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ISOMAT_Company Profile_en

  2. 2. www.isomat.euThe premises of ISOMAT in Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki, Greece.Greece Bulgaria Romania Serbia Germany
  3. 3. Timeline1980 Establishment of ISOMAT 1983 Construction of private owned facilities in Thessaloniki 1988 Quality Certificate ISO 9001 2000 Establishment of the affiliated company ISOMAT ROMANIA S.R.L in Bucharest, Romania 2004 Establishment of the affiliated company ISOMAT INTERNATIONAL E.O.O.D. in Sofia, Bulgaria 2005 Establishment of the affiliated company ISOMAT D. O.O. in Belgrade, Serbia 2008 Increase of production capacity by 200% 2011 New production plant in Belgrade, Serbia Beginning of operation of the production line of polyurethane 2012 products in Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki, Greece. The factory and office building of ISOMAT D.O.O. in Belgrade, Serbia. Our history ISOMAT was founded in 1980 in Thessaloniki, Greece with the purpose to produce building chemicals and mortars of German standards, at affordable prices. In 1983 the company established its first private owned facilities in Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki, and a year later it celebrated the opening of its first branch in the capital of Greece, Athens. In 1988 ISOMAT obtained the quality certificate ISO 9001 from TUV Austria. Since 2000 the company has intensified its efforts for extroversion. In 2000 it founded its first affiliated company in Bucharest, Romania, under the trade name ISOMAT ROMANIA SRL. In 2004 it established its affiliated company in Sofia, Bulgaria under the trade name ISOMAT INTERNATIONAL E.O.O.D. The same year it inaugurated new offices and warehouses for the Athens branch in Oinofyta, Attica. In 2005 its affiliated company in Belgrade, Serbia is founded under the trade name ISOMAT D.O.O. In 2006 the parent company moved into a new head office building in Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki and two years later the construction of a new mortar plant was finished, thanks to which the companys production capacity increased by 200%. In the beginning of 2011 ISOMAT completed the construction of a private owned office building and a factory in Belgrade. ISOMAT D.O.O. has been transformed from a trading company to a producer. During 2012 the construction of the production line of polyurethane products was completed and started to operate in Agios Athanasios, Greece. 1
  4. 4. Our brand identity Welcome to the dynamic world of ISOMAT. In ISOMAT we pursue perfection. For the last 30 years we have been dedicated to the evolution of constructions, therefore we dont just produce products, but rather we develop contemporary quality solutions for the construction sector. Nowadays, ISOMAT is one of the fastest developing industries of building chemicals and mortars in the region of Southeast Europe. With a large production capacity and a range of over 250 products, ISOMAT stands out, because it can be innovative and flexible at all levels. Following a strategy of extroversion, ISOMAT expands its internationalization by creating affiliated companies and by developing a network of local distributors across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Visit our website. The office building of ISOMAT in Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki, Greece.2
  5. 5. Our values Innovation In ISOMAT we dont try to catch up to the developments of the industry. We create them. We invest in research and innovation through our expertised R & D and Quality Control departments, which ensure the high quality of all products that bear the signature ISOMAT. Flexibility We pay attention and respond rapidly to the market requirements. We cover the needs of todays professionals by constantly enriching our product range with new high quality products and by guaranteeing their immediate delivery. Development Our priority is to be able to offer, through our products, solutions to as many professionals or individuals as possible. For this reason, we continuously invest in opening new markets worldwide, in order to reach a constantly growing number of professionals and consumers.Moldova FYROM Austria Bosnia-Herzegovina Cyprus 3
  6. 6. Albania Montenegro Syria Israel Jordan Search for our products online at e.g. AQUAMAT, ISOMAT AK-20 etc...4
