MEDT 7462 Assignment 2.10


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Group project by Anthandus Beauford, Joey Dinino, and Theresa Quilici, University of West Georgia, Summer 2012

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MEDT 7462 Assignment 2.10

  1. 1. Making Im-Prezi-ve Prezi-tations Anthandus Beauford Joey Dinino Theresa Quilici University of West Georgia
  2. 2. SynopsisClick to watchO Prezi is a cloud-based presentation tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual canvas.O Prezi is distinguished by its zooming user interface (ZUI), which enables users to zoom in and out of their presentation.
  3. 3. Synopsis (continued)Prezi allows users to Tool for both free form brainstorming anddisplay and navigate structured presentationsthrough informationwithin a 2.5D spaceon the Z-axis.
  4. 4. FeaturesUse mouse View andto navigate, Add media make minor drag & from a edits via release. computer or iPad. the web. Connect the View on the dots. Tell Edit Prezis web or export your story. together! Great as a Flash for group projects presentation.
  5. 5. Features (continued)Text, images, YouTube videos and other media are placed onthe canvas and can be grouped together in frames.
  6. 6. CostPrezi is a free tool. Educator subscriptions are also available.Teachers and students with valid school email addresses canenjoy most features at no additional cost. For $4.92 per month,there is also an Edu Pro option, but the free EDU version issufficient. Public EDU VS. Best Deal!
  7. 7. AudienceWho Uses Prezi?O Businessmen and corporate trainersO ProfessorsO AdministratorsO TeachersO Presenters at conferences and workshopsO StudentsO Anyone wanting an alternative presentation tool.
  8. 8. Audience (continued)Who Uses Prezi?O Businessmen can present information or data during a meeting.O Professors can share information with students.O Administrators can use Prezis to conduct faculty meetings.O Teachers can use Prezi to share concepts and ideas with students, presenting lessons via interactive boards.O Teachers can collaborate with colleagues using Prezi.O Presenters can use Prezi as an alternative to traditional PowerPoint.O Students can work in groups and make Prezis for class presentations.
  9. 9. Audience (continued)O Students can create their own Prezis to present to classmates and turn in for a grade.O Anyone wanting to try something different should check out Prezi. New Introducing PreziU: Prezi’s educational community. (Click on image)
  10. 10. ContextWhy Use Prezi?O Prezi offers an alternative to traditional, and often boring, PowerPoint presentations.O PowerPoint presents information in linear fashion. Human thoughts are interconnected. Prezi connects the dots.O Prezi uses visual imagery with fewer words to relay information.
  11. 11. Context (continued)Where to Use PreziO Prezi can be shown in the classroom or on devices such as iPads and iPods.O Prezi can be downloaded as Flash presentations and a presenter tool can be used to advance the screen.O When shown on an interactive white board or screen, the audience tunes in to visually appealing presentations displaying interconnected ideas.Additional ResourcesO View Prezi entitled ”Why Should You Move Beyond Slides?” by Adam Somlai- FischerO Read the “Prezi vs PowerPoint” article to determine when to use each.
  12. 12. The Experts Say…According to Mehra and Mital (2007), “Instructionaltechnology may support and increase the efficiency of theteaching-learning transaction or even modify educationalprocesses, especially with regards to distance educationand "anytime, anywhere access.”
  13. 13. ReferenceMehra, P., & Mital, M. (2007). Integrating technology into the teaching-learning transaction: Pedagogical and technological perceptions of management faculty. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology, 3(1), 105-115. Retrieved from 5017