Set of scenarios for mobile museum


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Set of scenarios for mobile museum

  1. 1. Scenarios Jane  Vita,  Tiia-­‐Marina  Silva,  Markus  Saks,    Petri  Tiainen,  Theodoros  Haile,  Ekaterina  Zhiteneva   Design  Thinking  
  2. 2. IntroductionScenarios•  Background   •  Exploring  the  experiences  in  museum   •  Providing  museum  experience  to  people  with  limited  access   •  New  ways  experiencing  museums  generally  in  new  locations  •  Itinerant  museum  service  design  through  a  set  of  scenarios   •  Scenarios  represent  visitors  and  staff   •  Characters  represent  different  demographics  and  target  groups,  including:   •  International  student   •  Family     •  Young  couple   •  Elderly  lady   •  Driver  (of  the  museum  truck)     •  Tour  guide   •  Combined  scenario   Design  Thinking    
  3. 3. International Student Scenario 1.  The  student  left  from  school  and  walked  to  the  museum.   2.  The  student  arrived  at  the  museum  door  and  bought  a   ticket  (Interaction  with  the  ticket  seller).   3.  Waited  next  to  the  door  with  an  elderly  lady  for  the   scheduled  tour  guide  (Interaction  with  the  elderly  lady).   4.  The  tour  guide  greeted  him  and  the  lady  and  invited  them   to  enter  the  museum  (Interaction  with  the  tour  guide).   5.  Walked  around  in  the  museum  with  the  guide  while  he  was   explaining  about  the  museum  and  artifacts.   By Theodoros Haile
  4. 4. International Student Scenario 6.  When  the  tour  in  one  of  the  rooms  ended  the  guide   informed  the  visitors  to  go  to  the  next  room  where  the   visual  materials  were  available.  They  thanked  him  and   walked  to  the  next  room.   7.  The  visitors  arrived  at  the  door  of  the  room  where  the   visuals  were  ready  for  them.   8.  They  were  greeted  by  the  technician  and  invited  to  enter   the  room  (Interaction  with  the  visual  technician  in  the  case   the  technician  is  different  from  the  ticket  seller).   9.  They  sat  down  and  watched  the  videos.   10.  Once  the  videos  were  finished  they  walked  out  of  the  room   after  thanking  the  technician.   11.  The  student  walked  to  his  apartment  .           By Theodoros Haile
  5. 5. Family People  from  Kuopio  –  Finland.    Scenario Jonas  Kovalainen  –  38  years  old,  father,  goes  with  his  family   to  the  center  of  Kuopio  always  when  he  knows  about  a  new  Characters    description     exhibition,  but  there  is  not  so  much  museums  in  the  city  and   takes  a  lot  of  time  to  come  something  new.    and  previous    museum      experience:     Marja  Kovalainen  –  35  years  old,  mother,  she  loves  to  go  to     museum  and  she  miss  new  exhibitions  in  the  city.  Likes  to  go   to  Helsinki  and  take  the  whole  day  tour  visiting  museums   with  her  family.     Karolina  Kovalainen  –  10  years  old,  daughter.  Very   communicative  and  always  looking  for  something  new  to  do.     Katja  Keltainen  –  09  years  old,  daughter’s  friend.  She  don’t   go  frequently  with  her  family  to  museums,  but  if  something   interesting  is  happing  they  are  the  first  ones  to  check.     By Jane Vita
  6. 6. Katja, do you know this itinerant muse 1. 2. Karoline (10) and Katja (9) were coming from the school going Karoline (10), her dad - Yes, I was there last back home, when Karoline saw Jonas (38) and her mother Saturday. I loved! But if you - Marja (35) were talkingwanna go you must to go during about the museum during this weekend, because they are the dinner. going to another city next Ok, I’ll ask Monday. my parents if Mom, Dad! they can go with Can we go to me. museum tomorrow (Saturday)? Dad! We Saturday are going to morning, the museum 3. breakfast. today, arent All the we? Karoline, museums here Yes, were going Jonas and Eva told me (Kupio) we already Marja are about an itinerant visited and the after lunch. You museum today. I exhibitions are still can play with your planning the would like to go the same. friends until 11:00 afternoon. too. and come back to Yes, mom. lunch. We go It is this around 14:30. Wow, sounds museum. interesting. Let’s go I would like to tomorrow after our buy new shoes. Can lunch. Sure, we spend some time Thanks mom, dear. before the stores close thanks dad! I’ll gonna at 18:00? We can leave play with my friends the museum before outside. Bye! See you 16:30. later. By Jane Vita Costa
  7. 7. 5. Jonas asked the Cashier about the tickets. Good afternoon! May I’ve 2 tickets for Good adults and one afternoon! It is for kids? 20,00 euros, please.4. Thank These are your tickets and this is the Jonas, Marja and Karoline arrived in the you! information guide. Please, city center and looked for the place that if you have access to the Internet, you can vote for was easy to find because of the museum the next city and the next signs. exhibition. Enjoy your visit!
