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                          BPI ...
Exclusive online training is now offered by ThermalStar for the BPI
Building Analyst & Envelope Certifications. Learn at y...
What It Includes:
                                                    Written & Field Exams
Meet our Instructors                                                          FAQs:
             Jerry is a certified Gas ...
ThermalStar BPI Certification                      ...a 96% success rate!

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Online BPI Certification, Only from ThermalStar


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Online BPI Certification, Only from ThermalStar

  1. 1. The di ng il BuBlocks Presents: BPI CertIfICatIon - now onlIne of Home Per for m an ce Contracting
  2. 2. Exclusive online training is now offered by ThermalStar for the BPI Building Analyst & Envelope Certifications. Learn at your own pace and convenience in the comfort and privacy of your own home. ThermalStar is a Certified Training Affiliate for the Building Performance Institute. BPI Standards are nationally recognized as “The Standard” for building performance testing. With HomeStar on the horizon, a BPI certification will be essential. Now is the time to take advantage of today’s technology. With online training, you’re not restricted by geographical location and won’t need to miss work or daytime commitments. We schedule our field testing and proctored exams according to the needs of our students - whether it be during evening hours or on weekends.
  3. 3. What It Includes: Written & Field Exams Live Webinar Support from Instructors Who Should Take It: Home inspectors, energy auditors, construction contractors, or anyone interested in a new career Prerequisites: None, but some knowledge BPI Accreditation is a 4 Step Process of construction practices is beneficial Step 1 Take the fast track training Analyst and Envelope courses BPI classes are typically 5 days in length, Mailed to You Prior: Step 2 Pass the written Analyst and Envelope 3 days of training followed by one day of A Printed ThermalStar exams and the field exams field testing and another of a proctored Course Book 100 question exam. A copy of Residential Step 3 Register your firm with BPI to become Gold Accredited Generally, BPI certification is spent in Energy a BPI-Affiliated facility (similar to ours Step 4 Make money right now with our sales in Tucson, Arizona) with a certified BPI Training Highlights: leads instructor. ThermalStar has made 3 of Prepares students to pass these days available online, complete the written exam for both with reviews, study guides, self-quizzes, Analyst and Envelope notes, and powerpoint presentations. By certifications making this course available online our 15 module course students will save time and money. These (including slide deck and classes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days narration) a week. You never have to miss work or Self-quizzes leave home. The course is available when Study guides you want it. No mandatory test date
  4. 4. Meet our Instructors FAQs: Jerry is a certified Gas Finder Thermographer and is an Does your course provide certification? Expert Author of Infrared Thermography articles on No, only BPI provides certification. We Jerry is also a certified Level II Infrared are a certified Training Affiliate by BPI and Thermographer, BPI Certified Affiliate and Instructor, a our course is an approved BPI curriculum BPI certified Field Proctor, a certified Building Science for preparing for their tests. Thermographer (Certification # 30858), and holds a Member of the Professional Thermographers Association Certficate. Besides his certifications, Jerry is also a How do I get my test results from my licensed insurance adjuster with thirty years experience BPI? working in property investigations. Once you have completed the ThermalStar preparation course, you will then be ready to take the BPI written test. It is given online and is proctored Live by a BPI Certified test proctor. You will have Maggie is a Level II Infrared Thermographer and 2 hours to complete the 100 question ThermalStar Certified Instructor. Maggie is ZeroDraft test, and once completed your results are Certified, a LEED Accredited Professional, an Indoor Air displayed for you on screen. You must Quality (IAQ) Certified Professional, and a BPI Building also take a live proctored 1-on-1 field test Analyst and Certified Field Proctor. Lastly, Maggie is also that is also 2 hours and you will get that a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Certified result mailed to you directly by BPI 4 to 6 Green Verifier as well as a mold remediation contractor. weeks after test completion. How long do I have access to the Brett Holland is a Certified Level II Infrared course? Thermographer, a BPI Certified Affiliate & Instructor, As long as you need it, the course is self and BPI Certified Field Proctor. Brett is also a State of paced and can be reviewed as many Arizona Licensed Realtor with NAR “Green Designation”, times as needed. You can re-take the a Certified Mold Inspector (CRMI), and is both the course for free if you do not pass the owner and President of Gecko Pest Management BPI test after completing our course Incorporation in Tucson, Arizona. Brett has been in the successfully. Pest Management Industry for more than seventeen years and has performed over 10,000 termite and pest What payments are accepted? inspections. Credit Cards - Mastercard, Visa, AmEx, Discover, PayPal & Debit Cards as well as Cash or Check.
  5. 5. ThermalStar BPI Certification ...a 96% success rate! Benefits Save $$ Different Learning Styles with no lost work, minimalized with study guides, terms you need to know, travel time and reduced food, self-quizzes, powerpoint presentations, and lodging, and possible airfare/car the instructor available online to answer rental costs individual questions Convenience Avoid Schedule Conflicts the course is available 24/7 on for students who have a full time job or your schedule have children and wouldn’t be able to at- tend classes any other way Get Individualized Attention Flexibility because you have a direct pipeline to the skip over material you already instructor via e-mail, you can get your know and focus on topics you’d like questions answered directly to learn Contact us today! or e-mail us at Phone (888) 268-0567 Office (520) 325-3777