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The Power of Words. Copywriting and content management. Antibes.


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- Google looks for professional content.
- People want interesting, original stories.
- Good copywriting is what makes your sales funnel.

I can present your story more effectively to people and search engines.

For over 30 years I've been creating copy that engages people.

No matter what business you have, I guarantee we can help you communicate better.

If you want your business to get found on the Internet AND to engage with people … please get in touch.

- Our copy + content + SEO team is based in Antibes, France.
- But we work for customers throughout the EU and US.

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The Power of Words. Copywriting and content management. Antibes.

  1. 1. the Power of Words - Get discovered on Google. - Build a powerful sales funnel. - Convert more customers.
  2. 2. We’re a creative copywriting and content management team based in Antibes, France. Corporate storytelling
  3. 3. Creative/copy experience for major brands thru startups. We can help any business. Valuable experience Technology ... Finance ... Consumer / health ...
  4. 4. Creating a sales funnel Storytelling and content is the only way to get people into your sales funnel.
  5. 5. Keyword marketing We research the keywords that count ... so you get discovered on search engines.
  6. 6. Creative copywriting Then our creative and copywriting skills get people interested in your product.
  7. 7. Regular news updates We keep your customers engaged with regular blog posts and articles too.
  8. 8. Regular newsletters And we’ll create and manage your regular newsletter. Another great way to engage people.
  9. 9. Social marketing Our social reach helps you find a bigger audience and get customer referrals.
  10. 10. Articles give authority Custom articles give your business authority and improve your search ranking. See sample article
  11. 11. Curated magazines Online magazines help you dominate your market niche. We manage the content for you.
  12. 12. YouTube engagement YouTube videos are search magnets. We write the script and can create your presentations. Example: video script and production See description under YouTube video Script and description under YouTube video
  13. 13. Adword PPC campaigns We can create your keyword- based Pay Per Click marketing campaigns ...
  14. 14. Landing pages for PPC ... and our landing pages help you get the best conversions from your PPC ads. See example landing page
  15. 15. Long copy pages If you like long copy pages, we love writing them. Check out this example page.
  16. 16. Responsive blogsites Our ‘ready made’ blog template works on PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  17. 17. Amazon webstores We have a lot of experience in creating and managing Amazon webstores. Visit the Amazon page
  18. 18. Online presentations We can help with your slide content. SlideShare gets good search rankings too.
  19. 19. Online ebrochures We’ll create your PDF brochures and publish them online. See one of our ebrochures
  20. 20. Order a content audit Commission us to do a content audit. It’s the master plan to build a sales funnel for your business.
  21. 21. Get in touch email