  8. 8. 6. All family going to the entrance. 7. Family journey at the museum.
  9. 9. 8. of th e Inside m Marja u muse a game played d. inne and w ves the i She g r fo gift ine. l Karo Thanks mom and dad. I loved the museum. When we arrive at home, can I access the Internet and vote for the next exhibition and9. city? Of course, Karoline. Karoline asking the mother if she can pay 5€ to make her own toy. Mom I wanna make my own toy. Can I? 10. Family leaving the museum and Yes, you going to shopping. can. I’m going with your father to the cafeteria. By Jane Vita Costa
  10. 10. Young Couple ScenarioVille,  23  and  Katja,  21,  young  couple  from  Helsinki.  Ville  and  Katja  are  having  their  holidays  in  the  countryside  on  the  lakes  between  Kuopio  and  Varkaus.  They  spend  most  of  their  time  in  a  small  mökki,  fishing  and  grilling,  meeting  some  friends,  who  are  having  holidays  nearby.      9:00am.  The  couple  wakes  up,  having  lazy  morning  outside  of  their  cottage.    10:00am.  Ville  goes  to  a  small  local  shop  to  get  some  croissants  for  breakfast.      12:00am.  It’s  a  beautiful  summer  day.  Ville  and  Katja  decide  to  spend  the  day  in  Kuopio,  the  city  nearby.  They  go  there  by  local  bus,  which  leaves  them  in  the  center  of  Kuopio,  and  start  their  walk.  They’ve  been  walking  for  more  than  an  hour,  when  they  reach  the  area  nearby  “Museum  on  Wheels”  and  realize  that  it’s  time  to  have  lunch.  Ville  notices  a  small  cafeteria  outside  and  they  decide  to  have  a  look  at  it.  While  looking  around,  Katja  notices  a  poster  ad  about  the  “Museum  on  Wheels”  visiting  Kuopio,  and  they  both  decide  it’s  a  good  idea  to  go  and  explore  the  exhibition.       By Ekaterina Zhiteneva
  11. 11. Young CoupleScenario  1:55pm.  They  enter  the  museum  and  meet  a  person  from  the  Museum  staff,  who  tells  them  that  at  2pm  there  will  be  a  guided  tour.  Ville  &  Katja  decide  to  join  the  group  and  buy  the  tickets.      2:00pm.  The  tour  guide  starts  the  lecture,  which  lasts  for  about  half  an  hour.  After  that,  the  couple  goes  to  watch  the  movie  about  the  artifacts  they’ve  seen  in  the  other  museum  car.  Ville  is  really  impressed  with  the  high-­‐quality  sound  system,  which  he  doesn’t  expect  from  the  small  “Museum  on  Wheels”.  He  shares  his  experiences  with  the  tour  guide,  who  is  really  happy  to  hear  such  a  positive  feedback  and  recommends  Ville  to  submit  his  feedback  through  the  feedback  form  online.  Ville  does  it  using  a  computer,  which  is  available  for  the  visitors  of  the  museum.         By Ekaterina Zhiteneva
  12. 12. Young CoupleScenario2:45pm.  After  the  interesting  tour,  Ville  &  Katja  finally  have  a  chance  to  have  some  sandwiches  and  coffee.  Katja  checks  her  News  Feed  in  Facebook  and  decides  to  check-­‐in  at  the  “Museum  on  Wheels”.  She  shares  with  her  friends  that  she  is  having  good  time  there.  She  also  likes  the  Facebook  page  of  the  “Museum  on  Wheels”  and  will  be  receiving  all  the  updates  from  the  museum  in  the  future.      3:00pm.  Ville  &  Katja  are  done  with  everything  and  ask  the  Driver  to  call  a  taxi,  as  they  are  already  a  bit  late  for  the  grill  at  their  friends’  place  and  don’t  have  time  to  wait  for  the  next  bus,  which  will  depart  only  in  half  an  hour.       By Ekaterina Zhiteneva
