaqMan® Assays.The TaqMan® Gene Expression Trial Kit includes 2 TaqMan® Gene Expression probe/primersets and 1 mL of TaqMan® Gene Expression Master Mix.Use promotion code P1114 when placing your order.Find now at *Certain restrictions apply. Please see page 26 for terms and conditions.
  14. 14. 13 PCR Applied Biosystems® WATCH IT THINK TWICE FREE VeritiLink™ Remote Management Software— a $3,255 value!* Do PCR better than gradient: a stop-motion animation Stay connected with real-time email updates. It took thousands of photos and weeks of moving over When you buy two or more Veriti® Thermal Cyclers, 6,000 PCR tubes to create the video that tells our story. get free VeritiLink™ software. Manage and monitor You wouldn’t want to live in world of gradients, so why over 50 networked Veriti® Thermal Cyclers in a should your PCR have to? secure, password-protected environment. Simply use promotion code P1232 when placing your order. Find now at PCR gets personal 2720 Thermal Cycler— NOW just $2,720!* The personal-sized Applied Biosystems® 2720 Thermal Cycler is ideal for basic PCR and cycle sequencing applications. You’ll get performance and reliability in a compact, cost-effective package. Use promotion code P1183 when placing order. Find now at 30% OFF Platinum® Multiplex PCR Master Mix* Specifically amplify up to 20 different targets in a single reaction. Use promotion code P1244 when placing order. Save now at Product Quantity Cat. No. Platinum Multiplex PCR Master Mix ® 50 reactions 4464268 *Certain restrictions apply. Please see page 26 for terms and conditions.
  15. 15. Invitrogen™ PCR 14 Some like it hot—some don’t Save 30% on your favorite Taq products*Platinum® Taq DNA Polymerase is a great choice Native and recombinant Taq Don’t need a hot-for all your PCR reactions where an antibody-mediated hot-start start enzyme for your PCR reactions? Choose from native orenzyme is preferred. recombinant Taq DNA polymerase. Product Quantity Cat. No. Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase ® 100 reactions 10966-018 Taq DNA Polymerase—Native 100 units 18038018 Taq DNA Polymerase—Recombinant 100 units 10342053Use promotion code P797156 (US) or P797163 (Canada)when ordering. Limit 1. Offer ends January 31, 2012.*Discover all of our PCR enzymes painful agarose burns!E-Gel® Go!™ SystemFast and affordableThe E-Gel® Go!™ System offers precast gel convenience,low throughput, and quick check analysis. With just 4lanes per gel, this system offers a cost-effective way to WHOA SAVE $142 on SuperScript®quickly check your PCR reactions when you only have afew samples. VILO™ Master Mix*Find now at Get accurate and sensitive quantitation in a transcriptase formulation. Now in a convenient, single-tube format, you can simplify and save time while reducing contamination risks. Use promotion code P797140 (US) or P797143 (Canada) when ordering. Limit 1. Offer ends January 31, 2012. Save now at Product Quantity Cat. No. SuperScript VILO Master Mix ® ™ 50 reactions 11755050 *Certain restrictions apply. Please see page 26 for terms and conditions.
  16. 16. 15 Transfection Invitrogen™ Designer T-cells Two recent articles present the amazing results of a clinical study led by Carl June at the University of wipe out leukemia Pennsylvania. The story of patients’ own blood cells designed to destroy cancer cells soon spread via social media, a number of television stations, and The New York Times. Two of three patients with advanced leukemia are now in complete remission six months after treatment in a phase-1 clinical trial. Powerful T-cells that specifically target leukemia were engineered using a specially designed lentiviral vector. The team used Dynabeads® technology conjugated with anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 antibodies. This magnetic separation technology also enabled high expansion of the engineered T-cells prior to infusion to the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) patients. Full articles can be found at The New England Journal of Medicine and Science of Translational Medicine. WATCH IT WATCH IT An entertaining and useful explanation of the Best practices and recommendations for techniques used for cell isolation. successful transfection. transfectionvideo
  17. 17. Invitrogen™ Transfection 16 BUILD YOUR BENCH STRENGTH Tali™ Image-Based Cytometer The touch of a button lets you detect fluorescent protein expression, apoptosis, and cell viability with the Tali™ Image-Based Cytometer. FREE SLIDES* For a limited time, get a free box of 500 slides when you purchase a Tali™ Image-Based Cytometer at list price. Use promotion code RKTTAL when ordering. Find now at Size Cat. No. COOLTali Image-Based Cytometer ™ 1 unit T10796Slides for Tali™ cytometer 500 T10796 43,000 citations can’t be wrong Try Lipofectamine® reagents for FREE* Lipofectamine® reagents have become the50% off!* most-referenced transfection reagents with over 43,000 citations. Try Lipofectamine®PrestoBlue™ LTX for plasmid delivery and Lipofectamine®Cell Viability Reagent RNAiMAX for siRNA delivery, and see for yourself.Get nontoxic, fast detection on either afluorometric or colorimetric plate reader. Get your free sample at promotion code P795917 when you order.Save now at Product Size Cat. No.Product Size Cat. No. Lipofectamine LTX and Plus Reagent 0.1 mL ® A12621PrestoBlue Cell Viability Reagent ™ 25 mL A13261 Lipofectamine RNAiMAX ® 0.1 mL 13778-100 *Certain restrictions apply. Please see page 26 for terms and conditions.
