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The QA in the DevOps world

Let's drop the tester labels such as "functional tester", "system integration tester", "automation tester", etc. More and more teams are cross-functional and team members are required to be poly-skilled. If you are testing you can and should be involved in the full SDLC, which should include deployments and infrastructure. Just like there is application code, there is infrastructure code, which needs testing too. So where do you fit in? How can you remain relevant and helpful in the DevOps world?

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The QA in the DevOps world

  1. 1. The QA in the DevOps world
  2. 2. The QA in the DevOps world Theresa Neate TConf 2017 images copyright Milly Rowett
  3. 3. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 Who is Theresa Neate? @REAGroup @REATechBlog @DevOpsAgenda butor/Theresa-Neate @DevOpsGirls 3
  4. 4. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 Why am I talking to you? 4 DEV OPS DevOps is not about developers and operations roles only. It’s about teams. All of us working together.
  5. 5. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 “DevOps is... an umbrella concept that refers to anything that smoothes out the interaction between development and operations.” - Damon Edwards What is DevOps? 5 It is not a state, an end, a person, a role or a team. It is a way of working. It relies on ● feedback ● automation ● building in quality ● no silos ● autonomous teams “We have sound, statistically significant data that shows that culture and DevOps practices impact both IT performance and organizational performance.” - Jez Humble
  6. 6. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 History of Devops Agile Manifesto 2001 Velocity Conference Allspaw and Hammond "10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr" 2009 Agile conference Toronto Debois & Shafer “Agile Infrastructure” 2008 Origins of Lean Goldratt Ohno Deming ~1940s to ~1997 DevOpsDays Patrick Debois 2009 6
  7. 7. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 To do devops you need to ask first ... 7 Why DevOps? (not how...)
  8. 8. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 Fake DevOps 8
  9. 9. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 Fake DevOps 9
  10. 10. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 WASTE So Why DevOps? Because: Lean, Agile & System Thinking 10
  11. 11. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 Systems A number of items that depend on each other. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. There is great interdependence. Without 1 item in this system, the behaviour of the system changes. 11
  12. 12. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 Systems include hardware & software 12
  13. 13. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 Wrap: why DevOps? We do DevOps because: ● through the reduction of waste ● the agile delivery of agile systems to our stakeholders ● and the total ownership of all our work through systems thinking It results in fast and high quality delivery of software. 13
  14. 14. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 What is QA in the DevOps world? 14
  15. 15. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 It is not this... 15
  16. 16. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 Nor this... 16
  17. 17. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 QA and Testing (a refresher) “testing is an empirical, technical investigation of a product, done on behalf of stakeholders, with the intention of revealing quality-related information of the kind that they seek.” - Cem Kaner QA (Quality Analysis) is the entire process of building in and raising awareness & ownership of quality. - Theresa 17
  18. 18. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 Build in quality 18 credit:
  19. 19. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 QA in the DevOps world (aka “QA Ops”) Finally! A bit of “how”: ● Learn some infrastructure basics (it’s really quite logical) ○ Such as at DevOps Girls! ○ Meetups like Infracoders or DevOps Melbourne ● Consider the consequences of architectural decisions (systems thinking) ● Test Driven Infrastructure ● Define the system metrics early ○ And measure them continuously ○ And learn from them ● As QA, carry the support pager ● Discuss production faults as the WHOLE team ● Test in production ● etc. (see the “DevOps Handbook” for more ideas) 19
  20. 20. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 Your future as QA in DevOps Let’s drop the ego. Keep learning. Help others to learn. Always. Embrace the discomfort and the fear of not knowing. “The biggest mistake you could ever make is being too afraid to make one.” - Mel Robbins, the 5-second rule 20
  21. 21. @TheresaNeate TConf Dec 2017 Images copyright Milly Rowett 21 Thank you! Theresa Neate