  13. 13. Young CoupleScenario3:30pm.  The  couple  arrives  to  their  friends  cottage.  One  of  the  topics  for  their  discussion  is  the  “Museum  on  Wheels”.  Ville  &  Katja  share  their  experiences  with  their  friends  and  recommend  them  to  go  there.  Katja  gives  a  small  brochure  that  she  took  in  the  museum,  which  shows  the  route  of  the  “Museum  on  Wheels”.  Unfortunately,  the  museum  will  leave  Kuopio  already  in  2  days,  but  the  friends  get  very  interested  after  listening  to  Ville’s  stories  and  checking  out  the  museum  brochure.  Actually,  they  don’t  have  much  to  do  next  week,  so  they  can  drive  to  Varkaus,  which  is  just  30-­‐minutes-­‐drive  from  their  cottage.             By Ekaterina Zhiteneva
  14. 14. Young CoupleScenarioPre$service)Period) Past%Experiences% Social%Media% Advertisement% Katja%has%been%to%a% Ville%saw%that%one%of%his% Katja%noticed%a%poster% similar%museum%in% friends%checked;in%at%the% advertisement%in%the%city,% Sweden%and%enjoyed%the% “Museum%on%Wheels”%on% not%far%from%the%museum,% experience% Facebook%and%was% which%arose%her%interest% interested%to%have%a%look%%The$couple$had$moderate$expectations$about$the$museum.$Katja$visited$a$similar$museum$before$and$was$happy$about$it,$but$Ville$has$never$been$to$a$similar$museum$and$didn’t$expect$high$quality$exhibition$and$services.$They$went$there$mainly$because$they$had$a$lot$of$free$time.$ By Ekaterina Zhiteneva
  15. 15. Young CoupleScenarioServicePeriod They%entered%the%Museum%and%met%one%of%the%museum%staff,%who%told%them%that%at% 2pm%there%would%be%a%guided%tour.%Ville%&%Katja%decided%to%join%the%group%and%bought% tickets.%After%the%interesting%tour,%the%guys%finally%had%a%chance%to%have%some% sandwiches%and%coffee%made%by%the%friendly%museum%staff.%Katja%checked%her%News% Feed%in%Facebook%and%decided%to%checkDin%at%the%“Museum%on%Wheels”.%The%Wlan%was% available%for%the%visitors%of%the%museum.%Once%the%couple%was%done%with%their%lunch,% the%staff%person%called%the%taxi.% %The$personnel$at$the$museum$were$friendly$and$professional.$They$responded$to$all$the$requests$the$couple$had$in$a$professional$manner.$A$lot$of$services$were$provided$to$the$couple$during$their$journey$to$guarantee$positive$experiences.$$ By Ekaterina Zhiteneva
  16. 16. Young CoupleScenario!!Post%service+Period+ Customer)Relationship)Management) Social)Media) The$museum$staff$always$publishes$all$ Katja$checked$her$News$in$Facebook$and$ the$updates$on$Facebook,$answers$ decided$to$checkAin$at$the$“Museum$on$ messages$from$their$clients$and$ Wheels”.$She$shared$with$her$friends$ publishes$interesting$articles$on$the$ that$she$was$having$a$good$time$there.$ topics$of$exhibitions.$As$Katja$is$active$ She$also$liked$the$page$of$the$“Museum$ on$Facebook,$she$enjoys$the$service$ on$Wheels”$and$would$be$receiving$the$ provided$by$museum.$ updates$from$the$museum$in$the$future.$ Both!Ville!&!Katja!were!really!satisfied! Word7of7Mouth) with!their!museum!visit.!Katja!though! The$couple$arrived$to$their$friends’$ that!she!got!better!service!from!the! cottage$and$discussed$about$the$ “Museum$on$Wheels”.$Ville$&$Katja$ museum!staff!than!in!the!Swedish! shared$their$experiences$with$friends$ museum!she!visited!once,!and!Ville!was! and$recommended$them$to$go$there.$ very!happy!about!the!new! Katja$gave$a$small$brochure$showing$the$ technologies!available!at!the!museum.!! route$of$the$“Museum$on$Wheels”.$ ! By Ekaterina Zhiteneva