  18. 18. 17 Cloning Invitrogen™ Get there faster Don’t spend days or hours—minutes are all you need Built on a legacy of innovation and trusted performance, Invitrogen™ everyday cloning essentials are designed to get you to faster results. From hours to minutes TOPO® PCR cloning kits take you from overnight cloning to 5-minute incubation with 95% efficiency. Do you have the new CloningBench app? Pain-free cloning GeneArt® DNA assembly kits let you clone without any scars typically in 30 minutes. It comes with useful and essential tools to help with your everyday cloning experiments. Conveniently Because frost bites generate calculations for your One Shot® competent cells offer the ultimate in PCR master mix, nucleic acid convenience. Don’t compromise efficiency with concentration, molar quantities, freeze-thaw issues. and more. Find out how at Download the FREE CloningBench mobile app at the iTunes® store.
  19. 19. Invitrogen™ Cloning 18InvitrogenTOPO® cloning• For TOPO® cloning, start with a 1:1 molar ratio of insert and vector• For TOPO® TA cloning, try to perform your PCR and TOPO® cloning the same day—cloning efficiency can decrease if your Build your next PCR product is stored breakthroughGateway® products GeneArt® gene synthesis• To obtain 5 to 10 times more colonies for your Gateway® BP or LR reactions, incubate 16–24 hours• To increase efficiency between two plasmids during a Gateway® BP reaction, linearize the expression vector that contains the attB sites or incubate overnight GeneArt® solutions give you predictability,• If your Gateway® destination vector has the same antibiotic adaptability, and confidence. Whether resistance marker as the entry vector, cut the entry vector with increasing protein expression rates as much a restriction enzyme that cuts within the antibiotic resistance as 100X or assembling genetic constructs marker to eliminate background• If you need to analyze your Gateway® clones, use restriction with unprecedented precision, GeneArt® gene enzyme BsrG1 to easily cut your insert out of the vector—BsrG1 synthesis and assembly tools enable you to cuts in almost all att sites break through your most complex challenges.Odds and ends• When measuring ODs (especially to calculate culture densities for bacterial expression experiments), dilute your solution to obtain an OD below 1.0. Beer’s Law—many spectrophotometers are not AS LOW AS 39 very accurate over ODs greater than 1.0• To obtain the true OD of your culture, just adjust your OD reading by the dilution factor ¢• Before performing stable selection for mammalian protein expression experiments, always set up a dose-response curve PER BASE with nontransfected cells to determine the optimal concentration of antibiotic to use for stable selection• Before resuspension of your lyophilized oligos, spin down the tube to ensure that you are resuspending everything in the tube• When you need help figuring out which restriction enzyme and buffers to use, go to Find now at
  20. 20. 19 Everyday Essentials Invitrogen™ Precious samples Peace of mind Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer Quantitates DNA, RNA, and protein with superior accuracy, sensitivity, and simplicity. Read user comments on Facebook at Find now at Product Cat. No. Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer ® Q32866 Better count fast easy and reliable cell counting The Countess® Automated Cell Counter Accurately counts live and dead cells and checks viability in 5 minutes using just 10 μL of sample. Includes a dilution calculator and data-archiving functions and requires no Shaken and stirred setup or cleaning. with just a gentle hula Find now at The HulaMixer® Sample Mixer It rotates, tilts, and vibrates. Perfect for any application needing thorough mixing. Find now at Product Cat. No. HulaMixer Sample Mixer ® 15920D Product Cat. No. Each HulaMixer® device comes with a selection Countess® Automated Cell Counter (includes 1 box of C10227 of durable stickers so you can add your personal 50 Countess® Cell Counting Chamber slides and trypan touch. blue stain)
  21. 21. Life Technologies Everyday Essentials 20WANTED: Brilliant innovator Open challengesREWARD: $1 millionWelcome to the Life Grand Challenges, a first-of-its-kind $7 Challenge 1: Challenge 3:million competition for the life science industry designed to Scalability—twice the Accuracy—twice theaccelerate innovative solutions. bases accuracyThere will be seven individual challenges, each with a $1 million Challenge 2: Challenge 4:prize. The first four challenges focus on sequencing technology, Speed—twice as fast SOLiD® sequencingspecifically on the Ion Personal Genome Machine™ and 5500Series Genetic Analyzers. Take the challenge and see full terms and conditions at
  22. 22. 21 Protein Novex® SAVE See what Novex® fans said about $497 our iPod® device giveaway Join the 7-minute revolution Wow, I never win anything! Thank You!! for western protein transfer for $999* Drew P. The iBlot® system efficiently and reliably transfers proteins from polyacrylamide gels for western blot analysis in seven minutes or less—without the need for buffers or an external power supply. Win! :) Use promotion code RIB3SK when you order. Ale G. Join the revolution at Product Cat. No. I won too! And am having a hard time iBlot Gel Transfer Device ® IB1001 believing it.’s nice to know that being a nerd has its perks. :) Cindy L. 3 great reasons for you— not your gels—to smile Become a Novex® fan at NuPAGE® minigels $111 per box* For superior separation at neutral pH. Trusted Novex® Tris-glycene gels $99 per box* For traditional Laemmli separation. Buy two, and get 50% off!* Protein standards or stains Now through January 31, 2012, when you purchase any two of our protein standards and/or gel stains, you’ll get 50% off your order. *Certain restrictions apply. Please see page 26 for terms and conditions.
