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CST 450 Flare Stack Ignition Cable


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We announced an unique product that is designed and engineered to operate where all other cables have failed. Our CST 450 Flare Stack cable has earned the highest temperature rating of those in the ignition cables class at 25 KVDC, 450C.

The CST 450 Flare Stack Cable is utilized in flare stacks, blast furnace instrumentation, curing systems, glass fabrication, plastics manufacturing, fuel ignition and offshore oil rigs.

How is Thermal Wire and Cable’s CST 450 Flare Stack Cable different from similar cables on the market?
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Thermal Wire and Cable LLC is a global designer and manufacturer of unique wiring and cable solutions that meet a stringent level of requirements. We are owned and operated by U.S. military veterans. We offer over 30 years of experience ensuring the highest level of specialized performance products from blast furnaces to cryogenics.

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CST 450 Flare Stack Ignition Cable

  1. 1. CST 450 Flare Stack Cable ISO 9001 Certified CSA Recognized UL LISTED/Recognized ROHS Compliant
  2. 2. CST 450 Flare Stack Cable Thermal Wire and Cable, LLC • • (239) 435 -1779 A new & innovative cable designed specifically for use in challenging and complex electrical applications. Introduction Specified for sites & situations where chemical resistance is required and where heat, high voltage, abrasion, moisture, oil and fluid resistance are needed.
  3. 3. CST 450 Flare Stack Cable Thermal Wire and Cable, LLC • • (239) 435 -1779 Flare Stacks Applications Blast Furnace Instrumentation Curing Systems Glass Fabrication Plastics Manufacturing Fuel Igniters Offshore Oil Rigs
  4. 4. CST 450 Flare Stack Cable Thermal Wire and Cable, LLC • • (239) 435 -1779 Most Ignition Cables are insulated with silicone rubber or XLPE. How is our cable different? The insulating materials of XLPE or silicone rubber is rated up to 150ºC Thermal Wire and Cable’ s CST is rated up to 450ºC
  5. 5. CST 450 Flare Stack Cable Thermal Wire and Cable, LLC • • (239) 435 -1779 Conductor: Flexible stranded, oxygen- free high conductivity pure copper with 27% nickel-clad coating Specifications and Quality Standards Primary Insulation: High dielectric strength, inorganic crystalline silicate laminated to a glass scrim and modified heat resistant epoxy (MICA)Wrapped, braided, and fused PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) composite tape, layered for high temperature operation and provides an impervious moisture and solvent resistant barrier
  6. 6. CST 450 Flare Stack Cable Thermal Wire and Cable, LLC • • (239) 435 -1779 Temperature Rating: -54ºC - 450ºC (842ºF) Specifications and Quality Standards Voltage Rating: 25,000 VDC (25KVDC) Flame Resistant: VW-1 Rated. Flame Rating VO Chemical Solvent Resistance: Excellent Water Absorption: <0.01
  7. 7. CST 450 Flare Stack Cable Thermal Wire and Cable, LLC • • (239) 435 -1779 Cut, strip, and terminate with conventional tools Advantages Surface print with AWG/MM2 for easy identification Flexible and easy to work with Maintains integrity to 2000ºF for 5 minutes @ 125 VRMS Superior electrical properties and high service range when compared to SR or XLPE counterpart Oil, saltwater, chemical resistance are not a concern for this cable to 260ºC with optional PTFE jacket or 300ºC with ECA 3000 jacket
  8. 8. We provide the right cable for the right job. Questions? Contact us today! Phone: (239) 430-WIRE Website: Office: White Lake Corporate Park 3627 Plover Ave Naples, FL 34117