  17. 17. Elderly ladyScenario   Last  week  the  elderly  lady  –  a   widower  –  heard  from  his  son,   who  is  living  in  the  city,  that   there  would  be  a  museum  bus   parked  in  the  centre  of  the   village.  So  she  has  already   decided  to  go  shopping  and  to   bank  today,  in  order  to  see  also   the  bus…     By Tiia-Marina Silva
  18. 18. Elderly ladyScenario06:00  .  The  lady  wakes  up,  makes  coffee  and  reads  the  paper,  feeds  the  cats  etc.,  watches  the  morning  soap  from  TV  while  knitting.    11:00.    Eats  a  little  lunch  a  sandwich  etc.    makes  her  self  ready  to  walk  a  little  bit  to  the  road  to  catch  the  service  line  for  the  elderly  and  handicapped.    12:00.    Takes  the  service  line  to  the  village    Goes  to  see  her  friend  who  needs  help  around  the  house,  after  that  proceeds  to  the  museum  bus.    14:30.    Meets  the  driver  when  he’s  giving  directions  to  the  family  –  shares  impressions  with  the  family  .   By Tiia-Marina Silva
  19. 19. Elderly ladyScenario14:50.  After  chatting  for  20  min,  pays  the  driver  .    15:00.  Goes  around  the  artifacts  slowly  and  carefully  and  tells  the  guide  about  all  of  them.    15:20.  Shares  her  own  experience  also  with  the  visitor  –  and  leaves  soon  after  when  realises  she  still  has  to  do  grocery  shopping  and  go  to  bank.    15:30.  She  still  buys  a  cup  of  coffee  from  the  handsome  young  driver  and  proceeds  to  the  bank.   By Tiia-Marina Silva
  20. 20. By Tiia-Marina Silva
  21. 21. Tour guideScenario 7:30  Wakes  up  at  the  hotel     8:00  Meets  up  with  a  guide  at  breakfast       8:30  Takes  a  taxi  to  the  museum  with  driver     8:45  Starts  opening  up  the  museum  -­‐  Doors  open  -­‐  Sets   up  the  show  and  places  advertisements  and  other   outdoor  items  (small  open  tent  or  such,  brochures  table   etc.  -­‐  Makes  coffee  and  places  some  other  small  cafe   offerings  in  place     10:00  Museum  opens  -­‐>  visitors  starts  to  get  in...       By Markus Saks
  22. 22. Tour guideScenario 11-­‐17  every  even  hour  a  new  tour  that  lasts  for  appr   30minutes  (if  any  customers  are  there  to  take  the   tour).  Rest  of  the  time  answering  to  customer   questions,  handing  brochures  +  sharing  information   on  the  “mobile  museum”  concept  etc.     12:30  -­‐  13:00  Lunch  break  with  driver     14:30  Meets  up  and  helps  the  family  with  directions   when  they  leave     15:15  Guides  visitors  for  more  information     18:00  Museum  closes     18:30  Way  back  to  hotel   By Markus Saks
  23. 23. Driver/technicalScenario 7:00  Wakes  up  at  the  hotel     8:00  Meets  up  with  a  guide  at  breakfast       8:30  Takes  a  taxi  to  the  museum  with  guide     8:45  Starts  opening  up  the  museum.  -­‐  Doors  open.  -­‐   Engine,  electricity,  all  the  equipment  running.  -­‐  Tests  3D   equipment  and  test  runs  the  technical  setup     10:00  Museum  opens  -­‐>  visitors  starts  to  get  in.  -­‐  Sells   tickets  and  handles  the  waiting  queue  for  coming  tours   by  the  guide  -­‐  Sells  coffee  at  the  onsite  café.     12:00  -­‐  12:30  Lunch  break  with  guide       By Petri Tianen