  23. 23. Novex® Protein 22 Lab Wisdom COLLEGIAL CONTRIBUTIONS FOR THE LAB Top 10 tips from lab managers 1. Honor health and safety concerns in your lab 2. Know something—even just a little bit—about what everyone does in the labNovex® products 3. Understand your lab’s financial standing—and stock up• The Novex® and NuPAGE® Precast Gel Electrophoresis on nonperishable items when “times are good” Technical Guides are only available on the website and contain 4. Cultivate relationships with local sales representatives for great information about gel selection, sample preparation, updates on offers, quotes, product samples, etc. staining protocols, power supply settings, troubleshooting, 5. Get along with the people in the lab and respect and more one another - Download the Novex® and NuPAGE® Precast Gel 6. Include all people working in the lab on duty rotations— Electrophoresis Technical Guides at from undergrads to senior postdocs 7. Build strong relationships with stores and building• 2.5% BME or 50 mM DTT can be substituted for NuPAGE® porters Sample Reducing Agent 8. Maintain relationships with neighboring labs—• Load 30–50 µg of protein per gel for optimal results— you never know when you may need a favor maximum load is 100 µg per gel 9. Understand your PIs and help them with grant• Use the gel knife to trim off the gel “foot”—a razor blade also applications works, but may introduce nicks in the gel that can promote 10. Stay on good terms with the building management tearing Marie, Lab Manager University of Edinburgh WATCH ITDo you know about the upcoming technologyshift in immunoprecipitation? This video helpsexplain it. To contribute collegial words of wisdom to the next issue, please go to
  24. 24. 23 Cell Imaging Molecular Probes® Your molecular moment Yes. The new FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station is that easy. NEW We collaborated with scientists just like you through social media, one-on-one interviews, and hundreds of hours of observation to create the FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station. Get high-quality, three-color fluorescent cell images right at your benchtop with an interface so simple even novice users can collect data in just a few clicks of the mouse. • Simple—collect images in no time with the intuitive user interface • Practical—print cell images and place them in your notebook • Accessible—capture fluorescent cell images at your bench, not in the darkroom • Robust—protect expensive confocal microscopes from excessive day-to-day use • Informative—find the most popular Molecular Probes® reagents Find now at
  25. 25. Molecular Probes® Cell Imaging 24 Yours FREE!* The Molecular Probes® Handbook The most complete fluorescent labeling and detection reference is now available—add it to your library today! This newly reorganized 11th edition includes comprehensive updates representing over 3,000 technology solutions, hundreds of literature references to key fluorescence applications, and easier access to data, structures, and information. You’ll also get new technical notes and product highlights. Get your FREE copy at up to $97on Quant-iT™ products*More accurate results than UV absorbance readingsQuant-iT™ Assay Kits utilize advanced fluorophores that become fluorescentupon binding to DNA, RNA, or proteins. The fluorescence intensity of theresulting complex depends directly on the amount of the target moleculein the sample.Get 25% off. Use promotion code P780196 when placing your order.Offer ends January 31, 2012.Save now at™ Assay Kit for 20–2,000 samples. No. of assays equal 1,000.Kit Ex/Em Target Detection Cat. range No.Quant-iT™ dsDNA 510/527 nm dsDNA 0.2–100 ng Q33120High-Sensitivity (HS)Quant-iT™ dsDNA 510/527 nm dsDNA 2–1,000 ng Q33130Broad-Range (BR)Quant-iT™ RNA 644/673 nm RNA 5–100 ng Q33140Quant-iT RNA ™ 644/673 nm RNA 20–1,000 ng Q10213Broad-Range BRQuant-iT™ Protein 470/570 nm Protein 0.25–5 μg Q33210 *Certain restrictions apply. Please see page 26 for terms and conditions.
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