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Au Psy492 E Portfolio Template


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Au Psy492 E Portfolio Template

  1. 1. 1<br />Undergraduate Studies ePortfolio<br />Theresa Wood<br />Bachelor of Arts Psychology, 2010<br />
  2. 2. Personal Statement<br />Over the past three years, I have had an opportunity to work with troubled teens through a volunteer program associated with Hybrid Results Charities, a non-profit organization that I work with. My passionate desire to help children and my vocation in the field of psychology made for an easy transition into the program. Therefore, pursuing a career in mental health counseling seems only logical. <br />After receiving a 3.98 GPA in my undergraduate degree of psychology at Argosy University, I feel I am prepared for the Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology program. Throughout my undergraduate career I had the good fortune of learning from several Professors working in the field of mental health. With the knowledge gained from courses in forensic psychology, substance abuse in the criminal justice system, crimes and causes, psychology and criminal justice, children and violence, and psychological assessment the choice to continue my education was an easy decision. I have always been interested in gaining a better understanding of mental illness and its causes. <br />A need for understanding mental illness provided several topics to research in my research methods class. I chose to write a research paper on physical activity and its affect on depression and suicide ideation in adolescents. Dr. Tom Russo was impressed by my work and appreciated all the effort that had been put into this study. Similarly, my psychological assessment professor, Dr. Jeanne Henry, offered to write a letter of recommendation for my master’s program after I earned a 100 percent in the course. In my final undergraduate course, general advanced psychology, I chose to do a literature review on whose responsibility is it to ensure the academic success of student athletes. I find this topic interesting because I believe young people involved in athletics need to understand the importance of getting an education and that educators have a responsibility to ensure that the students are giving the opportunity. <br />In all honesty, my personal development has provided a stronger foundation in preparing for my master’s program than has my professional development. Positions held prior to my work with Hybrid Results Charities, were customer service oriented. Although they do not directly deal with counseling and mental health, the jobs gave me an opportunity to be around people, assist them with their problems and ensure they were satisfied in the end. The prior jobs helped me to understand my own mental health capacity, how to become an active listener and work through a variety of problems.<br />
  3. 3. Personal Statement (cont.)<br />I began with Hybrid Results Charities in its early stages, helping to feed the homeless and providing business consulting to startup programs made available through Hybrid Results. Over the past three years, I have come to realize that for me to make a difference in my community and the world requires additional education and training in the area of mental health and counseling. I believe with the knowledge gained at the undergraduate level; the direction and training received at the master’s level will give me the tools needed to succeed.<br />In addition, during my master’s program, I would like to research to what extent an individual’s innate altruistic behavior is altered by their socioeconomic status. I find it interesting how some people are willing to give when they themselves live without, and others have the means but refuse to help. Little research has been done on this topic, and I believe it would make for an interesting thesis. <br />After completing my master’s degree I want to continue to work with non-profit organizations offering my counseling services to children, youth and teens that may suffer from emotional disorders, substance abuse and addiction, suicidal thoughts, education concerns and family problems. I would also like to continue research and development in finding a way to lower or eliminate the recidivism rate of juvenile offenders.<br />By having an opportunity to obtain a Masters of Arts in Forensic Psychology from a prestigious college such as Argosy University, there are no limits as to how far this degree can take me and how many lives can be touched. I began my undergraduate program at Argosy right after being diagnosed with stage IV melanoma. The program gave me the strength to beat cancer and I know the master’s program will give me the strength to help children, youth and teens beat mental illness.  <br />
  4. 4. Resume<br />
  5. 5. Reflection<br />As my undergraduate program comes to and end, I find myself reflecting back over the past four years. To think when I first began at the end of 2005, I had no idea that I would grow into the intellectual person that I am today. I have the ability to communicate and express my thoughts both verbally and in writing; something that had been non-existent in the past. <br />Through critical analysis of various psychological theories and perspectives I have been able to adapt a scientific approach to most of my studies. This has allowed for a deeper understanding of not only the course material but the actual context of each area of psychology. Moreover, the ability to work and learn from professionals in the field of psychology has given me a path for what I would like to do with my education. <br />Additionally, active listening skills acquired have provided the ability to establish strong working relationships, both personally and in business. Furthermore, recognizing and appreciating the diverse and cultural differences that exist among fellow students and colleagues has contributed to the development of an awareness program that will be utilized in the non-profit organization that I am currently employed with. <br />To date, I have not secured a position in the field of psychology, but yet I feel the tools that have been obtained have put me in a position to help a number of individuals in need of understanding and guidance. While I still have a number of areas that are in need of further development, I leave this program knowing that I can make a difference in the world. <br />
  6. 6. Table of Contents<br /><ul><li>Cognitive Abilities: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy
  7. 7. Research Skills
  8. 8. Communication Skills: Oral and Written
  9. 9. Ethics and Diversity Awareness
  10. 10. Foundations of Psychology
  11. 11. Applied Psychology
  12. 12. Interpersonal Effectiveness</li></li></ul><li>Work Sample Links<br />AU_PSY492_M6_A3_Wood_T.doc<br /> <br />AU_PSY492_M6_A3_WOOD_T_ Communication skills.doc<br /> <br />AU_PSY492_M6_A3_Wood_T_ Knowledge of foundations of the field-2.doc<br /> <br />AU_PSY492_M6_A3_WOOD_T_Applied psychology.doc<br /> <br />AU_PSY492_M6_A3_Wood_T_Ethics and Diversity awareness.doc<br /> <br />AU_PSY492_M6_A3_Wood_T_Knowledge of applied psychology.doc<br /> <br />AU_PSY492_M6_A3_Wood_T_Research skills.doc<br /> <br />AU_PSY492_M6_A3_Wood_T_Knowledge of foundations of the field.doc<br />
  13. 13. My Future in Learning<br />I have been told that you’re never too old to learn and now I understand what is meant by the statement. I feel as if my brain is a sponge and it continually requires more information to keep it functioning properly. I guess that is the beauty of being human, having the ability to learn, adapt, reason, adjust, communicate, and alter life as we know it. The world is ever-changing and there are choices to be made. We can choose to sit back and let others around us make decisions that affect our daily lives or we can make those decisions for ourselves. <br /> Over the past few years we have saw our country go from prosperity into turmoil. Great expectations came with the election of the first African American president, but know a year later some are questioning his ability. This is where education comes in; those of us that have the opportunity to gain knowledge through education can understand that the problem did not just appear overnight, nor is it going to disappear that quickly. It is our ideas, and dreams that are going to change to face of America. No one should put such a burden on just one individual. <br /> I for one understand the need for continued learning. It is not something that should be taken lightly, since there are many that lack the opportunities that have been given to me. Therefore, it is my duty as a human being and an American to dedicate my life to education, either through learning and/or teaching. I know I cannot do this alone, but I am assured everyday with those individual’s that surround me in school and in the community that we will overcome the diversity and make this a better place for everyone. <br />
  14. 14. Contact Me<br />Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio.<br />For further information, please contact me at the e-mail address below. <br /><br />