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10 practical tips for small business marketing


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Thinking of how to spend your marketing budget for your small business? I have 10 tips that are practical and doable for a business of any size.

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10 practical tips for small business marketing

  1. 1. 1 Marketing Strategy 10 Practical (And Doable) Marketing Tips For Small Business About Me Unlike other marketing professionals I have a background in business development and sales strategy. Previously I launched a consumer brand that made over a million dollars in sales in its first year. I think Marketing is intrinsically linked to sales and business development so my approach is more holistically applied to what business development opportunities an effective marketing strategy can create.
  2. 2. 02 The purpose of marketing is to attract attention and create interest. Marketing can create a brand image, change that image and get people interested in what's for sale. The power combo Small business needs to combine sales activities with an actionable marketing strategy to get the best results. The goal for Small business marketing The goal for small business marketing is getting real and achievable sales results from doable marketing tactics. They need to go hand in hand together. The Purpose of Sales The purpose of sales is to turn an interest in a product into a commitment to purchase it. How are Sales activities different to marketing? Sales often depend on relationships and interaction, whereas marketing is more disconnected.
  3. 3. Oh the things you could do! With an unlimited budget that is… 3 Sales tools Infographics, sales books, brochures, flyers Visual Brand Collateral Your logo and Brand need to represent your business so an effective and attractive brand design is essential. Web Design Your website needs to be designed for conversion of customers to take actions you desire. It should be mobile responsive and easy to use. Digital marketing strategy How do you market your online presence, adwords, SEO, LinkedIn, Facebook, Email marketing Brand Content collateral An effective and powerful story of your business and your offer. Including USP, about us, and professional photography.
  4. 4. The First 6 tips Know thyself and know thy customer… 4 Have you clearly identified your value proposition? If it is not clear to you, then how do you think your customers experience your messaging? 1.What are you offering? 2. Discover Identify your customer needs and understand why they buy from you. Create surveys/ interview customers, do case studies. 3.Collect and collate data List and identify the top 10 pain points of your customers and list how you handle them. This is the basis of your service proposition. 4. Identify your best funnel What are your current sales funnels and what could you do to improve them? 5. Make it easy Can you create any resources to make their journey to choose or buy from you any easier? 6. A bird in the hand? Have you got any other products to introduce to your existing customers?
  5. 5. What you should spend your budget on Create great brand collateral… 05 At Creative Content Its my business to take care of your business… 7. Visual Brand elements Spend your budget on getting an effective logo/ brand designed . Get high quality images of your product, and team. 8.Conversion copywriting Invest in good copywriting by an expert who understands your business 9. A conversion based website You need a website that is mobile responsive built by someone who understands your business needs. 10. Digital marketing This depends totally on the insights from the first 6 steps. So it could be email marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Adwords and SEO. Creative Content