  7. 7. WATERPROOFING MATERIALS CONCRETE & MORTAR ADDITIVES TILE ADHESIVES & GROUTS REPAIRING MATERIALS & PAINTS PREMIXED PLASTERS INDUSTRIAL FLOORINGSGeorgia Saudi ArabiaISOMAT products valuesIn ISOMAT our goal is to offer products thatare value for money, improve the applicationprocess, provide final solutions anda perfect result, always with respect tothe environment.Keeping on creating new solutions,our product range currently exceeds250 products.Take a look at the integratedsolutions of ISOMAT 5
  8. 8. Our passion is innovation To stay on top we must constantly evolve. The ultra-modern R & D department of ISOMAT, is staffed with expertised researchers, whose work is to study, design and develop innovative building materials and systems. Additionally, their main concern is to continuously upgrade the existing products, according to the latest developments in the technology of building chemicals and mortars. The R&D department includes laboratories of concrete additives and special mortars, tile adhesives and grouts, premixed plasters, polymer-modified dispersions and polyurethane materials. Our researchers also participate in acknowledged scientific programs, where they have the opportunity to share views and exchange technical know-how with distinguished universities and with the best building chemicals research centers worldwide.Azerbaijan Palestine Lebanon Top quality Before reaching the final consumer, ISOMAT products undergo continuous and rigorous testings by the scientific team of the companys Quality Control department, in order to ensure their excellent quality. When entering the market, ISOMAT products must ENISO9001 be perfect in every way. They must: a) offer a radical solution, ISOMAT is ISO 9001 certified b) be value-for-money, for the design, development, c) be easy-to-apply, production and distribution of its products. d) endure in time and e) give a highly aesthetic result. 76
  9. 9. Malta Libya Czech Republic Hungary Slovakia Because of its dedication to innovation, the company has also come up with new technologies, such as: Dust-free Technology Νanopro Technology Micro-block Technology which reduces dust up to 90% provides nano-molecular which provides antimicrobial action during the mixing of cementitious structure to the products, on surfaces, inhibiting the growth of products, resulting in cleaner improving this way their technical microorganisms, bacteria, algae and and healthier working process characteristics, such as their mold, especially in areas with high for both the applicator and the adhesion ability, their water- humidity. environment. repellence, the minimum attack from dirt, etc. 7
  10. 10. Great Production capacity Production capacity is the key to ISOMATs 1 2 flexibility. Our modern production facilities in Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki, consist of fully automated production and packaging systems, ensuring this way high production volume and speed. The company invests in the constant evolution of these systems, in order to continuously improve product quality, delivery times, working conditions and eliminate potential causes of environmental pollution. Since March 2011 a new factory of ISOMAT 5 6 in Belgrade, Serbia began its operation in order for the company to serve more directly and with more competence the Balkan markets.8
  11. 11. The companys production lines include, among others, the following systems: Ultra Sonic System Dust - Suction System Automatic sealing of sacks with the Automatic dust suction system, use of ultrasounds, which ensures the which ensures clean working total waterproofing of all products, environment, and reduction of the higher production speed and clean emission of pollutants to the products to the customer. environment. Kosmos GPS Tracking System Timely production of all products, Automated monitoring system for all even for special orders, reduction the companys distribution vehicles, of idle times, recording and direct that ensures: prompt and accurate recognition of the causes of any briefing to the customers for the possible problems and direct solution products delivery times, avoidance of these. of any delivery delays and optimal use of all the corporate vehicles.3 47 8 9
  12. 12. By our clients and partners side The fast and excellent service is one of the greatest advantages of ISOMAT. In our modern and fully automated warehouses we always keep an adequate stock of products to respond Just-In-Time to every order. Furthermore, thanks to our Warehouse Management System we have managed to reduce significantly the order fulfillment times.10
