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Power hour 9 | Trello - Stay focused and organise your day

Trello is a post-it note style organisation board that syncs across all of your devices and includes countless features to help you throughout your daily life.

Power Hour 9 will teach you how to use Trello effectively for your business. Starting with the basics of how to create a card and store it safely and then dive into new features to let it work harder for you by syncing with other apps and some automation hacks.

It’s minimalistic and simple structure makes it great for beginners but it’s flexible enough to support a medium sized business with thousands of balls in the air. Take control of your own projects, save time and capture information in an organised way to ahead of the competition!

What can Trello do for your business?
• Task management – Easily track and prioritise every task that comes your way
• Capture - Store important information and find it easily when you need it.
• Collaborate – Share tasks and to-do lists with clients, co-worker’s and partners.
• Google Integration – Seamlesly integration with Chrome to create cards on the go
• Media – Attach Video, Photo and links directly into your Board for fast access.
• Reminders – Set due dates and flag milestones in your calendar.
• Automation –Set up guided 1 click macros to save time
• Power-Up – Advanced users can use power-ups to work with over 250 apps
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Power hour 9 | Trello - Stay focused and organise your day

  1. 1. CONTENTS SETUP Why use trello? How to get started and basics setup. ADVANCED TIPS Customising your workflow and basic automation STAY PRODUCTIVE & ORGANISED Capture important information and stay productive
  2. 2. WHY USE TRELLO Task Management - Simply manage tasks and projects  Capture - Store information safely for later use Collaborate - Share tasks and to-do lists with clients Reminders - Never miss a deadline with easy reminders Cross platform - sync across your Phone, Tablet & Computer
  3. 3. WHEN NOT TO USE TRELLO Never store passwords and private information If you work solely on paper (Artist, Writer, Creative) If you struggle with technology Always think about your own working habits and use our guides as recommendations!
  4. 4. HOW TO GET STARTED 1) Visit 2) Sign up with Email / Google / Microsoft 3) Download the app on desktop or Mobile Note: You can use the web version on desktop
  7. 7. FUNDEMENTALS - LIST This is the vertical list for your project Try to keep it in priority or date order You can easily drag and drop
  8. 8. FUNDEMENTALS - CARD This is your workhorse Description Attachements Activity Add to card Move / Copy / Share / Archive
  9. 9. PRICING
  10. 10. PRICING
  11. 11. OUR TOP 5 1) Quickly make a note or reminder to action later 2) Store links, media and files 3) Create to-do lists for projects or just the next shopping trip 4) Create a process list to save time when repeating an action 5) Share list with client so they can view / edit live
  12. 12. To Sort - To Do - In Progress - Complete Basic top down notes or to-do list Use the style that works for you and the project CANBAN / TOP DOWN
  13. 13. TEMPLATES
  14. 14. Background - keep it clean and easy to see Covers - use an image as a cover for a card Labels - name and colour code for easy recall Stickers - simple emoji's to highlight cards DESIGN
  15. 15. Select a background that is easy to see Dark backgrounds normally work best Solid colour or image via unsplash BACKGROUND
  16. 16. COVERS
  17. 17. LABELS
  18. 18. Members Labels Checklist Due Date Attachment Cover ADD TO CARD
  19. 19. Move  Copy Make Template Watch Archive Share ACTIONS
  20. 20. ATTACHMENTS Computer Google Drive Dropbox Box OneDrive External Link
  21. 21. SCREENSHOT 1) Print Screen Button on Keyboard 2) Open Card 3) Press Cntrl + V
  22. 22. Email Link Link to card Embed card Create team Invite Team Members Share card COLLABORATION
  23. 23. ACTIVITY
  24. 24. EDIT LIST
  25. 25. Create a button on cards that saves time Move card to another list – in progress – complete Sort by due date or order first created BUTLER - AUTOMATION
  27. 27. Cntrl + Alt + T  Cntrl + Alt + Space Chrome extension Email to board Open Trello from anywhere Create card from anywhere SHORTCUTS
  28. 28. IFTTT
  29. 29. ZAPIER
  30. 30. POWER UPS
  32. 32. CALENDAR
  33. 33. THANK YOU Please get in touch if you have any questions 07709 852 364 Power Hour 10: Lockdown - How are London Businesses coping Friday 29nd May 2020 Subscribe to recieve free marketing guides