  24. 24. Driver/technicalScenario14:30  Meets  up  and  helps  the  family  with  directions  when  they  leave.    15:00  Calls  taxi  to  couple.    15:15  Hands  brochures  to  foreign  visitor  and  guides  him  to  contact  the  guide  for  more  information  (driver  speaks  only  “small  talk”  English).    18:00  Museum  closes.    18:30  Way  back  to  hotel.           By Petri Tianen
  25. 25. Driver/technicalScenario14:30  Meets  up  and  helps  the  family  with  directions  when  they  leave.    15:00  Calls  taxi  to  couple.    15:15  Hands  brochures  to  foreign  visitor  and  guides  him  to  contact  the  guide  for  more  information  (driver  speaks  only  “small  talk”  English).    18:00  Museum  closes.    18:30  Way  back  to  hotel.           By Petri Tianen
  26. 26. Combined ScenarioScenariosThe  following  scenario  is  time  based.    All  meeting  points  between  personas  will  be  signalized  by  a  circle            ,  different  colors  will  be  used  if  there  is  different  places  for  different  groups.    We  choose  this  way  of  representation  because  we  agreed  that  is  the  easiest  way  of  representing  the  interactions  we  are  looking  for.     Design  Thinking  
  27. 27. 2015 13.6. t atur day re aS ewhe so m pio… Kuo
  28. 28. 06:00   7:00   8:00   8:30   9:00  Family   Wakes  up   Breakfast  at   home  Couple     Wakes  up  at   Ville  from  the   summer   couple  gets   cottage   croissants  for   breakfast.  Elderly  lady     Wakes  up   Breakfast   at  home  Tour  guide     Wakes  up   Breakfast  at   Take  a  taxi  to   Start  opening   at  the  hotel   the  hotel   the  museum   procedures  at   the  museum  Driver     Wakes  up   Breakfast  at   Take  a  taxi  to   Start  opening   at  the  hotel   the  hotel   the  museum   procedures  at   the  museum  International   Wakes  up  student  
  29. 29. 09:30   10:00   11:00   12:00   12:30  Family   Lunch  at   home  Couple     Breakfast   Decides  to   They  take     spend  the   the  local   day  in  the   bus   city  nearby      Elderly  lady     Lunch  at   The  elderly   home   lady  takes   the  service   line  to  town  Tour  guide     Opens  the   Has  a  lunch   museum   break  Driver     Opens  the   Has  a  lunch   museum   break  International   Breakfast   Has  a  lunch     at  home  student    
  30. 30. 13:00   13:30   14:00   14:20  Family   They  take  the   Meets  the  driver   Starts  checking   Starts  the  museum   local  bus   and  pay  for  the   the  museum  and   tour     entrance,  they  go   waits  for  the   around  checking   tour  initiates     all  the  extra   activities  Couple     Has  lunch  at   Meets  the  driver   Starts  the  museum   shopping  close   and  pay  for   tour   to  the  museum   entrance  Elderly  lady     Meets  the  driver   and  pay  for   entrance  Tour  guide     Guides  the   museum  tour  Driver     Meets  the  family   Meets  the   Meets  the  elderly   couple   lady    International   Goes  walking   Saw  an  add  of   Make  the  time   in  the  city   the  museum   good  to  visit  the  student   center     museum      
