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About EC Services


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About EC Services

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  2. 2. About us<br />Started three years ago, E.C. Services, Inc was created to offer Central Virginia an affordable trade show display solution. Owners, Shauna Parsons & Scott Llewellyn bring years of industry experience and business savvy and together have quickly grown a long client list. <br />Today, E.C. Services, Inc offers a wide range of trade show products that start with banner stands and ends with 40’ x 40’ custom designed environments. Every client is different and with our long list of resources E.C. Services can provide a wide range of solutions at any price point. <br />E.C. Services, Inc makes itself available to its customers 24/7 because we know the work week does not run Monday through Friday. If it can be done we will find a way. <br />
  3. 3. Some of or better known clients…<br />Basement Systems attended 30+ shows in 2008 with an expected 50 shows in 2009. Most booths are 10’ x 20’+. <br />Fleet is a recent addition to our program and they attended 50+ events in 2008. They moved two tractor trailer loads of displays in December 2008. <br />MW Windows is one of EC Services first clients and they ship hundreds of sales samples each year from our location.<br />Areva is one of our most active customers shipping to 60+ shows every year and they are always in need of additional hardware and graphics as their program increases. <br />Rosetta Stone sells language software in malls around the country. We are currently helping them with kiosk signs in more than 200 locations. <br />Liberty University, one of Lynchburg’s largest colleges, has been involved with EC Services from the beginning<br />Our client list is growing and we hope you will join us on our journey!<br />
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  8. 8. Printing Capabilities <br />Dye Sublimation Fabric Graphics Huge hanging banners, custom shapes, stretched hanging structure, extrusion systems, pillowcase and skinning of any existing or custom structure Best fabric image plus lowest maintenance <br />Many, many fabric options <br />Lambda Graphics Continuous tone - highest quality in the market for all types of applications from signs to murals <br />Backlit Lambda Graphics Duratrans is the highest quality backlit graphic available Duratrans backlit is the only acceptable backlit option <br />All other backlit processes pale in comparison <br />Portable Graphics and Solutions Widest variety of portable systems and graphics options in the industry Effectively compliments your customers custom exhibit or event program Specifications for all systems <br />Hanging Structures / Tension Fabric Graphics Years of experience specializing in creating skins for hanging structures and producing large hanging banners makes Optima the quality leader in the business Tension fabric graphics for all kinds of structures <br />Rigid Graphics / UV Direct Print Custom shaped stand of graphics for large structure, kiosks, work stations, reception counters and more <br />Direct to substrate graphics Choose from multiple in stock substrates or you can provide specialty materials <br />Applied Graphics Controltac, vinyl, static cling and more <br />Wall Paper Permanent or temporary installations Popular textures in stock or you can supply your favorite <br />Extrusion Structures A myriad of fantastic graphic options including Lambda, dye sublimated fabric, UV direct print and more. Diverse attachment methods include beading, clips, Velcro and more The creative possibilities at the greatest value <br />
  9. 9. Behind the Scenes<br />Once your order is processed and put into our system it goes through several steps before becoming a finished product. The more technological aspects of the job flow are explained below.<br />Digital Imaging<br />Before outputting any of our digital products, we &quot;preflight&quot; the customer generated computer files. This entails checking for viruses, adequate resolution, image links and fonts, ensuring that all the graphic elements of the file are correct and will print properly.Our 40 technicians, throughout a three shift production schedule, perform size adjustments, photo retouching, color correction, color matching and complex customer requests that including design and assembly of layouts. Our extensive production capabilities are achieved with the aid of our fully loaded Digital Imaging Department composed of twenty 2 GHz G5 Macintosh computers, two high resolution drum scanners, flatbed scanners and the latest versions of Adobe Illustrator CS3, Photoshop CS3, InDesign CS3, QuarkXpress and other graphics software.All jobs are archived on our state of the art back-up system. This system serves the dual purpose of allowing us to archive customer files for quick retrieval on reorders and provide an extra measure of file security for our customers.<br />Color Management is involved in nearly every aspect of the production of our products.<br />We have educated our Customer Service and Technical Service personnel in the capabilities of our equipment to help them assist our clients make informed decisions, and maintain realistic expectations. <br />Obviously, our Pantone books represent a large facet of our job. It is the industry standard for accurate color communication, and is a cornerstone to our color matching. We actually have pre-matched the entire Pantone Solid Coated library on 2 of our processes and are working on our 3rd. This allows our Digital Imaging department to print with full confidence, any Pantone color and know they are getting the closest match possible. Reference charts are available. An easy to use chart that shows swatches of over 22,000 CMYK values is often used when we are asked to match the color to an existing piece of art. An inspection area, using color correct lights is available. <br />