  13. 13. This type of organization extends also tothe Distribution department of ISOMAT.Based on its own fleet of trucks and ona wide network of transportation agents,ISOMAT guarantees rapid and safe deliveryof its products to a dense network ofclients.In this way we serve the constructionsector with consistency, safety and 11
  14. 14. We listen to your needs The Technical Support department of In ISOMAT we want our customers to be able ISOMAT is here to provide reliable and to know everything about our products. prompt consultancy on any construction issue relevant to the companys specialty. Therefore, the technical support department of our company organizes each year a series The highly specialized and experienced team of technical seminars for anyone interested to of engineers responds daily to a large number gain more detailed information about the of phone calls and e-mails from business properties and the correct application of partners, engineers, contractors, technicians ISOMAT products. and individuals, aiming always to provide the most appropriate technical solution. The seminars are conducted by our experienced engineers in the companys Additional information about the technical modern equipped seminar and technical properties and the proper application of all training rooms. ISOMAT products can also be found in the companys website at, but also through its technical brochures that are available at the official points of sales.12
  15. 15. Save the contact number ofISOMAT’s Technical Supporton your mobile phone. 13
  16. 16. GREECE SERBIA BULGARIA ROMANIA RUSSIA GERMANY Russia Germany Czech Republic Ukraine Slovakia Moldova Austria Hungary ISOMAT D.O.O. SERBIA Croatia ROMANIA ISOMAT S.R.L. Bosnia- Romania Herzegovina Serbia Montenegro Kosovo BULGARIA ISOMAT INTERNATIONAL E.O.O.D. FYROM Bulgaria Albania Georgia Azerbaijan Greece Turkey GREECE ISOMAT S.A. Tunisia Syria Malta Cyprus Morocco Lebanon Israel Palaistine Jordan Egypt Saudi Arabia Libya Parent company Affiliated companies of ISOMAT Countries of export sales Worldwide presence Our goal is our products to reach as many Today we operate in more than 30 countries in markets as possible, therefore we constantly Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, either intensify our efforts for extroversion. through affiliated companies or through local distributors. Our experienced and highly qualified export sales representatives are dedicated in supporting our We currently carry out international sales to clients worldwide, by providing both their Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Germany, technical expertise, concerning the properties and Austria, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bosnia and the proper application of our products, and also Herzegovina, Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary, extensive promotional material that will help them Croatia, Georgia, Cyprus, Turkey, Kosovo, grow up their sales. FYROM, Albania, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Egypt, Azerbaijan.14
  17. 17. JORDAN SLOVAKIA MALTA CYPRUS UKRAINE HUNGARY The factory of ISOMAT D.O.O. in Belgrade, Serbia. ISOMAT ROMANIA S.R.L. ISOMAT D.O.O. The company was founded in 2000 in Bucharest, The company was established in 2005 in Romania. It constitutes the exclusive trader and Belgrade and constitutes the exclusive distributor distributor of ISOMATs products in the Romanian of ISOMATs products in the Serbian market. market. From March 2011, ISOMAT D.O.O. has been transformed from a trading company to ISOMAT INTERNATIONAL E.O.O.D. a manufacturer, as the new factory of ISOMAT The company started operations in 2004 in Sofia in Simanovci, Belgrade started its operation. and constitutes the exclusive agent and distributor of ISOMATs products in the Bulgarian market. 15
  18. 18. 16
  19. 19. The retail strategyISOMATs presence inside theshops of its retail partners is strongand diversified.The communication of the brandimage is developed inside andoutside of stores with shelves,signage, posters, displays of naturalsamples or printed informativematerial. Everything is designed anddeveloped so, to help the trader tosale and the consumer to findeasier and more accurately whathe/she needs, while exposing thevalues of the brand ISOMAT.The retail concept of ISOMATis the same in all countries,which it operates in, but it can alsobe adapted according to the specialneeds of each customer. 17
  20. 20. Contact ISOMAT. 0812THESSALONIKI, GREECE ISOMAT S.A.17th km Thessaloniki - Ag. Athanasios Road ΒUILDING CHEMICALS & MORTARSP. O. BOX 1043, 570 03 AG. ATHANASIOS, GREECE www.isomat.euΤ +30 2310 576 000, F +30 2310 722 475