  31. 31. 15:20   15:30   16:20   16:30  Family   Ends  the   Goes  to  the   The  daughter     Meets  the  elderly   museum  tour   museum  small   goes  to  the  extra   lady  when  they  are   cafeteria     activity  and  her   leaving  the   parents  wait  in   museum   the  cafeteria  Couple     Ends  the   Goes  to  the   Leaves  the   Leaves  the  center   museum  tour   museum  small   museum   by  taxi   cafeteria    Elderly  lady     Starts  the  museum   Ends  the   Meets  the     tour   museum  tour   family  leaving  the   museum  and  share   her  impressions  Tour  guide     Ends  the   Guides  the     Ends  the   Guides  the  museum   museum  tour   museum  tour   museum  tour   tour  Driver     Meets  the   Attend  the  family   Takes  care  about   Takes  care  about   international   and  the  couple  at   the  cashier  and   the  cashier  and  the   student   the  small  cafeteria   the  cafeteria   cafeteria  International   Meets  the   Starts  the  museum   Ends  the   driver  and  pay   tour   museum  tour  student   for  entrance  
  32. 32. 17:00   18:00   18:30   19:00   19:30  Family   Goes  to  the   Talk  about   Leave  the   Arrives   Has  dinner   shopping  nearby   the  museum   center  by  public   at  home     transportation  Couple     Arrives  at  the   Watches  a   Has  dinner   summer  cottage   movie  from   TV  Elderly  lady     Goes  to  the   Leaves  the   Leave  the   Arrives   Has  dinner   cafeteria   museum   center  by  public   at  home   transportation  Tour  guide     Ends  the  last   Closes  the   Go  back  to  the   Has  dinner  and   guided  tour.   museum   hotel  by  taxi   share  the  day   with  the  driver  Driver     Attend  the   Closes  the   Go  back  to  the   Has  dinner  and   Elderly  lady  and   museum   hotel  by  taxi   share  the  day   the  international     with  the  tour   student  at  the   guide   cafeteria  International   Goes  to  the   Leaves  the   Go  back  home   Has  a  dinner  at   cafeteria   museum   walking   home  student  
  33. 33. 20:30   21:00   22:00   22:30   23:00  Family   Votes  on  the   Goes  sleep   Internet  for   Kuopio  been  on   the  city  plans  of   the  itinerant   museum  again  Couple     Talk  about  the   Goes  sleep   exhibition  at  the     itinerant   museum  Elderly  lady     Goes  sleep  Tour  guide     Goes  sleep    Driver     Goes  sleep    International   Has  a  look  on  the   Goes   museum’s     sleep  student   Internet  pages.    
  34. 34. ConclusionScenarios•  This  kind  of  approach  shows  how  much  variables  has  to  be   considered  when  developing  the  business.  •  All  the  people  have  their  own  paths,  expectations,  needs;  how  to  take  those   individual  elements  into  consideration  is  a  challenge  •  People  has  to  be  amazed  otherwise  they  wont  come  back  next  time  so  to  be   able  to  offer  a  real  experience,  the  service  has  to  be  developed  further  •  In  our  case  to  be  able  to  keep  customers  interested  with  the  amount  of  staff   we  have  touring  we  need  to  have  something  more:     •  interaction  elements   •  additional  program:  guests,  lecturers,  etc.     Design  Thinking  
  35. 35. Thank you!Group  5  –  Design  Thinking  Students:  Jane  Vita,  Tiia-­‐Marina  Silva,  Markus  Saks,  Petri  Tiainen,  Theodoros  Haile  and  Ekaterina  Zhiteneva.  Teachers:  Mariana  Salgado  and  Sanna  Marttila