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Published in: Travel, Technology
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  1. 1. Learning about France These are some photos of French food. Now you are going to learn about france .
  2. 2. The France masters!!! Bougur jumapele france masters (Hugo Robbie Zeb Tequila and Emma) comatotopel???
  3. 3. Contents 5. Mini task 1 6. French food 7. What we drink and what French people drink 8. Olympics 9. French lunch and dinner 10. Mini task 2 11. French timetable 12. A French child's timetable
  4. 4. contents page 2 13. Activities after school 14. Sport 15. Homes 16. French languages 17. Mini task 3 18. Styled places 19. These are some villages in france
  5. 5. Mini task 1 In New Zealand we like to eat weetbix, pavloa, and puha. Every country has a traditional food.
  6. 6. French food ? DO YOU EAT WHAT This is not all they FRENCH PEOPLE EAT? eat
  7. 7. Comparing what French and New Zealand people drink France New Zealand cappuccino • Champagne tea • bear coffee angels • hot fluffy chocolate milo • sundays wine
  8. 8. French lunch and dinner
  9. 9. Olympics We have 7 golds 16 silvers 17 bronze We also came 10
  10. 10. Mini task two • In new zealand your day can be very busy • You may get up early to take care of your pets and have breakfast before school. • School finishes at 2.45 and afterwards your afternoon may be filled with recreational activities such as sport ,dance and music
  11. 11. French Timetable Is your timetable the same as a french timetable???
  12. 12. A French child’s timetable Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday English English English Maths Science Maths Maths Science ICT Science ICT ICT
  13. 13. These are some activities french people do after school
  14. 14. Sport france has a football team they also have a rugby team they have a basketball team they have a tennis and a beach volley ball team
  15. 15. Homes these are some photos of french homes .
  16. 16. French Languages gem muochi lesisgago!=I like to eat snails to em muochi lesisgago?=do u like to eat snails olimar ja a pistalet =hands up i’ve got a gun livre=book wea=yes noa=no olala laa=ohh my gosh!
  17. 17. Mini task 3 this question could come from your KWHL chart you made at the beginning of the term .
  18. 18. styled places • these are some styled places in france
  19. 19. These are some villages in France pretty cool!!! Now you are going to see houses
  20. 20. thanks for coming to our slideshow!!!! thank you for comming to our slied show .